Wednesday, September 22, 2010 | By: BlackGargie

MySpace's a Dead Space

I was searching Google for fun to see how popular I am, so I typed my nickname "BlackGargie" on Google search.

Guess how many results I've got?


Impressive, eh? Didn't think I'd be THAT popular.

Well, anywho, it's not what I want to talk about.

As the title of the blog suggests, I found my old account in MySpace which I have neglected like...gajillion years ago or something. I totally forgot my password for my account even, but no big. I don't really go on it that much anyways. But just for fun, I clicked on my blog section in MySpace to see what garbage I typed in and this is what I found.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

End of A Looooooong Nightmare
Current mood: relieved

Hey, guys. This is the first time I've ever sent a blog, so plz bear with me. I've been a newbie to MySpace for quite a while. Haven't been checking it out much, but I'm sure I'll blah a lot in the future. Well, anywho, I've been really busy trying to finish my assignments and all that and I can tell you it was like HELL!!!

First it was my Information System assignments which our lec has snowballed the deadline of 4 assignments to passed up by the 29th last month and we were trying to finish it like heck! You should understand the meaning of PEAK SEASON when I saw the computer labs-all 4 of them-packed with students using the computers to their assignemtns :shocked: and the time was running away so fast that I wished I could just kick them out of their seats and cram away with my homework.

I tell you, it was like a very long nightmare, especially when we're doing a group work project which is like, ugh! I mean, my Marketing group project is almost a failure coz one of our team member is so uncooperative and such. She's busy dating people and entertaining guys while we break our backs trying to finish the work.

She practically forgot that our Mkting lec is a very in-detail kinda guy and will not tolerate anything that is out of his norm, and we're in a bit of a pressure, because their job is to find the points for the project and I have to type them all out and elaborate the points myself. I was like :grrr: and filled with stress. I practically wanna break down and cry, especially when my 'female monthly problem' has arrived, if you know what I mean.

And the Management project was like :wtf: All of those assignments were snowballed to 29th and you can imagine the load of papers and such to be stuffed into the lec's pigeon hole. And the pressure was really hitting me when I promised my friend I'll be on time to meet him in the cafeteria to go home to Brunei (my Mom's working there now, so :tongue: ) and yet I've still so much to finish. In the end, I was like WHAT THE HELL and finish whatever I can. I end up handing in the IS project late. Hope I don't lose too much marks.

All in all, everything is complete now and I can heave a sigh of relief.

Actually I still have one more IS assignment to finish but the deadline is still far so no biggie. I can finally relax a little and enjoy my time writing fanfics and drawing comics. Phew!

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Current mood: annoyed
OK, feeling a little bummed here, coz I was supposed to follow my campus club CURTIN VOLUNTEERS to go vist the long houses and do some gotong-royong over there. But I was briefed the wrong time. I thought we were supposed to go at 2.30pm this afternoon and yet it was actually 9.30am!!! Man, was I pissed , and I just wanna vent out in this blog. Here goes...


OK, feel much better now...

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Grinning at the Duper
Current mood: amused
I'm at the computer lab right now just trying to finish my final assignment for the day when I heard my senior Izzah scolding one of my friends Conrad because she kept saying that Conrad duped her into believing that he has pictures for whatever occasion they're talking about. And she constantly cursing him as the Duper and Conrad is constantly trying to worm his way out of the situation. It's very funny seeing them bickering to each other like little children, you know? Glad I'm not in that situation. Yet they're just right in front of me, constantly bickering and yelling and explaining and everything. I couldn't help laughing at thier antics!!! Sure is cool when you have interesting friends in the campus

