Thursday, July 29, 2010 | By: BlackGargie

Girls...Ain't So Bad After All

I have never been very good at getting along with girls.

I was born a bit of a tomboy, and have always been hanging around with the boys or trying to get better tomboys than I am to teach me how to understand boys more, and throughout my years of growing up, I have never really had many girl friends, save a few who were really, really close to me.

Even as I entered an all-girls' convent school, it was no different. I had a lot of friends, but very few best friends, and even less girl friends that really understood me and were really that close to me. Had a few close calls of getting girlfriends, as in romantically speaking, and almost fell into the lesbian trap myself, but other than that, many friends but very few close ones.

Being in A-Levels was no different. I end up with more boys than girls (this is also how I met my ex-crushes and my ex-boyfriends). Very rarely girls hook up with me, and the only time I actually was on the phone the longest time with a girl was because due to the fact that I wasn't allowed late at night, I had to finish our entire assignment via phone conversation. That's it.

Girls tend to shy away from me most of the time. I'm not like other girls. I don't really walk the walk or talk the talk most of the time, and I usually don't like things typical girls usually like. I do like certain things most girls like, but not all. I'm a bit of an individualist, sort of, and plenty people find me weird that way.

I got the gist of it and accept the fact that not everyone is that understanding of me. Like they say "Those who don't matter, minds; those who don't mind, matters".

Uni is also same old, same old. Boy friends more than girls. Prefer to be on my own unless there is to be a group assignment, and somehow I tend to end up having all boys for teammates. Girls (other than a minor few) tend to shy away from me as usual because of them thinking me as "weird" by their standards.

My best friend's ex-girlfriend he got from uni was the worse thing. She was like an Asian version of a typical shallow dumb blonde who is probably the epitome of little girls-next-door with brawns but no brains. My best friend had to slave away to meet her every whim and fancy, and I personally witness him suffer for her sins. I've always knew she was bad news, but I couldn't be in a position to question my best friend's choice, and that I prefer he saw his own mistakes.

I couldn't get along with her at all. Absolutely not. Her brain doesn't have the capacity to understand the simplest of things and you need to explain it over and over again before it actually sinks in her brain. She needs help even over the simplest matters and never really appreciates it, taking things for granted. I remember watching my best friend struggled night and day to finish both her assignments and his own and spent countless sleepless nights so that she could pass her schooling while he almost became a drop-out. It got to the point where I had to volunteer to help him with the work so that he could catch some shut-eye, and the poor guy got screwed over for my so-called "bad job" when in all honesty, she did a worser job and I cleaned up the mess for her.

The one thing I find rather funny and amazing was that she actually is jealous of me being very close to my best friend, when in fact she already knew all along that I was dating my hubby. Me? Considered a love rival and a threat? Come on! I've known my best friend for more semesters than you knew him in days, and he had been through thick and thin with me and had been like a surrogate big brother to me. There is no way I could fall for him, especially when I'm already head over heels with my hubby. Me? A threat? A rival? Come on!

I breathed a sigh of relief when I heard the relationship between them was over, and when I heard he was engaged to another girl, I begin to wonder whether or not is she the right one, especially after that experience with the ex.

Turns out she's pretty nice.

She may be a bit on the typical girl side, but at least she knew how to have fun, and we share quite a few things in common and seemed to be at ease chatting with each other. With the ex, I couldn't figure out what to chat with her because we have totally NOTHING in common and her dumb blonde logic is just not logic to mine.

But she was cool. She was at ease as well, and after our conversation, my best friend said I was happy-go-lucky and not stuck up or anything, and that she enjoyed my company. And I enjoyed her company too and was glad that I didn't scare her off with me

So I guess having girl pals is...not so bad after all