Sunday, October 3, 2010 | By: BlackGargie

Dining with the Big Boys

I went some time in September during the Raya seasons on a open office to DST with my best friend and my other colleague, and being that this was my first time to an open office (my hubby's cousin's so-called "open office" in his house doesn't count), I totally didn't want to miss the chance to document this event.

This be the company building. DataStream Technology (DST) is one of Brunei's many telecommunications system, and owns pretty much most of the shares and big-scale properties in Brunei. In other words, they've got plenty of moola to spare.

They were displaying old school motorbikes right at the entrance, something you'd see way back during donkey years, so I went trigger-happy over this

Entrance to the lift

Waiting for the lift to arrive

Le view up top from the lift, which is a transparent wall and will incite your acrophobia whether you knew you had it or not

More high spot sights after we've reached our destination, which is Level 12 (or was it higher than that?)

Flower decors in waiting

We went to the entrance of the dining area and realized that they were having a sort of 60's theme, which explains the old school motorbikes at the entrance of the building

Le signboard of the dining hall entrance

More old school vehicles, including that ancient bicycle that I used to see drawn in the Sidek Bros' manga I used to read and collect when I was younger, and the motorbike looked exactly like the one that the Sidek Bros' father used. So that's how it looks like

We were given souvenir treats at upon registering our name and entering the area, which later on, when we opened, revealed to be chocolate brownies.

Going trigger-happy on all the 60's decors and displays around the area. I totally admire the people back then. How were they able to survive without cell phones, internet, colour TV and digital cameras was beyond me

Went trigger-happy on our surroundings, and I was absolutely surprised as to how many people were actually invited to this open office, and most of them looked like total big-shots. So this is how it feels like to be dining with the big boys

They had a band performing using old school instruments that existed before any of us were ever born, and it was intriguing to see it for real. So I went trigger-happy and took pictures of the band and each instruments one by one, though some looked a little shy to be having their pictures taken like this

Went outside the balcony to take some nice high shots. The wind at that altitude was really strong, and if I weren't careful, I might end up falling off. I almost had a Marilyn Monroe moment there with my baju kurung being blown by the wind. I had to hold my dress down with one hand and take pictures with the other

Some cool scenery shots

A few more cool scenery shots from the other side of the balcony

After my trigger-happy moments, it was off to enjoy the food that they serve, which is direct from Royal Brunei Catering. Of course, I managed to snap some before they get attacked by freeloading vultures

Sate, lekor and some kind of kuih or whatever to be put with peanut sauce

Ambuyat section

Main course section, where there's fried rice, noodles, chicken, prawn, mixed veggies and the like

The rojak and laksa area

The soto section

Drinks section, where you can get soft drinks served in old school bottle style

Was the drinks section of orange and bandung after being "mauled" by "vultures"

Dessert section, where there's a whole assortment of cakes, and my fav apple crumble

Not sure whether this was supposed to be the decor or it's edible, but took a pic of it anyways

We met and talked with some big shots (well, mostly my best friend and my colleague did the talking), and after going about for a few rounds and trying everything, it was time for us to leave as we were way past lunch hour. We grabbed an extra few brownies souvenirs that people left behind on the table, and feels almost like we're robbing or something

Some guys having fun sticking fake moustaches on themselves and take gag pictures, so I stole a pic of them as well

Walking around going trigger-happy on all the old school cars they put outside for display in accordance with the 60's theme. My colleague decided to hog the spotlight and stand in pose at almost every car I took picture of. Meh~! XD

That be my experience so far to my first open office. The food was really good, and it was a pretty interesting experience and feel to it. Almost like I'm playing with the big boys or something. LOL! Definitely looking forward the next open office on Raya