Saturday, September 18, 2010 | By: BlackGargie

The Things I Do for Friendship...

Sometimes when I think back to my high school days, I would say, "What a life I led!"

I got a lot of friends and acquaintances, but very little close ones. And those close ones, I cherish them as if they were family.

I have three best friends when I was in high school: Hazeline, Jennifer and Sabrina.

Sabrina is a purebred blue blood, who is pampered and rich and can afford almost anything virtually possible to buy. We never knew if she had her share of boyfriends, or much of her personal life for that matter, but we knew she lived the Beverly Hills 90210 life, and can virtually do whatever she wants, being that she's the apple of her parents' eyes. She was the one who had offered me the chance to become a professional writer as her father was like the Donald Trump of my hometown or something and would love his little girl be the literature limelight (since the story I wrote was about us and some other friends of mine) and would pay for the publishing expenses and whatnot, but unfortunately I had to decline coz I knew my mother would never agree to it. It was probably the only decision I have ever regretted in life. She was also the only person who didn't know what it was really like between my mom and I, falling for the trap of my perfect mother image. She's currently now residing in KL living the Malaysian version of the American dream, so to speak, and is probably dating more men than we could imagine.

Hazeline is like something out of a TV series. Growing up in a partially broken family with parents that sometimes don't care and a brother who is like hot and cold towards her, and had always dreamed of getting the guy who would save her from her life. She dated as often as a woman changes fashion, and the guys that she dates tend to vary at every point in her life. She's a bit temperamental and her moods will swing whenever she feels like it. When she's pissed, she can become your worst enemy but when she's OK, she can be your bestest friend. We fought and made up probably more than once, but we always remained close. She was the only one who wasn't too happy with my relationship with my senior, not sure why, and that was the time we fought the most, but after my senior graduated, she was back in the friendship business more or less. I guess it was just jealousy of our closeness that driven her motives, but no big. It's over and done with. She's now in Ireland (I think) happily married to a guy who originated from my hometown as well and is probably making babies right now XD

Jennifer is one of my closest and dearest, and has been the longest-standing of our friendship throughout the years. She suffers the stigma of the middle child, not getting much attention but not getting any less anyways. She was always insecure because she thinks she was worthless and fat and not beautiful and all, and it was only recently when I came back to my hometown on business matters that I found out from her that she was a victim of rape and neglect, and never told anyone about this. She was always the innocent one, clinging onto me like a little sister does to a big sister and I have always looked out for her as much as I can when I'm not occupied with other things, but I guess years of being apart once I left for university sort of gave me the surprise to find out that she wasn't who I used to know (smoking, boozing, sexing around, having multiple part-time lovers as she calls it, that was totally not what I expected or how I used to know about her). She was the only one who knew the truth behind my facade and cheery personality, all the demons and dark pasts that haunts in my wake. She may have changed a little, but deep down, she's still the same little sister I used to know, and I won't complain much.

Thinking back, we used to do a lot of crazy stuff together. Well, not really crazy per se, but it's stuff friends do. We used to take long walks down to the shophouses opposite our old primary school to have breakfast and to buy comic books or trinkets or snacks before we go for our afternoon classes. We used to hang around together during marathons and let everyone else try to win the race while we take our time walking and chatting, and maybe stop by shops to kick back and relax and have a drink before we rejoin the run. We used to sit behind school buildings chatting up about nothing in particular, just enjoying each other's company. We used to mess around at coffee shops, especially if one of us ordered something with soup involved, and took everything that was on the table to mix with the soup, then dared each other to drink it. We used to hitch rides on perfect strangers to get to our destination (usually from my initiation), and get an earful from my friends about what a daredevil I was and the possible consequences if we had chosen the wrong stranger to hitchhike. We used to do so much together, things that I would cherish forever.

Perhaps the most memorable part would be our mission to put Hazeline's boyfriends to the test to see if they're cut out to be the guy for our best bud. Her very first love was this guy called Peter who was like probably a decade older than she was at the time. Very nice, very sweet, not the super hunky guy you'll swoon over, but still the type of ideal man every girl would dream to have. But we were skeptical. No man can be that perfect, so we decided to test him behind her back.

Jennifer and I initiated a plan in which we fake an accident for Hazeline and see if he really cares enough to find out if she was OK. The opportune moment arrived when Hazeline was down with the flu and was not at school, so she won't be there to ruin our plans. We went to the payphone and called Peter to tell him that Hazeline was not in school and we found out that she fell and banged her head and now was in the hospital with a serious concussion that may or may not damage her brain. Even Jennifer chipped in to illustrate how horrible the accident was and after that, we let the scenario play out.

Turns out that our act went too well, as Hazeline came to school the next day feeling a little weirded out as Peter was freaking out at her wondering if she were OK and that which hospital was she admitted to. Apparently he fell for our story and ran all the way to our local hospital to see if she was there, and then made the call to her home and asked her if she was OK, how was her injuries and which hospital was she in. We told her our plan and she was pretty amused by it, but left it to us to explain the truth. Needless to say, Peter was less than impressed and we had an earful before he finally forgave us for tricking him and giving him that scare.

He was a true blue gullible man who was a born-romantic. There was one time where I just gave a call to him to chat, to apologize properly for my fiasco back then and told him the real reason why I did it was because to test him and told him we were doing this for the wellbeing of our best friend, and we don't want to see her hurt, and that we'd like to have him prove to her that he meant it when he said he wanted to be with her always. Again, things turned out too well than I hoped because he was silent for a while after listening to my ramblings, and he started asking me what exactly should he do to prove himself. I gave him a silly notion that he should just take her to a public place and proclaim his love there and tend, go on bended knee if he has to.

That resulted into a very hilarious story from Hazeline after the weekend about how he went on bended knee in the middle of a shopping mall in public proclaiming his love and some foreigners grinning at the scene (which I think it's probably nothing new from where he came from). I didn't think he'd ACTUALLY do it! XD

Ahh, those were the memorable days, the things I do for friendship. Jennifer and I would recount those days and laugh at it whenever we actually talked about it, thinking back to our crazy youth. We often wonder how the others are doing now they have adjusted into real life, but I'm sure they're just as better off as we were. We all have to grow up some day.

I wish I were able to relive those years, but time and tide waits for no man. All we can do is cherish the moments and bring it to our graves