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MySpace's a Dead Space

I was searching Google for fun to see how popular I am, so I typed my nickname "BlackGargie" on Google search.

Guess how many results I've got?


Impressive, eh? Didn't think I'd be THAT popular.

Well, anywho, it's not what I want to talk about.

As the title of the blog suggests, I found my old account in MySpace which I have neglected like...gajillion years ago or something. I totally forgot my password for my account even, but no big. I don't really go on it that much anyways. But just for fun, I clicked on my blog section in MySpace to see what garbage I typed in and this is what I found.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

End of A Looooooong Nightmare
Current mood: relieved

Hey, guys. This is the first time I've ever sent a blog, so plz bear with me. I've been a newbie to MySpace for quite a while. Haven't been checking it out much, but I'm sure I'll blah a lot in the future. Well, anywho, I've been really busy trying to finish my assignments and all that and I can tell you it was like HELL!!!

First it was my Information System assignments which our lec has snowballed the deadline of 4 assignments to passed up by the 29th last month and we were trying to finish it like heck! You should understand the meaning of PEAK SEASON when I saw the computer labs-all 4 of them-packed with students using the computers to their assignemtns :shocked: and the time was running away so fast that I wished I could just kick them out of their seats and cram away with my homework.

I tell you, it was like a very long nightmare, especially when we're doing a group work project which is like, ugh! I mean, my Marketing group project is almost a failure coz one of our team member is so uncooperative and such. She's busy dating people and entertaining guys while we break our backs trying to finish the work.

She practically forgot that our Mkting lec is a very in-detail kinda guy and will not tolerate anything that is out of his norm, and we're in a bit of a pressure, because their job is to find the points for the project and I have to type them all out and elaborate the points myself. I was like :grrr: and filled with stress. I practically wanna break down and cry, especially when my 'female monthly problem' has arrived, if you know what I mean.

And the Management project was like :wtf: All of those assignments were snowballed to 29th and you can imagine the load of papers and such to be stuffed into the lec's pigeon hole. And the pressure was really hitting me when I promised my friend I'll be on time to meet him in the cafeteria to go home to Brunei (my Mom's working there now, so :tongue: ) and yet I've still so much to finish. In the end, I was like WHAT THE HELL and finish whatever I can. I end up handing in the IS project late. Hope I don't lose too much marks.

All in all, everything is complete now and I can heave a sigh of relief.

Actually I still have one more IS assignment to finish but the deadline is still far so no biggie. I can finally relax a little and enjoy my time writing fanfics and drawing comics. Phew!

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Current mood: annoyed
OK, feeling a little bummed here, coz I was supposed to follow my campus club CURTIN VOLUNTEERS to go vist the long houses and do some gotong-royong over there. But I was briefed the wrong time. I thought we were supposed to go at 2.30pm this afternoon and yet it was actually 9.30am!!! Man, was I pissed , and I just wanna vent out in this blog. Here goes...


OK, feel much better now...

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Grinning at the Duper
Current mood: amused
I'm at the computer lab right now just trying to finish my final assignment for the day when I heard my senior Izzah scolding one of my friends Conrad because she kept saying that Conrad duped her into believing that he has pictures for whatever occasion they're talking about. And she constantly cursing him as the Duper and Conrad is constantly trying to worm his way out of the situation. It's very funny seeing them bickering to each other like little children, you know? Glad I'm not in that situation. Yet they're just right in front of me, constantly bickering and yelling and explaining and everything. I couldn't help laughing at thier antics!!! Sure is cool when you have interesting friends in the campus

