Thursday, June 10, 2010 | By: BlackGargie

Everyday is A Wonderworld

It feels so good to be needed.

Ever since I've left the job at my 2nd sister-in-law's place and took up the offer my best friend/family friend's boss gave me, my life has been pretty much uphill.

Basically I am an admin assistant in a jack-of-all-trades (mostly technology and medical equipment) company, a secretary to everybody. I have to follow up things, help out with misc. stuff, maybe even clean up after everyone.

I'm fine with it. In fact it makes me feel useful and needed.

Most of the time, I am required to keep track 0f events going on around the office and make tons of follow-ups. I also need to answer calls and help take messages just in case the person that the caller need to find is not in. Basically, yeah, secretary/jill-of-all-trades (if there even is such a term).

It's a pretty cool job. Flexible and whatnot. You're allowed to do whatever you want (common sense speaking) as long as you get the job done and know what your priority is. It's almost like one of those "Get it done by all means necessary" and "The end justifies the means" kind of thing. As long as you can finish the job as required by the deadline, you can surf or chat however long you want online or whatever it is you're doing.

For the moment, since I'm still under probation and under familirization and surveillance, I have to try and make myself at home in the office and do my best to pass probation. When I was being trained by the previous girl before she left, I was pretty much left with half of what I should know and then it's all man for himself. So I have to pick up the pieces of what the previous girl has left and pick up her mess, and then work on my tempo from there.

I've got started with the usual secretarial tasks and whatnot, and even made the effort to clean the pantry so that it'll be easier for everyone to access it. I might try to go 'mother hen' on other things as well, but one step at the time. There may be times where I have to expect challenging tasks ahead, but at the moment, still confined within the office grounds and need people to drive me around because I still can't drive or gotten my driving license yet (unless you wanna get a brand new company car, feel free to allow me to ram it against a tree).

Just recently have been doing a tender with my best friend, so had my first taste of staying back late in the office to finish our stuff, and it was all the way till almost 12 midnight! God, I hope I get paid overtime for this. But of course, the next day, after wrapping things up and going around getting all the stuff we need, thanks to teamwork, we made it in real good time, an hour before the due time and date, and it was satisfying to see a job well done.

At the moment, still learning the ropes and getting the hang of things, and also at the same time try to get my driving license so that I can multi-task some more, so hopefully, by the end of probation, I passed the test and be able to get incremented more and make my work in this company worthwhile.

In fact, I'm gonna work so hard, they can't survive without me! LOL~!