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20 Rules of Halloween

For the upcoming Halloween on the 31st of October, here are some ground rules (that pretty much is either common sense, full of horseshit or hilarious--but should be followed all the same, just in case):

1. When it appears that you have killed the monster, NEVER check to see if it's really dead.

2. Never read a book of Demon Summoning aloud, even as a joke.

3. Do not search the basement, especially if the power has gone out.

4. If children speak to you in Latin or any other language, which they should not know, shoot them immediately. It will save you a lot of grief in the long run. However, it will probably take several rounds to kill them, so be prepared. This also applies to kids whose eyes glow and speak with somebody else's voice.

5. When you have the benefit of numbers, NEVER pair off and go alone.

6. As a general rule, don't solve puzzles that open portals to Hell.

7. Never stand in, on, or above a grave, tomb, or crypt. This would apply to any other house of the dead as well.

8. If you're searching for something that caused a loud noise and find out that it's just the cat, GET THE HELL OUT!

9. If appliances start operating by themselves, do not check for short circuits; just get out!

10. Do not take ANYTHING from the dead.

11. If you find a town which looks deserted, there's probably a good reason for it. Don't stop and look around.

12. Don't fool with recombinant DNA technology unless you're sure you know what you're doing.

13. If you're running from the monster, expect to trip or fall down at least twice, more if you are of the female persuasion. Also note that, despite the fact that you are running and the monster is merely shambling along, it's still moving fast enough to catch up with you.

14. If your companions suddenly begin to exhibit uncharacteristic behavior such as hissing, fascination for blood, glowing eyes, increasing hairiness, and so on, kill them immediately.

15. Stay away from certain geographical locations, some of which are listed here: Amityville, Elm Street, Transylvania, the Bermuda Triangle, or any small town in Maine.

16. If your car runs out of gas at night on a lonely road, do not go to the nearby deserted-looking house to phone for help. If you think that it is strange you ran out of gas because you thought you had most of a tank, shoot yourself instead. You are going to die anyway, and most likely be eaten.

17. Beware of strangers bearing strange tools. For example: chainsaws, staple guns, hedge trimmers, electric carving knives, combines, lawnmowers, butane torches, soldering irons, band saws, or any devices made from deceased companions. (or chipper/shredders, remember Fargo).

18. If you find that your house is built upon a cemetery, now is the time to move in with the in-laws. This also applies to houses that had previous inhabitants who went mad or committed suicide or died in some horrible fashion, or had inhabitants who performed satanic practices in your house.

19. If your parents move you to a town where you find out the high school gym burnt down during Prom night, or hear that a maniac gets loose from a sanitarium every Halloween, then it's time to run away!

20. When trick-or-treating and you come to a house made of gingerbread and gum drops...RUN!! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!
And now for some actual, makes-much-sense Halloween Rules:

1. Always use common sense.

2. Young children should always go trick-or-treating with an adult.

3. Never trick-or-treat alone. Have at least 2 buddies go with you.

4. Plan your entire route and make sure your family knows what it is.

5. Make sure that you are wearing a flame retardant costume.

6. Wait until you get home and your parents check your candy before you eat it.

7. Be very cautious of strangers.

8. Accept treats only in the doorway. Never go inside a house.

9. Be sure and say thank you for your treats.

10. Don't play near lit jack-o-lanterns.

11. Visit only houses where the lights are on.

12. Walk, Do not run.

13. Walk on sidewalks and driveways.

14. Cross the street at the corner or in a crosswalk.

15. Take a cellular phone with you if possible.

16. Wear a watch.

17. Carry a flashlight.

Happy Halloween 2010~!
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Gravitation-Hagaren Style

These pictures are like absolute hilarity! Best Gravitation cosplay ever! Here are some samples:

If you wanna see more of this hilarious insanity, you can go here and here and laugh your socks off! XD
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You Might Be An OJ Freak If...