Friday, March 04, 2005

First Week in Campus
Current mood: awake
The first week of campus was rather OK. Got to meet the new lecs for this sem and living the life of a university student again. The first day started out rather annoying I was almost late for a lecture, it was pouring outside and I was drenched trying to waiting for the damn bus! Grr! And I thought first days couldn't get any worse. But it didn't turn out too bad. I mean I was hit on by a guy who also ended up drenched waiting for the bus. He's not really too cute, but he actually asked for my phone number and he actually called despite him being busy. He thought I was a working person like him! Seems like I've finally reached adulthood, and talk about animal magnetism, man! I only got to meet 3 new lecs coz the 4th lec can only make it next week. I wonder if he/she is a foreigner or something Anywho, yesterday's lec was rather interesting. He's an Indian and he's our Consumer Behaviour lec. First thing started out was that one of my seniors sneaked up to the lec's desk while he's away and grabbed the unit outline, prompting everyone to do so, then when he came back he was asking sternly about who took the outlines without his permission or something. We were frozen and panic-striken. We thought he was going to bombard us with angry words or something but then as the lec went on, he's actually being very funny and all that. He tells his jokes in a serious face and we just couldn't help laughing and all that He's a nice guy actually and not at all the kind of strict lec like all lecs are. I think I'm gonna enjoy this class I actually left my hp in the lec hall last night and I was like searching it frantically. I got up first in the morning and rushed to the lec hall and waited for the guard to open the door. Thank God the hp is still there, but of course, a few missed calls are expected and needless to say, my voice messages are filled with my mom's. -_- I messaged her a white lie saying that I turned off the sound the whole day and forgot to take it out of my bag. I can't tell her I've left it in the lec hall; she'll kill me and nag me till I die, man! She's rather possessive when she knows she bought things for me from her own wallet and not mine, you know. *Sigh* Of all mothers, I had to get this one...

Friday, March 11, 2005

I Love Him, I Love Him Not
Current mood: contemplative
I've been having rather weird feelings lately about a certain someone. You see, my senior had tried to hook me up with his cousin who was an ex-student in this campus. It was said that he quit studying because of a failed relationship and he's now working at his cousin's company. We got together and we met and became friends almost immediately. The evilness of them all is that they deliberately leave us two alone so that we can get together or something. He's not 100% cute and all that crud but he's nice and fun to talk to and hang out with. I don't have much of intimate feelings with him yet but I sure hooked him up real bad. You see, we had our fun and everything and we got to know each other slightly better, but after he left off back to Brunei to do his work, he's been messaging me and he's been telling me that he had fun that weekend especially with me, and he's beginning to message sweet stuff to me and offering to give me his DVD-rom and CDwriter and stuff. My seniors say that I duffed him up real bad and that he's got a crush on me but I...I... I don't know. This is too weird, and too fast for me. I mean I never thought that I could have such an impact on a person. I can't even let a crush to notice me, let alone make him to like me like me (OK, this sounds like Arnold here ). And now someone actually has a crush on me! I dunno what to feel right now. This is so...out of the ordinary. If my ma finds out about this, she's sure going to bombard me with dozens upon dozens of questions and teach me silly things that only girls back at her time would do. *Sigh* The disadvantages of animal magnetism sure gets to you sometimes

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Joe's comin' over
Current mood: apathetic
It's official. My seniors have something to joke about and tease and I've officially accidentally duffed a guy. My senior said he claimed to him that he's gonna go on holiday somewhere else as soon as he gets his paycheck somewhere this week, but now he's coming over. I don't know...And I don't care! All I know is he's coming over and we're gonna have friends!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

It’s Been A While...
Current mood: chipper
Category: Life

It's been a while since I actually made any blogs in here. Life's been a rather hectic spinning cycle that would never cease to amaze me. Here's the gist of my life so far :

1. Finally gone steady with the guy Joe who has been courting me for a while, and had celebrated our 2nd anniversary February 22nd this year

2. Had a violent fight with my mom (after keeping quiet and enduring her abuse for 20 years) and leaving her behind for good

3. Moved into my bf's home and finally enjoyed the pleasures of love-making

4. Went to campus to apply for study leave just until I get back on my own two feet financially (since I'm no longer staying with my mom and depending on her for life support)

5. Got a job as a proofreader here in Brunei for $600 a month

Yeah, that's about the big picture of it. Other than that, nothing out of the ordinary.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Howdy, Everyone!
Current mood: chill
Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

Hey guys. Haven't been in here for a freakin' loooooooooooooong time. Guess an apology is in order

A lot has happened throughout my life. But the long and short of it is:

1) I moved out and am staying with my bf

2) No longer am I associated with my abusive mother anymore

3) Had to quit uni for the moment coz of money constraints

4) Got a job as a proofreader in an online news company

5) Found a college that accepts part-time students, so planning to enroll for next year's intake

6) Am engaged with my bf (sort of)

Neways, wanna ask you guys a favour. Heard of The Golden Compass? I've booked tickets to watch for this Sunday and my friend introduced me to their official webbie to see what my Daemon is.

