Tuesday, July 27, 2010 | By: BlackGargie

Another Step Towards the Wedding Bells-Conclusion

Ah, finally~! The Marriage Preparation Course has been completed~!

It was an interesting class last Sunday where we learn how to plan our family the natural way (NFP: Natural Family Planning) coz of course, they're pro-life and using contraceptives are bad because that would mean you are preventing from creating life and therefore not open to life, subsequently not pro-life. Apparently, pulling out the moment the guy is about to orgasm is also considered contraceptive and is not encouraged. Meh~! Who cares? We're doing it behind closed doors, which is none of your business anyways.

We were taught to learn to detect fertile and infertile periods using BOM (Billings Ovulation Methods) by observing the discharge everyday of the woman and the man jotting it down in the chart, and once they figured out a steady pattern after 3-6 months of observing, you will then know when is the fertile or infertile period by heart, in which then the man can orgasm safely inside the woman without having to worry about knocking her up, or something like that.

The rest of the talk was the usual "Marriage is God's plan" talk and also the documents and formalities in what you're suppose to prepare and what you are to do or do not do during the wedding ceremony and who to look for to cater all the events needs and such. Standard procedure.

We did ask questions about our thoughts and doubts during the discussion session, and some of the answers they gave were...less than satisfying. Like when we asked if the couple is really infertile medically-speaking but really desires a child, would it be acceptable to search for medical needs to get pregnant, and the facilitators said don't mess with your body and let nature take its course. If you are meant to not have children, then you're not meant to according to God's plan. Using medical or scientific means to create a child is no longer natural and no longer God's way. Which brings me to the question of my own conception, in which I was born via artifical insemination because my mother couldn't conceive normally. So does that mean I'm an abomination to God?

Another question I asked about the topic on marriage being God's plan and all that. I asked them for arranged marriages and stuff. What if God's plan was for you to marry someone else and you end up marrying the wrong person? And all they could answer me was "Well, you're just going to have to bear with it and work out your differences and learn to accept each other", which was a stupid answer and not exactly resolving my question. I mean, who are we to say what God's plans are? What if the person you marry is actually, really, truly not what God intended you to be with?

What if God's plan was really for you to go with someone else but you end up being with the wrong person and in a situation where you can't divorce? How are you gonna answer that? What if you guys cannot get over your differences after exhausting every ounce of counselling and stuff and the only, only, ONLY real solution for it was to separate/divorce? Are you saying just because of your close-minded man-made laws on Catholics not allowed to divorce, you are putting someone in misery and in a marriage she/he never wanted to be in the first place and ignore the possibility that God might actually WANT you to leave your spouse to be with the one you truly deserve? That's ridiculous, right?

My hubby reprimanded me on that issue, saying that the facilitators have no liberty to answer my question and should be directed to the priest himself for that, and also asking that question is indicating we're having a problem in our relationship. But then again, how would a priest know if he himself is celibate and never married and actually experience firsthand a bad marriage?

Anywho, the course was over and done with, and we got the cert and everything. Now it's time to move on with our other plans, most importantly the pre-wedding photos~!