Sunday, June 20, 2010 | By: BlackGargie

12 Secret Signs He's Into You

Got this from here. Just for fun.

He does it your way.
“Cole makes the bed the way I like it—no creases, no sheets hang-ing out, pillows plumped up just right. When I come home, no matter what kind of day I’ve had, it makes me feel happy and adored.”
—Joy Blocksma Edwards, 25, Portland, Ore.

He texts you back intwoseconds (and not just for sex).
“A flirt buddy of mine always texts me cute little notes throughout the day. And he responds to me ASAP!”
—Jan Marsh, 33, Brooklyn

He’s known to treat you like a lady.
“I love it when my guy opens my car door, walks on the outside of the sidewalk and shields me from the snow—chivalry is not dead.”
—Mandi Katherine, 27, Chicago

He likes you better as is.
“My boyfriend likes my blond eyelashes so much that he hates when I wear that ‘eye stuff’ commonly known as mascara.”
—Emily Samuels, 23, Atlanta

He takes one for the team.
“My guy sometimes has tea with me at one of those froufrou tea houses where the china and sandwiches are tiny and there are flowers on everything. All the women are wearing nice outfits, and there he is in his Batman shirt.”
—Crystal Maynard, 31, Belcamp, Md.

He wants to please you in bed….
“My boyfriend isn’t intimidated in the least by my vibrator. In fact, he’s the one who suggested we bring it to bed with us. Love it!”
—Joanna Pricilla, 32, New York City

…and he’s romantic in bed too.
“My boyfriend looks deep in my eyes when we’re having sex. It’s incredibly intimate and hot at the same time.”
—Erica Haenselman, 26, Miami

He likes to show you off.
“Now that I’ve graduated from med school, I love the proud look on my husband’s face when he introduces me to people and tells them I’m a doctor.”
—Janette McVey, 26, Columbia, Mo.

He believes in your dreams.
“When I talk about plans to focus on my career and not stay home when I have kids, my boyfriend says he’ll totally be Mr. Mom. He fully believes in my ability to support a family in the same way he could.”
—Kristin Koch, 26, Park City, Utah

He makes an ass of himself.
“My guy will try things I like even if he finds them torturous, like Pilates. He’s about as flexible as a dead tree branch, and I spent half the class we took laughing at him, but he stuck with it.”
—Ivy Hughes, 27, East Lansing, Mich.

He indulges you.
“My husband walks two blocks to Starbucks for my coffee every morning. I’m not sure if he does it because he loves me or because he’s afraid of me before I have coffee, but it makes my day.”
—Jessica Lane Van Nest, 26, Norfolk, Va.

He DIYs.
“Anyone can go out and buy a Hallmark card, but when Adam takes the time to make me one—even if it’s just with pen and computer paper—I’m floored by how incredibly sweet it is. I know he cares enough to send the real very best.”
—Lauren Love, 31, Starkville, Miss.