Sunday, August 8, 2010 | By: BlackGargie

Love Dilemma~!!!

Kuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~!!!! I'm in a love dilemma right now~!!!

Before you get any wrong ideas, it's not what you think it is.

Well, if you actually read my previous journal, I have finally gotten my JSN manga-s that I've ordered through my friend back in my hometown, and I have been peeling the seals one by one and enjoying it one by one, savouring the moment of the manga and characters that have once been part of my life.

Then I saw him.

The man that captured my heart.

The man that I have been yearning for throughout my growing up.

The man I fell for but could never have.

My beloved Katsuya Kimura.

Gah! I know! I know! It's weird for me too! But I couldn't help it! Ever since I saw him when I bought my first volume (though technically I bought Vol #3 coz they didn't have Vol #1), I fell head over heels over this bad rebel boy!

I didn't care that in the manga, he's technically a 5th grade 11-year-old student (pedo much?). All I knew was that he was the ideal man for me, and it totally made me so undecided whether which guy is the best: Misbun or Katsuya? Katsuya or Misbun?

He was my fantasy boyfriend of all time. Seriously, aside from Misbun (who will always be my number 1), he was the next person that I totally fell in love with. Gah~!!! I couldn't help it~!!!

And now that I saw him again after so many years, my old flame was rekindled, and I am totally in a dilemma~!! In fact, I even felt the urge to kiss him whenever his screen time is out!!

Asking my hubby to change his hairstyle and make him look like him was not helping either, coz my hubby scowled and didn't want to talk to me for almost half an hour after the fact TT_TT

Gah~!! KATSUYA KIMURA, I LOVE YOU~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!