Friday, May 7, 2010 | By: BlackGargie

I Got A Job~! More or Less...


Well, more or less anyways.

After being broke for nearly half a year and staying at home holing myself up like a bloody hikikomori (Japanese for recluse), with the exception of going out for hiking with my friend and having lunch dates and such, or watching movies or whatever mini outdoor activities under my hubby's expense, I finally got a job.

It's just a part-time job, basically. I'm working as a temporary assistant for my second sis-in-law to help her do key-ins for her accounts. Basically I'm given a set of stuff to key in to the Excel accounts and arrange them according to dates, ascending or descending. That's about it, I suppose.

As much as I love the freedom of being unemployed, I must admit, I'm getting sick of being broke. I'm willing to do almost anything--I stress, almost anything--to fill my pockets and not be such a freeloader. I mean, if I'm not cut out to be a housewife, I might as well go out there and earn some dough, right?

Today was my first day, so I probably just sat there waiting for something to do, which I did almost immediately, so most of my day was just sitting my butt down there helping my second sis-in-law to key in data into the accounts and arrange them accordingly. Simple as that.

It's just part-time to kill time until I get a real job, though hopefully soon enough, I suppose. I just hope the pay is good. I still don't really get the difference between part-time and full-time, since my experience working in both categories seemed to not differ in working hours.

Anywho, wish me luck on getting a proper job~!