This is what I've got, but I'd be happy if you help me confirm it. Just need to click the link below and help me be my Daemon! Thanks!

You can say it's like Blogspot and Friendster all in one, but at it's initial stages, but since I no longer go on to it, I don't really give a damn. But, man, do I really write crap back then! ^^;;
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Security Breach Alert!

Wow, this is a really exciting start for the day!

We have a security breach and a theft break-in!

Yes, I know I'm not supposed to be happy or excited about it but it's a very interesting and exciting event that has somehow finally happened after months of monotonous work in this office. LOL!

Apparently, someone has broken into our accountant's office and fiddled around with the area, and the drawers where she kept the cheques and cash for bill payments was left open, and the cash was stolen, about $70++. It may not seem much, but it's still company money nonetheless.

In fact, this was not the first time it has happened. The first time it happened, our accountant noticed that the air-conditioning was left on and the windows were fogged coz of the cold. The second time, the PC was left on, and our accountant distinctively remember that she turned everything off before she left the office.

Guess third time's the charm, eh?

The perp left behind an evidence of a black-and-white checkered headdress-like scarf, which shows that the perp is a woman. At first we thought it could belong to our lady boss, but our lady boss denied that it belonged to her, so it really struck us like a lightning bolt that either it was our spook in our office (yes, our office is slightly haunted) or it was definitely the work of a thief.

Our immigration liason guy made the call to the cops to come over and case the place, in which they did. Two policemen, a policewoman and a crime scene lady came in to case the place. They took pictures and everything, and questioned those involved, including me. Of course, not interrogation style where they shine the light at your face, but still, it was the standard questioning nonetheless.

We have a feeling that it may be done by an inside job of a past employee or something, coz there was no sign of forced entry or whatever, and the doors and the locks were intact. Whoever did it must know the codes and password of our place and have duplicate keys or such to our accountant's office. Too bad our CCTV was not working, or else we would have a good look at the perp as well.

Well, we've filed in the information and stuff, and the evidence of the headdress scarf was taken, pictures were taken and standard procedure of casing the area was done. Later on, we may be required to go down the station to make a formal report and stuff.

Man, this is the most exciting thing that's ever happened to our office since the hauntening.
Saturday, September 18, 2010 | By: BlackGargie

A New Fantasy Love in the House~!

Damn~!!! I think I'm in love~!!!

Ever since I've been watching my hubby play Mass Effect 1 & 2, I've been totally obsessed with one of the characters in the game, namely Garrus Vakarian of the Turian race!!!

He is just so bloody sexy, in an alien sort of way, and he has got like THE hunkiest voice ever~!!! And when I saw a few gameplays in YouTube on how to create a romance with him using fem!Shepard, I am just totally dying for him! To the point where I wish I was fem!Shepard!!

So cute, so sexy, so manly, so hunky, so many in one~!! Gah~!!!

And thanks to him, Inow find every single Turian I see sexy!!

Now, every time I see a Turian whenever my hubby was playing the game, my mind would be reeling and go "OMG, FUCK~!!! RAPE ME~!!!" in my head. And I especially think so when Garrus shows up on screen and in cutscenes. LOL~!! I'm THAT obsessed.

Damn you, Garrus, for being such a wonderful sexy bastard~!!! XO

The Things I Do for Friendship...

Sometimes when I think back to my high school days, I would say, "What a life I led!"

I got a lot of friends and acquaintances, but very little close ones. And those close ones, I cherish them as if they were family.

I have three best friends when I was in high school: Hazeline, Jennifer and Sabrina.

Sabrina is a purebred blue blood, who is pampered and rich and can afford almost anything virtually possible to buy. We never knew if she had her share of boyfriends, or much of her personal life for that matter, but we knew she lived the Beverly Hills 90210 life, and can virtually do whatever she wants, being that she's the apple of her parents' eyes. She was the one who had offered me the chance to become a professional writer as her father was like the Donald Trump of my hometown or something and would love his little girl be the literature limelight (since the story I wrote was about us and some other friends of mine) and would pay for the publishing expenses and whatnot, but unfortunately I had to decline coz I knew my mother would never agree to it. It was probably the only decision I have ever regretted in life. She was also the only person who didn't know what it was really like between my mom and I, falling for the trap of my perfect mother image. She's currently now residing in KL living the Malaysian version of the American dream, so to speak, and is probably dating more men than we could imagine.

