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See Ya Later, Alligator; Wait A While, Crocodile

My hubby and I went down to Miri to have our wedding photoshoot for our wedding album done. Unfortunately due to equipment failure, we had to reschedule another date to have the leftover shots done.

We weren't allowed to have cameras or take pictures within the shop (maybe to protect their clothes designs), so unfortunately you have wait until I showcase it in the blog as soon as I get it done and have the soft copy for it.

On our way back to Brunei, we decided to drop by at the Crocodile Farm (since I've never been there before), so we took the detour to go into it and check it out. Technically my hubby had been there once when he and his colleague had to go down Miri for a certain project, so this is his second time, while this is my first time

Me posing in front of the lake that is the entrance of the Crocodile Farm

The panoramic view of the lake

They apparently have a wishing well before you get to the front entrance of the park that had a pretty nice fountain statuette of a woman with kids, though the sign on the statuette was a bit of a overkill

Definitely couldn't resist making a wish. My hubby made a wish too, but he just chucked the coin in without tossing it properly. Meh~! No sense of aesthetics. Not gonna tell you my wish or it'll not come true

Some shots of the front entrance, including a map

Le ticket booth

Some educational displays within the park

Some sleeping hedgehogs in their glass container near the display area

A huge ass crocodile skin as part of display

A display of the life cycle of a crocodile

Close-up shots of the life cycle, though it makes me wonder whether they killed it and put it in there or it was already dead to begin with

Processed crocodile skin that would later be our coats, shoes and bags we have today

Trigger-happy on other displays

A few showcases of snakes, the albino being the so-called lucky snake in which whatever shape it takes that represents whatever number will be your lucky number for the day or something. Though I can't really tell what shape he was curled up in

A really HUGE big-ass fish that I forgot the name of. So as not to startle it, I didn't use the flash, so sorry for the reflection. Last thing I need is it bursting out of the aquarium out of shock or something

A crocodile turtle of sorts. They say this thing can snap off your finger if you stick your hand and aggravate it. Ouch! >.O No way am I tempting fate with that!

Trigger-happy on a bird at the beginning of the park. Damn lighting!

Scores of crocs right below us. There were dozens upon dozens of those critters in there! Fucking hell!! We were so frigging worried that they would suddenly jump and attack us or something with a super leap.

Close-up shots of those living dinosaurs. Makes me wonder how they survive extinction when all others failed

Trigger-happy moment

Decided to take a vid of the farm that we watched from above. Warning: A lot of swearing involved! XD

Later on as we walked about the farm, we saw that they have a place for taking photos with animals, and of course since we're there, I wouldn't miss that opportunity

Photo-shot with le python snake, which I keep getting the feeling that the bloody snake is trying to strangle me or give me tough love or something. Gah~!

Photoshoot with the sunbear cub, in which the trainer will cut up a few pieces of watermelon for it to eat so it will stay still to be photographed. Such a cute docile creature as she enjoyed the watermelon piece

Of course, I got nommed by it because she wants more treats (no, she didn't really bite me, just licked me all over, and yes, it's a she)

Me and my hubby taking picture together with the bear

The bear grabbing onto my hubby because she wants more treats! LOL!! Guess her affection differs between girls and boys XD

Trying to trigger-happy at some jungle birds, to no avail coz of the damn cage and lighting

Some snoozing leopard cats

A rock python, as they call it

Forgot what this animal was called, a pivet, maybe? >.>

Some pig-tailed macaques

And a bit of "monkey business" in between XD

Forgot the name of this animal too, though it seems to enjoy grooming himself

Another bird I forgot the name, and they seem to dangle upside-down like bats do

Speaking of bats...

Peacocks, the blue, bright and shiny bird being the male and the brown one being the female. Guess it's true that the males are usually the attractive ones

An owl that we disrupted its sleep, and apparently he sleeps with one eye open

Pigeon (or one of them)

A duck that seemed to have a small resemblance of a chicken, especially with red skin on its face on the beak

We came across a cage full of magpies, and you wouldn't believe what comes out of their beaks~! Total hilarity~!

More pivets

A pelican perched right on the lake near a few crocs

Bird house for the lovely pigeons. When we went near they all spread out and flew, which was a wonderful sight, but I didn't have the time to video or take pictures for it

Meet the poultry

Another interactive session with the animals where we were allowed to feed the horsies. They were pretty eager when they saw me with the bunch of bananas the trainer gave me, and while I fed them, I was allowed to touch and stroke them

I was also allowed to feed the sheep and goats as well, and this sheep immediately came over to ask for a banana treat. So cute

More trigger-happy snaps of the horses and the sheep

Behold the most dangerous bird in the world according to the 2005 Guinness World of Records: the Kasawari bird. Apparently they bloody attack people and they have the scariest hissing and honking and roaring sounds and whatever noises they can make, though up close and personal, I don't really see anything dangerous about them...

I totally forgot what animal is this... ^^;;

Le attack of le goats after seeing me with the banana treats~!! Gah~!!

Trigger-happy moments of more pig-tailed monkeys, but we used up all the banana treats on the goats and none left for the monkeys

There were a few more pics I wanted to take but just at that moment, my camera ran out of batteries and died~!! Gah~!! I had to use my hubby's cellphone to take the rest of the pics, even took one where you stick your head out on boards and pretend to be Steve Irwin the Croc Hunter or something, but I haven't gotten round to get it from my hubby yet.

Ah well, all in all, it was a uber fun experience~! Probably the most interactive zoo/farm I've ever been. When we were about to leave, they told us to wait because they were doing a feeding show to the crocs, which was total awesomeness~!! Why, camera, why must you die on me at this time~?!

Maybe next time, I'll include the footage in if I go there again.


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