1. El Muerte Rojo is one of the few Spanish words you know.

2. You carry a necklaces around your wrist and call it your DNA chain.

3. You want to name your kid after some sickness like scarlet.

4. You randomly say 'Hult! You are surrounded! Uh huh! Uh huh! Uh huh uh huh Surrounded!' When your in public.

5. You have a tendency to say 'careful, I'm contagious' when your sick.

6. You actually WANT to get sick.

7. That movie is the only reason you are passing Biology.

8. You look into a microscope and start waving saying; "Hey Ozzy!"

9. You have your own character for Osmosis Jones.

10. You have a picture of Leah on your dart board...

11. ... and when you through darts at it, you yell 'Ozzy's mine you slut!'

12. You have about 100 pics (in counting) of Thrax on your computer...

13. ...and he has its own special folder.

14. You feel like dying your hair Purple...

15. ...or blue.

16. Having a card board box on your arm and shooting random objects at other stuff is normal by your account.

17. You have odd out bursts in public and quote 'In the name of the immortal James Brown, Get down!"

18. ... even though you don't know who the heck James Brown is...

19. ...And you blame Thrax and/or Ozzy for the outburst.

20. You poke someone with your finger in hopes that they'll burst up in flames.

21. You have arguments with your friends who was the better character. Thrax or Ozzy?

22. You feel like you need to cry when you see Thrax die...

23. ...and you go over to some bottle of alcohol saying; "Why crule world! Why!?"

24. The word hypothalamus is not new to you.

25. You wash your hands at the most random of times...

26. You like to wear black trench coats.

27. You know what the uvula is...

28. ...only because you watched the movie.

29. You say hi to random pill bottles.

30. You like to sing 'Box man' In dedication of Drix.

31. You have a 'Vote for Tom Colonic' button.

32. You have a 'Phlemming sucks!' button.

32. Or the other way around.

33. You don't want to blow your nose half the time because your afraid Ozzy might be in there.

34. Baby all of the sudden became part of your usual vocabulary.

35. You at least have one fanfiction about Thrax coming back to life...

36. ...or favored one like that.

37. You call Osmosis Jones OJ, and Ozzy J.

38. you get mad when people call Thrax a 'germ.'

39. You watched Osmosis Jones more then once.

40. Your Dream child would have purple hair, and yellow eyes...

41. ...Or blue hair.

43. You blame every sickness you have on Thrax.

44. You want to open a night club called 'The Zit.'

45. You watch the part where Frank gets a cramp just to yell at the screan 'Charlie hoarse!'

46. ...or 'Dude! Be a Man! Suck it up!'

47. You have sudden cravings for buffalo wings, potato chips, and assume Phlemming is messing with you.

48. You would cheat on your diet and have 'Phlemming made me do it' as one of your excuses.

49. You start humming Jazz after you watch the movie.

50. You can't seem to stop quoting after the movie.

51. You hate the fact that they never came out with the toys after the movie.

52. Think it would be so cool if they came out with an Osmosis Jones 2.

53. You think purple dread locks are smexy.

54. You feel sorry for the little guy every time he gets iced.

55. 'Hippawhodawhatamis?' is your new favorite word.

56. You put in your dating survey, 'I like my men tall, dark, buffed and red.'

57. You have your own city, 'The city of (Insert name hear) __________.'

58. You put an egg under a microscope in attempt to find Thrax.

59. You have Imaginary friends named Thrax, Ozzy, Drix, etd...

60. You clicked on this.

61. the majority of your favorites are Ozzy J. related.

62. You want a car like Ozzy's.

63. ...Or Thrax's.

64. You happen to know more about Ozzy J. then the people who made it.

65. You had more then one dream that was Osmosis Jones Related

66. Any word that begins with a V looks like 'Virus'

67. 'Holy spit' Is now your new favorite swear word.

68. You can be thinking about cheese cake and ipods, then some how relate that to Osmosis Jones.

69. You know the EXACT TIME that Thrax appeared in the movie.

70. You hope to go on Dr. Phill, have him tell you that 'Thrax and/or Osmosis Jones do not exist,' and have the REAL Thrax and/or Ozzy walk on stage while Dr. Phill is like "AW S***!" and runs away.