Hazeline is like something out of a TV series. Growing up in a partially broken family with parents that sometimes don't care and a brother who is like hot and cold towards her, and had always dreamed of getting the guy who would save her from her life. She dated as often as a woman changes fashion, and the guys that she dates tend to vary at every point in her life. She's a bit temperamental and her moods will swing whenever she feels like it. When she's pissed, she can become your worst enemy but when she's OK, she can be your bestest friend. We fought and made up probably more than once, but we always remained close. She was the only one who wasn't too happy with my relationship with my senior, not sure why, and that was the time we fought the most, but after my senior graduated, she was back in the friendship business more or less. I guess it was just jealousy of our closeness that driven her motives, but no big. It's over and done with. She's now in Ireland (I think) happily married to a guy who originated from my hometown as well and is probably making babies right now XD

Jennifer is one of my closest and dearest, and has been the longest-standing of our friendship throughout the years. She suffers the stigma of the middle child, not getting much attention but not getting any less anyways. She was always insecure because she thinks she was worthless and fat and not beautiful and all, and it was only recently when I came back to my hometown on business matters that I found out from her that she was a victim of rape and neglect, and never told anyone about this. She was always the innocent one, clinging onto me like a little sister does to a big sister and I have always looked out for her as much as I can when I'm not occupied with other things, but I guess years of being apart once I left for university sort of gave me the surprise to find out that she wasn't who I used to know (smoking, boozing, sexing around, having multiple part-time lovers as she calls it, that was totally not what I expected or how I used to know about her). She was the only one who knew the truth behind my facade and cheery personality, all the demons and dark pasts that haunts in my wake. She may have changed a little, but deep down, she's still the same little sister I used to know, and I won't complain much.

Thinking back, we used to do a lot of crazy stuff together. Well, not really crazy per se, but it's stuff friends do. We used to take long walks down to the shophouses opposite our old primary school to have breakfast and to buy comic books or trinkets or snacks before we go for our afternoon classes. We used to hang around together during marathons and let everyone else try to win the race while we take our time walking and chatting, and maybe stop by shops to kick back and relax and have a drink before we rejoin the run. We used to sit behind school buildings chatting up about nothing in particular, just enjoying each other's company. We used to mess around at coffee shops, especially if one of us ordered something with soup involved, and took everything that was on the table to mix with the soup, then dared each other to drink it. We used to hitch rides on perfect strangers to get to our destination (usually from my initiation), and get an earful from my friends about what a daredevil I was and the possible consequences if we had chosen the wrong stranger to hitchhike. We used to do so much together, things that I would cherish forever.

Perhaps the most memorable part would be our mission to put Hazeline's boyfriends to the test to see if they're cut out to be the guy for our best bud. Her very first love was this guy called Peter who was like probably a decade older than she was at the time. Very nice, very sweet, not the super hunky guy you'll swoon over, but still the type of ideal man every girl would dream to have. But we were skeptical. No man can be that perfect, so we decided to test him behind her back.

Jennifer and I initiated a plan in which we fake an accident for Hazeline and see if he really cares enough to find out if she was OK. The opportune moment arrived when Hazeline was down with the flu and was not at school, so she won't be there to ruin our plans. We went to the payphone and called Peter to tell him that Hazeline was not in school and we found out that she fell and banged her head and now was in the hospital with a serious concussion that may or may not damage her brain. Even Jennifer chipped in to illustrate how horrible the accident was and after that, we let the scenario play out.

Turns out that our act went too well, as Hazeline came to school the next day feeling a little weirded out as Peter was freaking out at her wondering if she were OK and that which hospital was she admitted to. Apparently he fell for our story and ran all the way to our local hospital to see if she was there, and then made the call to her home and asked her if she was OK, how was her injuries and which hospital was she in. We told her our plan and she was pretty amused by it, but left it to us to explain the truth. Needless to say, Peter was less than impressed and we had an earful before he finally forgave us for tricking him and giving him that scare.

