Saturday, September 18, 2010 | By: BlackGargie

A New Fantasy Love in the House~!

Damn~!!! I think I'm in love~!!!

Ever since I've been watching my hubby play Mass Effect 1 & 2, I've been totally obsessed with one of the characters in the game, namely Garrus Vakarian of the Turian race!!!

He is just so bloody sexy, in an alien sort of way, and he has got like THE hunkiest voice ever~!!! And when I saw a few gameplays in YouTube on how to create a romance with him using fem!Shepard, I am just totally dying for him! To the point where I wish I was fem!Shepard!!

So cute, so sexy, so manly, so hunky, so many in one~!! Gah~!!!

And thanks to him, Inow find every single Turian I see sexy!!

Now, every time I see a Turian whenever my hubby was playing the game, my mind would be reeling and go "OMG, FUCK~!!! RAPE ME~!!!" in my head. And I especially think so when Garrus shows up on screen and in cutscenes. LOL~!! I'm THAT obsessed.

Damn you, Garrus, for being such a wonderful sexy bastard~!!! XO


Anonymous said...

Hey, if you like Garrus' voice, you should check out Brandon Keener's Facebook page where he's got his other work posted!