71. You think it would be totaly Awesome if they came out with a OJ video game. (Not the Gameboy low graphic game. More like the high in graphic butt kicking PS3 or Wii or Xbox 360 game stuff! That would be sweet!!!)

72. Wishing to be microscopic is not abnormal by your account.

73. One of your homework assignments happened to mention Osmosis Jones in some form.

74. You want to form a band that's name has something to do with Osmosis Jones. (Such as 'The Zit Poppers')

75. You named one of your pets after one of the Characters.

76. You made a Sims Person to look like a Germ/Virus/Bloodcell.

79. You hate it when you hear people say 'Osmosis Jones sux'.

80. You desktop background has something to do with Osmosis Jones.

81. You KNOW you could have been a normal person if Osmosis Jones didn't come into your life...

82. ...But your not complaining.

83. You are part of a Osmosis Jones Fan Freak Club at your school.

84. You combined OJ with a bunch of random movies. (Such as Titanic, Harry potter...)

85. ...Or books. (Such as Artemis Fowl, Inkheart...)

86. You so want a Osmosis Jones Clothing line.

87. When you look at anything cherry related anymore, Drix comes to mind.

88. You tried to give up Osmosis Jones, but it only worked for an hour tops.

89. You had joined a club online that is osmosis Jones related.

90. The Osmosis Jones Movie has it's own special shelf on the DVD shelf.

91. You gave the Osmosis Jones DVD it's own special case: The DVD player.

92. You have people actually wanting to kill you because you always talk about Osmosis Jones...

93. ...But you keep talking about it anyway because you believe Thrax and/or Ozzy will kick there ass if they try to harm one of there fans.

94. You celebrate the opening day of the Osmosis Jones movie. (Which is August 10th by the way. Opened in 2001!)

95. DS name is Osmosis Jones related.

96. Ur DS secret message is Osmosis Jones related.

97. Ur DS menu color is red...or blue. (95, 96, and 97 from SuperKittyGirl)

98. You are pissed because you just found out they WERE Supposed to have came out with an Osmosis Jones Two

99. As well as Getting rid of the Series.

100. You actually took notes on the movie...

101. Most of which about Thrax (or Ozzy)

102. And how hot Thrax (or Ozzy's) butt looks...

103: and Pecs, and triceps...

104: After reading those you started drooling

105: You go Fangirl (Even if your a dude) and flip out because the person on the radio sounds like Thrax (Like with me, the guy from Skillet reminds me of him. I freak out every time I hear them.)

106: You spent several years of our life obsessing over Thrax (or Ozzy)...

107: ...And it was the best years of your life!

108. You names a recipe after an OJ character, like Fresh Hot Thrax Buns, or Osmosis Jell-O. (Oh the puns. (From SuperKittyGirl)

109. You really wish you were born as a white/red blood cell in the City of Frank

110. You made your Tony Hawk skater look like a white/red blood cell...

111....or virus (109, 110, 111 from SuperKittyGirl)

112: You dreamed about Raping Thrax

113: Or the other way around. XD

114: You have declared that Thrax has the best Rape face EVER!!!!!

115: You just wanna squeeze Ozzy (in not perverted terms)

116: And in perverted Terms.

117: You are now calculating just how many of these describe you a figure up a percentage.

118: You make lots of friends by just knowing their OC for OJ.

This is just so me... XD;;
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How To Suck at Facebook

This is totally hilarious that I got from The Oatmeal from my friend, and I totally had to share it!

How to suck at facebook - by The Oatmeal

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Animated Memories

I just recently got down to watching How To Train Your Dragon (which I will probably discuss about it here sooner or later) to see what the hype was all about, after seeing tons of fanarts and read almost a gajillion fanfics (well, mostly Toothless/Hiccup) and after highly recommended by my chat  friend and I gotta say even after watching this movie 3 times, it still rocked my sockz~!!!

Best fucking Dreamworks animated movie ever!!!

