Wednesday, October 6, 2010 | By: BlackGargie

Pedo Alert!

Whenever I buy myself an ice-cream, be it the usual ice-cream cone like Cornetto or maybe a ice-cream on a stick like Magnum or a sundae, I would always be brought back to this small memory I had back when I was in high school.

Eating ice-cream was a bit of a luxury back then because nice, pretty ice-creams are quite pricey even for a canteen price status. The usual homemade popsicles would cost 50-80 cents, but ice-cream like these would range between $1 to $2.80, and for a student who gets about 5 dollars a week for pocket money, it's a bit of a strain for us.

But whenever I have a chance, I would buy one of those luxury ice-creams, and wait for the school bus while enjoying it. I would always walk across the street to the kindergarten opposite my school to wait for my school bus because one of the teachers there takes the same school bus as I do to go home to where I live.

As I enjoyed my ice-cream, I would occasionally be eyed by some kids who just got off school waiting for their parents, their big sparkly eyes oogling at the way I enjoyed the sweet tasty frozen dessert scoop by scoop, bite by bite. It's understandable; at their age where health is everything and their health-Nazi parents would want nothing more than to chug their kids full of greens, ice-cream was something all kids who are naturally born with sweet tooth wants.

Some would be brave themselves to sit close to me while watching me enjoy my ice-cream, sometimes giving that "I want some too" look that I try to ignore. But of course, being the bleeding hearts of the world united in me, I would give in and gave them a "You wanna?" look before holding out the spoon or the ice-cream to them to have a bite. They almost always open their mouths eagerly to accept my offer.

Only one little problem.

When I do that, I would be given the odd look or the wary look from teachers who stayed back to watch the kids and accompany them to wait for their parents or just there to wait for their ride. And those looks made me feel like...


It wasn't my intention. I was only being nice to the kids and whatnot. I'm not those sicko-s who tempt kids with cute little toys and nice little treats and then kidnap them to do ungodly things, but I couldn't help feeling that way whenever I got that kind of stares, even though I meant no harm.

Yeah...Well, at least I was a girl, and I'm a high-schooler and all that, and I made sure to them that I was only giving them treats, not having any other ulterior motives. Though psychos who poisoning kids probably came into their mind next when what they thought I was, wasn't.

Now, with that memory intact in my mind, the ice-cream would now always remind me of those incidents, and also the look and conception of my so-called pedo intentions. LOL!


Sand said...

LOL, how nice you are !!

I think their weird stares should be directed at the children that bother ppl eating ice cream... =_=

*was looking on the net for funny pics of pedo-animal like pedoseal xD*

Anonymous said...

i wanna b a bear

Anonymous said...

Too old do not want!