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Another Step Towards the Wedding Bells

Last Sunday I went to attend the Marriage Preparation Course. It's something of a compulsory for all Catholic couples (my hubby is Catholic) to be able to be eligible to get married in church, so I had to attend as well.

The process of applying for the class was a little...unnerving at best. For starters, we were given all the fear factors of how both of us must be baptized and confirmed or else neither one of us will be eligible to attend the class. I was fretting about it because I was baptized all the way in Taiwan in my maternal aunt's church, and there is no chance in hell that I'll able to get it from there, especially with me breaking all ties with my mom, subsequently my mom's entire side of the family. But then later on, when we went to get the application form and the Father realized that I am not Catholic, we're considered as a mixed marriage and I am no longer obligated by compulsory to hand in my baptism and confirmation cert. LOL! Thank God for that.

On the day of the class, when we reached there, we were totally clueless because we have no friggin' idea of the geographical structure of the church and have no idea where the class will be. All the halls were full, but they weren't full for the class, no doubt about that. At least there was someone (I think it was one of the ushers for the mass) approached us and directed us to the right place where we will have our class. It was a little awkward at first, because our MPC coincides with the baptism ceremony, so there were a number of mothers and families bringing in their little babies to be baptised. But thankfully, after they left, the other couples for the MPC started showing up.

All in all, there were supposedly 6 couples, including us, but one of the couples sorta didn't show up, and they didn't register our name in the list even though we've already sent in our application, but since we're here, might as well just jot the name down. I met the Sister who handled our paperwork when I went for a bathroom break and she claims to have handed it in, but since we're already there attending the class, we just let it slide by and go with the flow. Out of those other couples, 2 of them were Filipino couples (one of the couples was pretty noticable that the bride is older than the groom), 1 was purely Chinese couple and the other was 1 and a half Chinese couple (the bride is a Sino-Kadazan, since she was from KK, my hometown, where Kadazan and Sino-s are abundant).

We started off with an intro of each other, stating our name, how we met and what is it that attracts us to each other. I noticed that many people have known each other for quite a short time actually, about roughly 3-4 years. We were the runner up coz we've known each other for 5-6 years, while the 1 and a half Chinese couple was the first coz they've known each other for 10 years!!! Wow, that is a really long-standing relationship from high school till now! I'm surprised it lasted that long.

When it came to asking what attracted us to each other, I was looking forward to my hubby's answer on that because technically, I didn't really do much. I never really put any effort to encourage the relationship or anything, and I don't think I did anything special or let on to him any signs to say that I've done something special to worth his love. His answer was that it was the little things that attracted me to him: the way I talk, the way I behave, the way I interacted with him, the moments we had together, the little surprises and quirks I display before him. I guess every little thing counts, I suppose. All the little things accumulate to the reason for his heart to bloom for me. I think it's...sweet. ^_^

In a nutshell, the classes were a-OK. The first talk was alright, though the speaker needed a little work on presenting it verbally. Though there have been one part of the talk that really irked me is when they read one of the scriptures to illustrate and define marriage is that God had created man and woman and are destined for them to be together to multiply and subdue the earth, and the speaker emphasize that God did not create man and man or woman and woman together, and I fought the urge to glare at him because it's because of this closed-minded thinking that none of those poor creatures are able to find true love, especially when some of them were born that way, which means God created them as well. I was this close into called them "fucking homophobes", but since I'm in a church--a Catholic church, no doubt--I had to keep my trap shut.

The second talk, plus a educational video, was really an eye-closer. Seriously, not an eye-opener. It's an eye-closer, literally. I couldn't barely even keep awake while watching the educational video, and much worse when the second talk came in and I literally fell into dream state a few times throughout the talk. It was just a long droning on and on and I actually drooped and fell asleep halfway through the second talk. It was probably the grace of coffee grande that saved me from falling any further into slumberland. LOL~! XD

The remaining end of the talk was OK, done by a guest speaker whom the MC said is the rolemodel of a perfect Christian family. So yeah, that one was cool. One interesting thing I observed was that everytime they need to pray, they have to do the crucifix sign with their hands and end it that way as well, when for me, as a Protestant, we didn't have to do that, just lowering my head and close my eyes in prayer was enough. He he. Well, to each their own, I suppose.

All in all, it was a more or less interesting day for us, despite the boring setback. Got to know a few new friends, especially when some of the couples are from my hometown KK. Surprisingly we were all scheduled to get married on November (us on 13th Nov, two other couples on the 27th). There will be another class this Sunday, where they will teach us the Natural Family Planning of the Christian way, so yeah, hopefully it will be much more interesting than the last class.


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