Then I was suddenly reminded of the time I actually like an animated movie so much that I was willing to watch it a gazillion times as well, which was:

I remember when I was little, my mom had to go on one of her outstation trips again, and I thought, ah well, she'll be gone for a week or two. No big.

Then it turns out that she ended up being gone for almost a month, leaving me to fend for myself with my maid for that entire one-month school hols. Aside from the occasional TV series that I follow up every week, and a couple of Chinese drama series on VHS in which I finished in a jiffy (damn, I feel so old), my only entertainment was this one Beauty and the Beast VHS movie.

And every morning after I wake up and every night before I go to bed, I will watch that movie.

To make things more interesting, I either play the role as Belle or as Beast, and when I play the Beast, I would don myself with a towel as his cape and will act out their roles, following their dialogue to the letter. I knew every move, every line, every word, every action that was portrayed in the movie. I could even recite it when I'm not watching it just to show off to my friends.

Then I decided to move on to new heights by trying my God-given talent in memorizing movie lines on other movies like Lion King, Hunchback of Notre Dame and the like. And if I concentrate harder, I would actually remember what were the lines of old Disney animated movies I used to watch.

My hubby recently downloaded the special edition of Beauty and the Beast 720p version with an additional scene and song done by the enchanted objects (probably taken out from one of their many special filler movies and slapped into it, judging by the artwork style), and watching it now, aside from the additional scene, everything was just exactly the way I remembered it, down to the letter, and it was nostalgic to recall such memories of old again.

I wonder now if I watched HTTYD long and numerous enough, would I remember them and memorize them just as I memorized Beauty and the Beast?

How To Write A Trashy Romance Novel

I just read this article written by this person, and it's total hilarity that I have to share it with you guys! XD

How To Write A Trashy Romance Novel

by Lady Scarlett Covington and Curtis, Duke of Malone

There are over 3 billion vaginas in the world, and attached to every one of them is someone who will buy and read absolutely anything with a shirtless Fabio look-alike embossed on the cover.

Shocked? You shouldn't be, it's a documented fact*. And you - yes you, sitting on the couch in ratty Spiderman underwear and covered with Twinkie crumbs - could be making a fortune off that fact. How? By writing your own romance novel! It's so easy a brain dead moron could do it, and if a brain dead moron can do it, so can you!

That's why we here at "Thing You Didn't Know You Needed Inc." (tm) are proud to bring you the most brilliant literary collaboration since those transvestite hacks Gilbert and Sullivan hoarked up "The Mikado" during a 5-day absinthe binge in a Dutch bordello**. Ladies and gentlemen (but mostly ladies), we present the ultimate guide to literary success, your ticket to personal fame and fortune: The Covington- Malone 9 Step Guide To Romance Novelling.

Step 1: The Cover Picture

You only have a few seconds to grab your potential readers attention, so a good cover is absolutely vital. That's why finding the perfect one is your first concern, long before tiresome details like style, plot, or character development. Remember, your potential buyer may hunger for romance the way hillbillies hunger for lobster, but the bookrack in the Piggly Wiggly is crammed full of other romance novels. You need to make them choose yours.

The perfect cover picture needs to show a magnificently muscular man and a fantastically buxom woman. (Unless you're going for an alternative market. We don't judge.). An essential piece of clothing should be inexplicably absent on at least one of them. The mans pants, if he wears them, should be of the breech variety, tight enough to show his sex but not quite so tight as to show his religion***. Shirts should be both flowing and frilled, with no apparent form of fastening. The woman's dress, if she wears one, must be in imminent danger of leaping entirely off her torso at any second, exposing enormous heaving bosoms that have received no artificial enhancements. (Or so she says, the plastic bitch). The horse and castle in the background may remain unclothed.

Step 2: The Title

The title of any good romance novel needs to be stamped out in a beautiful cursive typeface, as sinuous and flowing as the silken tresses of your heroine. Preferably in the gaudiest metallic ink obtainable. This type of font is, of course, almost completely illegible, virtually guaranteeing that potential buyers will pick your book up in order to try and puzzle out the titles mysterious (but no doubt spicy!) meaning.