Friday, March 04, 2005

First Week in Campus
Current mood: awake
The first week of campus was rather OK. Got to meet the new lecs for this sem and living the life of a university student again. The first day started out rather annoying I was almost late for a lecture, it was pouring outside and I was drenched trying to waiting for the damn bus! Grr! And I thought first days couldn't get any worse. But it didn't turn out too bad. I mean I was hit on by a guy who also ended up drenched waiting for the bus. He's not really too cute, but he actually asked for my phone number and he actually called despite him being busy. He thought I was a working person like him! Seems like I've finally reached adulthood, and talk about animal magnetism, man! I only got to meet 3 new lecs coz the 4th lec can only make it next week. I wonder if he/she is a foreigner or something Anywho, yesterday's lec was rather interesting. He's an Indian and he's our Consumer Behaviour lec. First thing started out was that one of my seniors sneaked up to the lec's desk while he's away and grabbed the unit outline, prompting everyone to do so, then when he came back he was asking sternly about who took the outlines without his permission or something. We were frozen and panic-striken. We thought he was going to bombard us with angry words or something but then as the lec went on, he's actually being very funny and all that. He tells his jokes in a serious face and we just couldn't help laughing and all that He's a nice guy actually and not at all the kind of strict lec like all lecs are. I think I'm gonna enjoy this class I actually left my hp in the lec hall last night and I was like searching it frantically. I got up first in the morning and rushed to the lec hall and waited for the guard to open the door. Thank God the hp is still there, but of course, a few missed calls are expected and needless to say, my voice messages are filled with my mom's. -_- I messaged her a white lie saying that I turned off the sound the whole day and forgot to take it out of my bag. I can't tell her I've left it in the lec hall; she'll kill me and nag me till I die, man! She's rather possessive when she knows she bought things for me from her own wallet and not mine, you know. *Sigh* Of all mothers, I had to get this one...

Friday, March 11, 2005

I Love Him, I Love Him Not
Current mood: contemplative
I've been having rather weird feelings lately about a certain someone. You see, my senior had tried to hook me up with his cousin who was an ex-student in this campus. It was said that he quit studying because of a failed relationship and he's now working at his cousin's company. We got together and we met and became friends almost immediately. The evilness of them all is that they deliberately leave us two alone so that we can get together or something. He's not 100% cute and all that crud but he's nice and fun to talk to and hang out with. I don't have much of intimate feelings with him yet but I sure hooked him up real bad. You see, we had our fun and everything and we got to know each other slightly better, but after he left off back to Brunei to do his work, he's been messaging me and he's been telling me that he had fun that weekend especially with me, and he's beginning to message sweet stuff to me and offering to give me his DVD-rom and CDwriter and stuff. My seniors say that I duffed him up real bad and that he's got a crush on me but I...I... I don't know. This is too weird, and too fast for me. I mean I never thought that I could have such an impact on a person. I can't even let a crush to notice me, let alone make him to like me like me (OK, this sounds like Arnold here ). And now someone actually has a crush on me! I dunno what to feel right now. This is so...out of the ordinary. If my ma finds out about this, she's sure going to bombard me with dozens upon dozens of questions and teach me silly things that only girls back at her time would do. *Sigh* The disadvantages of animal magnetism sure gets to you sometimes

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Joe's comin' over
Current mood: apathetic
It's official. My seniors have something to joke about and tease and I've officially accidentally duffed a guy. My senior said he claimed to him that he's gonna go on holiday somewhere else as soon as he gets his paycheck somewhere this week, but now he's coming over. I don't know...And I don't care! All I know is he's coming over and we're gonna have friends!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

It’s Been A While...
Current mood: chipper
Category: Life

It's been a while since I actually made any blogs in here. Life's been a rather hectic spinning cycle that would never cease to amaze me. Here's the gist of my life so far :

1. Finally gone steady with the guy Joe who has been courting me for a while, and had celebrated our 2nd anniversary February 22nd this year

2. Had a violent fight with my mom (after keeping quiet and enduring her abuse for 20 years) and leaving her behind for good

3. Moved into my bf's home and finally enjoyed the pleasures of love-making

4. Went to campus to apply for study leave just until I get back on my own two feet financially (since I'm no longer staying with my mom and depending on her for life support)

5. Got a job as a proofreader here in Brunei for $600 a month

Yeah, that's about the big picture of it. Other than that, nothing out of the ordinary.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Howdy, Everyone!
Current mood: chill
Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

Hey guys. Haven't been in here for a freakin' loooooooooooooong time. Guess an apology is in order

A lot has happened throughout my life. But the long and short of it is:

1) I moved out and am staying with my bf

2) No longer am I associated with my abusive mother anymore

3) Had to quit uni for the moment coz of money constraints

4) Got a job as a proofreader in an online news company

5) Found a college that accepts part-time students, so planning to enroll for next year's intake

6) Am engaged with my bf (sort of)

Neways, wanna ask you guys a favour. Heard of The Golden Compass? I've booked tickets to watch for this Sunday and my friend introduced me to their official webbie to see what my Daemon is.

This is what I've got, but I'd be happy if you help me confirm it. Just need to click the link below and help me be my Daemon! Thanks!

You can say it's like Blogspot and Friendster all in one, but at it's initial stages, but since I no longer go on to it, I don't really give a damn. But, man, do I really write crap back then! ^^;;