Friday, August 6, 2010 | By: BlackGargie

Jigoku Sensei Nube FTW~!!!

Wohoo~! I am so bloody ecstatic right now~!!!

Why, you ask?

Because I finally got a full set collection of Jigoku Sensei Nube from start to finish~!!!

Jigoku Sensei Nube has always been a very big childhood manga of mine since I first read the pilot chapter in Shounen JUMP magazine Taiwan edition when I was in 3rd grade. A few years later after the fact, I found the first 10 volumes selling at a convenient store when I went back to Taiwan for the hols and I always jumped to the chance to run grocery errands because I know whatever change I get from grocery will be my reward to buy one of them. But not even a week of buying (and I only got 3 since I was only allowed to buy one at a time), they took it off the shelf (no idea why), and I was left in the dark since.

Then I discovered the joys of reading and renting comic books from comic book rental shops, and managed to catch up on my missed volumes (it's also where I discovered the joy of reading yaoi doujins XD), and I had a friend who lives nearby probably the only comic store that actually sells Jigoku Sensei Nube mangas, so I always buy it through her (which I usually never pay back ;p )

When I moved to my university, I had no choice but to give it away because of the luggage load (of course I managed to convince my mom to keep the Sidek Bros comics under a friend's care), and I never heard from it ever again.

Moving into Brunei, I found probably the only comic rental shop in the entire country, and soon JSN came in mind and I quickly took the chance to ask if they do delivery orders, but unfortunately their price was bloody high (fucking Brunei Dollars $120 for a deposit!!)

I almost gave up hope and thought it will no longer be in my grasp until I had to stay back in my hometown and prolong the trip because I need to get certain proper documentation for my civil marriage to come through, so I was hanging out with my best bud/upcoming bridesmaid at a nearby comic rental shop (buying some delicious yaoi manga in the process) and tried my luck in asking whether they do delivery orders, since my friend is willing to help me pay and receive it for me first and get my payment later. They said they do.

Do you know how much they charge for deposit?

$20 friggin Malaysian dollars! That's about $10 Brunei Dollars after conversion!!

Damn! I swear I was the most eager person in the entire world!!

And now, after waiting for almost 6 months, they're here! They're finally here! A bit of a snag in between when my friend said she couldn't pay since she was broke, so I had to liason with one of my hubby's cousin who goes back and forth from Brunei to my hometown frequently (it's a 6 hour drive in between), in which I pass him the money so he could pass it to her, then he gets the books for me.

Yesterday, I asked him whether is he coming down to Brunei or not because I was wondering how the books were doing, and he told me he had left it in his home here in Brunei and I can go get it anytime I want. So the first thing after I got off work, I begged my hubby to take me there to get it.

And now, after long last, it's finally with me~!! Yayy~!! Awesome-tastic~!!

I'm gonna savour the moment opening and reading it one by one now~!