The actual words of the title must include some combination of the following:

Midnight, and of course

When these choice words are assembled you can come up with an almost limitless number of exciting titles, such as: "Passionate Embrace." Using just the base words "Passion" and "Embrace" you have instantly alerted the horny potential reader that your books' characters share 'Passionate Embraces' a-plenty! Other examples include "Bodice Dreams", "A Hero's Night's" and "Trousers Aflame", all of which have their own varying degrees of cheesy allure when proudly embossed on the cover. Take the time to find the one that's right for you.

Step 3: The Characters

There are two standard requirements you must meet when creating characters with the Covington-Malone system. The first is that you must give your characters exotic and exciting names. Do not underestimate the vital importance of this! Outrageous names such as Lady Scarlett Covington of Witltonshiresouthhamptonburrough for the woman, and Lord Dominic St. Bride of the London St. Brides for the man, are completely appropriate. When actually used, all names must be said in full, as seen here:

"Lord Dominic St. Bride of the London St. Brides, you will never triumph over me! My virtue is whiter than the cloth of the Lord!"

"Ah, but I swear my saucy wench Lady Scarlett Covington of Witltonshiresouthhamptonburrough, you will be in my bed tonight, or my name isn't Lord Dominic St. Bride of the London St. Brides!"

See how the names are used repeatedly? This is crucial, as the average readers are frequently too lusty to remember which characters are speaking, or moaning, respectively. Other excellent, though far fetched, names to be used are: Mistress Trae O'Hara of Atlanta-by-the-sea, Sensei Fellipe Chi-Chi of the house of his father the most honorable Kang, Lady Daggsrina Steanova, Princess of Russia and of course mad King Geoffrey of the Land of Hargraveington.

The second requirement, of course, is that the man must be highly experienced in the manners of lovemaking and the woman a hapless virgin. There is no excuse for forgetting this; in a true romance novel, all women are naives and all men are rakes. They must meet by chance; she is perhaps a servant in the master's home, or she wishes revenge on him for a wrong done to her family. He, on the other hand, must be instantly taken by the fiery beauty that she seems unaware of.

All these musts are a must.

Step 4: The Setting

Setting is crucial to a good romance novel. While it is possible to set a novel in the pedestrian backwaters of Hicksville USA ("Bridges of Madison County", who knew?), it is not at all advisable.

For example, take a look at these two paragraphs:

"Passion raced across the mist drenched moor, her breath like glass in her throat. The hoof beats, ever present, were drawing closer."

Really grabs you, doesn't it? Compare that to:

"Passion ran past the corner Starbucks, the smog making her wheeze like an asthmatic maraca. The Number 7 cross-town bus, never very reliable, was leaving early."

Just doesn't have the same kick, now does it.

The key to a good romance novel setting is that it must be exotic. The great romantic cities of the world - Manhattan, Paris, Rome, Mississauga - are all excellent choices. The scenery is exciting, the culture strange, and the people beautiful. Well, except the commoners and servants, they can be repulsive butter gnomes, its not really important. If your novel is set in modern times, Hollywood is a particularly good setting for steamy adventures and devious weaselry, and the added bonus of potential movie rights is not to be ignored*! If you are writing a period piece, strange historical locales like the pirate infested Caribbean**, darkest Africa, decadent Imperial Rome, or the hollow center of the Earth *** are also highly suitable

Without question however, the best location for a romance novel is the United Kingdom. England Ireland Scotland and Wales have been the setting for more romance novels than there are fat girls at a Hugh Grant movie. You can't throw a stone**** in any of those countries without bonking a castle, manor or moor where a romance novel has been, will be, or should be set. From the heather of the high lands to the peaty bogs of the low, from the sailing ships at Portsmouth to the racing stallions at the Downs, the UK has it all.

As an added bonus, if you set your novel in England, you don't need to learn even a single word in a foreign language. Perfect for American authors!

Step 5: The Story.