He was a true blue gullible man who was a born-romantic. There was one time where I just gave a call to him to chat, to apologize properly for my fiasco back then and told him the real reason why I did it was because to test him and told him we were doing this for the wellbeing of our best friend, and we don't want to see her hurt, and that we'd like to have him prove to her that he meant it when he said he wanted to be with her always. Again, things turned out too well than I hoped because he was silent for a while after listening to my ramblings, and he started asking me what exactly should he do to prove himself. I gave him a silly notion that he should just take her to a public place and proclaim his love there and tend, go on bended knee if he has to.

That resulted into a very hilarious story from Hazeline after the weekend about how he went on bended knee in the middle of a shopping mall in public proclaiming his love and some foreigners grinning at the scene (which I think it's probably nothing new from where he came from). I didn't think he'd ACTUALLY do it! XD

Ahh, those were the memorable days, the things I do for friendship. Jennifer and I would recount those days and laugh at it whenever we actually talked about it, thinking back to our crazy youth. We often wonder how the others are doing now they have adjusted into real life, but I'm sure they're just as better off as we were. We all have to grow up some day.

I wish I were able to relive those years, but time and tide waits for no man. All we can do is cherish the moments and bring it to our graves
Monday, September 13, 2010 | By: BlackGargie

A Royal Hari Raya

On the 2nd day of Hari Raya, my friends and I plan to go to the Sultan's Palace as the palace is opened to the public for 3 days for open house and gift-receiving, and also shaking hands with the royals. Since I've never been there before, even though I've stayed in Brunei for almost 4 years (yes, I know, it's sad -_-), this year I made it a point to go visit it, even though I was sporting a sore throat and a mild fever and everything.

Us getting ready for the journey, and my friend's cousin decided to now polish his shoes XD

Getting into the car

And away we go~!

You can see from here already that we have a challenging car obstacle ahead of us

So far, so good

Trigger-happy on people who came early and just came out with all the goodies

A car inspection. Caught smuggling royal silverware, perhaps? LOL

Some police and military-grade buses parked in line

Carpark search is futile~!

We decide to turn here to try our luck on parking

We went a little far down the road so we had to double-back a bit, but from that high angle, we were able to capture a pretty cool scenery of the palace in its almost entirety

Walking our way down on the way to the palace, you can see how many cars there are already parked, just imagine the amount of people we will have to brave through in the palace later on!

Colour-coded uniform row of duckies~!

Palace, here we come!

Tour buses ahoy ahead! Definitely tourists abound

Trigger-happy on some happy kids with their royal gifts

I was forced by my friend to go trigger-happy on these on the way to the palace -_-

This blue light is for the sake of traffic alert especially when the royals are about to come out of their humble abode. When there is indication that the royals want to come out to play, the guards will be notified and they will turn on the shining lights so that the cars will be alerted to stop and make way for the royals to pass through before clearing traffic

Trigger-happy on our dear ol' government servants

The royal palace gates

The name of the palace: Istana Nurul Iman, which means the Light of Faith or something like that

Entrance for the commoners

This is the area where you will wait for the bus to take you all the way to the palace building itself if you are not that inclined to walk there under the sun

Trigger-happy moments again on the outdoor arches

Here comes the bus~!

Next destination: Palace building

We're dropped off here after about 3 minutes of ride, then we have to walk the rest of our way there

Picture of the dome, which is 99.98% gold, or 22-24 karat. How I wish I could just go up there and chip some off. I'd be loaded for life

Destination complete! We're right outside the palace building entrance~!

People taking a break or waiting for friends after getting their royal gifts

Before entry, you must register your name in a form, and since my friend is bringing a group, he will register on our behalf as the head of the group he is heading

Le main entrance of the palace

Rules and regulations of dress code

Have to go through security and thermal scan first before you even dream of entering. Thank goodness my fever was not registered on their thermal scan XD

The great hallway within

The dining area, where there are probably a gajillion visitors there~!

Le plate with the royal emblem. Talk about class! No wonder people smuggle them in the past

We have to stand in line to get our food, but the gist of it is that there are four lanes and four booths of the same food each. And of course, since it's buffet style, this is the gist of the menu:

Cashew nut fried rice

Stew beef and fried chicken

Prawn and lamb rendang

Squid balls in BBQ sauce and chicken drumet

Sausages and lekor...

...and the only vegetable serving there is acar, which is pickled vegetables XP Not my fav

Ladies giving out the forks and spoons, and people even cut queue for that. Mannerless buggers

Now even the silverware has the royal emblem~! Now I really understand why they wanna smuggle it

Trigger-happy of the happy diners

They even fight for water!