Much like a porno, the story's main function is to get the characters into hot, steamy out-of-focus romping sessions. It probably contains something about shipwrecks, and revenge, and possibly an ancient gypsy curse of some sort. You can just fill in those details later. The important thing is that the hero and heroine know they can never be together, so they just talk a lot in the beginning. There are yearnings and sexual tensions a-plenty. Then an unforeseen circumstance, such as a shipwreck, or revenge, or an ancient gypsy curse of some sort, throws the two of them into a passionate embrace that they are helpless to resist.

At this point the naive virgin suddenly becomes a ravening wildcat in the sack with virtually no urging from her surprised male partner. The characters then get it on over and over and over again in various settings, until they are rescued, or get their revenge, or have an old gypsy woman lift the curse.

Then they live happily ever after (until Step 8).

Step 6: Dialogue

Much like the plot, the only significant dialogue in a romance novel leads into, involves, or follows hot, steamy out-of-focus romping sessions. This is why dialogue in a romance novel should be very suggestive, using lots of adjectives. With written porno, errrr, that is, romance novels, you must be able to clearly paint that steamy action in the reader's mind. This will then enable them to re-enact the action later with their significant other*****.

"What? You think I would be so bold as to serve you breakfast completely in the nude, Lord St. Bride of the London St. Brides?" the buxom Yvette asked coyly. "Never! I always wear my tiny leather skirt, though it barely conceals the moist grotto of my womanhood..."

(Note that the dialogue, while concealing nothing, must nonetheless avoid the use of actual obscenities. This allows librarians, nuns, Farscape fans and other dedicated virgins to convince themselves they are buying literature and not twittling material.)

"My loins burn with my lust for you, my lord" cried Passion hotly, "Quench me! Quench me as I long to be quenched!"******

"Oh you'll take it, Duchess Sophia. You'll take all of me!" growled Curtis, Duke of Malone as he plunged his turgid pleasure rod deeply into the secret cavern of her womanly delight.

Also note that you can't go wrong with a good metaphor or two; they help the reader picture the scene in much greater detail. Take the following quote:

" Explore me like an uncharted continent, my magnificent Magellan of desire!" she husked.

From these few simple words the reader can instantly deduce that She is a virgin (as always), they are in a nautical setting of some sort, and the man is a seasoned sailor, preferably a Captain or Admiral. Also, that he is named Magellan. An entire novel can be built around one good sentence like that. Why, add a ship, some pirates, stolen cargo, the South Pacific, and a busty stowaway heiress, and it practically writes itself*******.

There are still more actually but they haven't written it yet, so if you wanna read more or figure out what the heck are those asterisks for, go to their profile.
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Pet Dilemma

I saw an art by KP-chan a few days ago and I was reminded about my days when I had a pet.

I used to have a pet Doberman mixed breed when I was somewhere in Primary 4 or 5. I got it from one of the kids my mom taught dancing to as one of her part-time jobs. She asked me if I wanted a pet and I asked my mom, which, surprisingly I had a green light for it.

The Doberman mix was a female pup about 2, 3 months old and as soon as I got her, I fell in love with her straightaway. She was the cutest little thing with her black coat and brown muzzle and paws and her big waggy tail, and she had the cutest bark ever. I named her Sailormoon. Don't ask me why I named her Sailormoon. That was the first name that came through my head at the time and I thought it suited her.

She's a fiesty little thing and has an obsession with biting my shoes, so whenever I play with her, I played tag with my feet and she would just chase round and round trying to eat my shoes. I was the puppy's playmate, my maid the cleaner and the feeder while my mom would be a bit of the disciplining factor, though Sailormoon would then get upset when she gets scolded by my mom and ignore her when she tries to call her. LOL!

I remember one time where the La Nina struck and we were raining bullets. My poor little pup was at the backyard and was spooked by some snail that decided to curl up and die somewhere and she just kept barking and barking and barking and wouldn't stop since the snail was just there not moving in defense mode or something. So I went out, picked up the snail and threw it as far away as I could, brought my poor little Sailormoon indoors and washed and dried her as best as I could in the bathroom, then hid her under my bed and let her sleep in the warmth of my bedroom for the night before I let her out secretly in the morning. That was the first and only secret we ever had together.

She was the darndest thing, and I really love her to bits. But sadly she inherited her mother's skin disease. She started to sport white bald spots here and there and was starting to itch. We tried taking her to the vet to have her checked out, but the only thing the doc could do was give her some medicine to ease the itch and rash, but she couldn't do anything about the skin disease as it was hereditary and genetic. The doc said that situations like these are usually incurable and the best way was to put it down.

Of course, I would never let the docs put her down, no matter how bad she may turn out to be. I planned to stick with her till the end, and my mom couldn't afford the euthanizing charges anyways. I really pity her as she was losing more and more of her fur and the white bald spots and hardened crust skin was everywhere, but other than that, she was still fine, energetic and healthy, just with the skin problem. I don't see what was really wrong with it, as long as she was alive and kicking, what's the problem with a bit of lack of skin?

But then one day, as I wanted to play with her after coming home from school, I whistled for her but she didn't clamber near my window as usual (my house was a single-storey building and my room was facing the backyard). I looked everywhere but she was nowhere to be found. Not only that, even my maid and my mom was not around either.

Then when I was in the bathroom, I secretly overheard my mom coming home talking to my maid, thanking her for her services and paid her some money to pass it to her husband. Turns out she asked my maid to hand Sailormoon to her husband to have her "taken care of", euthanizing her the cheapest and most inhumane way, which is by taking her to a remote place and bashing her on the head till she's dead, and she was paid less than a fraction of the price the vet offered to put her down.

Good god, was my little poor Sailormoon's life worth that little to her? Does she still see her as nothing but a pet? A common pup? Was Sailormoon's life so easily dismissed, just like she dismissed our landlady's kid's puppy and convinced them to dump her in some school ground to fend for herself as well? Was their life so worthless that she could just discard them like trash? It gave me more than one reason to hate her so badly.

Sailormoon, my little beloved pup, wherever you are right now, you are, and will be, missed.
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Pedo Alert!

Whenever I buy myself an ice-cream, be it the usual ice-cream cone like Cornetto or maybe a ice-cream on a stick like Magnum or a sundae, I would always be brought back to this small memory I had back when I was in high school.

Eating ice-cream was a bit of a luxury back then because nice, pretty ice-creams are quite pricey even for a canteen price status. The usual homemade popsicles would cost 50-80 cents, but ice-cream like these would range between $1 to $2.80, and for a student who gets about 5 dollars a week for pocket money, it's a bit of a strain for us.

But whenever I have a chance, I would buy one of those luxury ice-creams, and wait for the school bus while enjoying it. I would always walk across the street to the kindergarten opposite my school to wait for my school bus because one of the teachers there takes the same school bus as I do to go home to where I live.

As I enjoyed my ice-cream, I would occasionally be eyed by some kids who just got off school waiting for their parents, their big sparkly eyes oogling at the way I enjoyed the sweet tasty frozen dessert scoop by scoop, bite by bite. It's understandable; at their age where health is everything and their health-Nazi parents would want nothing more than to chug their kids full of greens, ice-cream was something all kids who are naturally born with sweet tooth wants.

Some would be brave themselves to sit close to me while watching me enjoy my ice-cream, sometimes giving that "I want some too" look that I try to ignore. But of course, being the bleeding hearts of the world united in me, I would give in and gave them a "You wanna?" look before holding out the spoon or the ice-cream to them to have a bite. They almost always open their mouths eagerly to accept my offer.

Only one little problem.

When I do that, I would be given the odd look or the wary look from teachers who stayed back to watch the kids and accompany them to wait for their parents or just there to wait for their ride. And those looks made me feel like...


It wasn't my intention. I was only being nice to the kids and whatnot. I'm not those sicko-s who tempt kids with cute little toys and nice little treats and then kidnap them to do ungodly things, but I couldn't help feeling that way whenever I got that kind of stares, even though I meant no harm.