The dessert section, that consists of:

Bread and butter blueberry pudding and custard pudding (I think)

Fruit cake, which actually tastes moist

And good ol' fashioned cookies both regular and chocolate chip

Free flow of Milo and soft drinks, in which the kids definitely fought for it

The line is starting, better get a move on

Trigger-happy moments while making my way to the waiting area

Le open air waiting area

My friend's mother and aunt couldn't make it because they wanted to wait for my friend's uncle who decided to join the last minute, so I was alone among the girls. Thank goodness I brought my book along to read or I would've been bored to death. After reading while waiting, we were called in to wait at the indoor waiting room, so we made our way through

Technically I wasn't supposed to take pictures of this, but I couldn't resist, since everyone was doing it as well with their cell phones, and even had flash in some of them and the guards never made any attempts to arrest or confiscate their phones. But just in case, I took these using my camera using my book as a cover. LOL! I hope I don't get in trouble for posting this

When the line moved on, we went our way to the area to meet and greet with the royals. There wasn't much there greeting, surprisingly. Maybe it was because it was close to grace period for visiting hours and most of them have left for lunch, but at least I got to shake hands with the Queen and some of the Sultan's sisters and also the wife of Prince Sufri, who looks very pretty indeed, and tall. Too bad I wasn't a guy, because I would rather have met and greeted with the Sultan instead, but unfortunately they have this ruling of segregating the men and the women in two lines, so I couldn't join the ranks of the men if I wanted to. I would really love to shake hands and meet face to face with the Sultan though.

I wonder if he could tell the difference if I were to dress up as a boy next year...

From that point, cameras were not allowed anymore, so the rest of the pics were taken after the meet and greet session

My royal gift

Trigger-happy moments again

The royals made their way out of the area to get their well-deserved lunch after past visiting hours. We weren't allowed to get too close to them, so I only managed to take pictures of their backs

Happy on-lookers who were also lucky as I am to see the royals walk past us

Random trigger-happy moments

Look at the vibrant colours of all our visitors~! It's like I've found the end of the rainbow~!

More trigger-happy moments of the palace inside

Some cute little kiddies and their families (I especially like the little girl who was barely even 8 or 9 cradling her little baby sib and rocking them to sleep)

Le Hari Raya card by His Majesty that comes with the gift

Tourists abound~!

Extra trigger-happy moments

We is being shooed

I wanted to take picture of the nice hedges but this damn sign got in the way

Pictures of people waiting for those who are still stuck inside the palace

Kudos to the cleaners for cleaning up our mess

Since it was past the grace period of visiting hours, no one can come in or go out, so my friend and his cousin are stuck in there until the next visiting hours, which is at 2pm, and since I came out early I have to wait. Surprisingly, contrary to many beliefs that women lines usually move slower than men, this year it was the other way around. LOL! There were really a lot of men (mostly Indians) in the line compared to the women, really

This is where I waited after being shooed away by the palace guards for my friends to show up

All aboard~!

Trigger-happy moments again

When it was roughly a bit after 2, I saw fresh new group of people starting to make their way from the palace to where I was, so I decided to just go back to the palace to wait for my friend and his cousin to come out

More trigger-happy moments

Kids with their raya money along with the gifts. I swear, some mothers actually came out with big shopping bags from Survey or SuperSave or Giant full of those boxes, like it was a grand sale or something! I thought you were supposed to be limited to one person XD

The guards stretching their legs via marching

Le TV crew of RTB covering the news of this event

A lone boy waiting for his family to come out

Finally, you guys made it alive~!

Time to go back to the car

Trigger-happy moments of the area as we made our way out of the palace grounds

Le difference between a woman's royal gift and a man's royal gift

This is how the content of the man's royal gift look like

This is how the content of the woman's royal gift look like

Though inside it's the same: chocolate beehive cake with almonds courtesy of the kitchen of the royal palace

That was my entire experience so far. It was tiring but an interesting experience. After years of being in Brunei, I have finally achieved the goal of entering the palace and see what the actual hype was all about.

I don't mind going again next year, if only to see what sort of new royal gift they have in store for us, and maybe hopefully get to finally actually see the Sultan face to face ^_^

Happy Hari Raya Aidilfitri 2010 to you one and all~!