Yeah...Well, at least I was a girl, and I'm a high-schooler and all that, and I made sure to them that I was only giving them treats, not having any other ulterior motives. Though psychos who poisoning kids probably came into their mind next when what they thought I was, wasn't.

Now, with that memory intact in my mind, the ice-cream would now always remind me of those incidents, and also the look and conception of my so-called pedo intentions. LOL!

Sunday, October 3, 2010 | By: BlackGargie

Dining with the Big Boys

I went some time in September during the Raya seasons on a open office to DST with my best friend and my other colleague, and being that this was my first time to an open office (my hubby's cousin's so-called "open office" in his house doesn't count), I totally didn't want to miss the chance to document this event.

This be the company building. DataStream Technology (DST) is one of Brunei's many telecommunications system, and owns pretty much most of the shares and big-scale properties in Brunei. In other words, they've got plenty of moola to spare.

They were displaying old school motorbikes right at the entrance, something you'd see way back during donkey years, so I went trigger-happy over this

Entrance to the lift

Waiting for the lift to arrive

Le view up top from the lift, which is a transparent wall and will incite your acrophobia whether you knew you had it or not

More high spot sights after we've reached our destination, which is Level 12 (or was it higher than that?)

Flower decors in waiting

We went to the entrance of the dining area and realized that they were having a sort of 60's theme, which explains the old school motorbikes at the entrance of the building

Le signboard of the dining hall entrance

More old school vehicles, including that ancient bicycle that I used to see drawn in the Sidek Bros' manga I used to read and collect when I was younger, and the motorbike looked exactly like the one that the Sidek Bros' father used. So that's how it looks like

We were given souvenir treats at upon registering our name and entering the area, which later on, when we opened, revealed to be chocolate brownies.

Going trigger-happy on all the 60's decors and displays around the area. I totally admire the people back then. How were they able to survive without cell phones, internet, colour TV and digital cameras was beyond me

Went trigger-happy on our surroundings, and I was absolutely surprised as to how many people were actually invited to this open office, and most of them looked like total big-shots. So this is how it feels like to be dining with the big boys

They had a band performing using old school instruments that existed before any of us were ever born, and it was intriguing to see it for real. So I went trigger-happy and took pictures of the band and each instruments one by one, though some looked a little shy to be having their pictures taken like this

Went outside the balcony to take some nice high shots. The wind at that altitude was really strong, and if I weren't careful, I might end up falling off. I almost had a Marilyn Monroe moment there with my baju kurung being blown by the wind. I had to hold my dress down with one hand and take pictures with the other

Some cool scenery shots

A few more cool scenery shots from the other side of the balcony

After my trigger-happy moments, it was off to enjoy the food that they serve, which is direct from Royal Brunei Catering. Of course, I managed to snap some before they get attacked by freeloading vultures

Sate, lekor and some kind of kuih or whatever to be put with peanut sauce

Ambuyat section

Main course section, where there's fried rice, noodles, chicken, prawn, mixed veggies and the like

The rojak and laksa area

The soto section

Drinks section, where you can get soft drinks served in old school bottle style

Was the drinks section of orange and bandung after being "mauled" by "vultures"

Dessert section, where there's a whole assortment of cakes, and my fav apple crumble

Not sure whether this was supposed to be the decor or it's edible, but took a pic of it anyways

We met and talked with some big shots (well, mostly my best friend and my colleague did the talking), and after going about for a few rounds and trying everything, it was time for us to leave as we were way past lunch hour. We grabbed an extra few brownies souvenirs that people left behind on the table, and feels almost like we're robbing or something

Some guys having fun sticking fake moustaches on themselves and take gag pictures, so I stole a pic of them as well

Walking around going trigger-happy on all the old school cars they put outside for display in accordance with the 60's theme. My colleague decided to hog the spotlight and stand in pose at almost every car I took picture of. Meh~! XD

That be my experience so far to my first open office. The food was really good, and it was a pretty interesting experience and feel to it. Almost like I'm playing with the big boys or something. LOL! Definitely looking forward the next open office on Raya