Sunday, May 23, 2010 | By: BlackGargie

Family vs Colleagues

Working with family is not exactly the best way to go.

Maybe I should just start from the top.

In my previous journal, I have mentioned that I have finally gotten a job more or less as a part-time temporary assistant to my second sis-in-law at a law firm she was working. Basically I was hired to help her key in stuff while being a bit of a multi-tasker to help my other colleagues as well as my boss to do whatever it is they want me to do. Confidentiality is the key, everything that goes on in the office stays in the office because of the sensitivity of the issue and the cases are brutally fragile, so any case I hear, see or read must be kept mum.

I'm cool with that.

Working with the other colleagues were standard issue enough. Binding agreements, photocopying documents, searching for files (which I ace, ftw) and all that was fine. The boss was a nice guy who never raises his voice but is definitely one of those tough but fair guys to work with. I get along with everyone else just fine, and I bond almost immediately with the receptionist girl both full-time and another part-timer like me.

The only problem was my second sis-in-law.

She is a total bitchy hard-tasker who do not see me eye to eye when it comes to work. The first few days of my job, when I made a simple mistake, she flew off her gourd and screwed me like as if I was already a permanent worker there, in front of everyone, no less. OK, I admit it was my fault to begin with, but it wouldn't kill her to say it instead of spraying it now, would it?

And to top it off, she behaves in a way that as if she expects me to know everything and know what I'm supposed to do on the fly without even the courtesy of training me and not caring that I'm new and I may not know heads or tails what's going on. She just straightaway throws a task at hand to me, telling me to do this and do that and never bother to explain what exactly is it that she really needed or tell me in detail.

There have been occasions when I confirmed with her a few times just to make sure that this is what she wants me to do and she gave me the green light, but when I produced the results, she screwed me for doing it wrong when that is exactly what she had asked me to do in the first place, and when I noted that to her, she went to defense mode and she meant something else and that I'm not listening right.

That I can put up with. It's perfectly fine...well, more or less.

Her attitude irked me to no end, and often pissed my hubby off, to the point he really threatens to get down there and tell her what for. She would always scold me afterwards when she had the chance and tell me that I should tell him to mind his own business and not to bring in family to the work issue. I never wanted it to have my hubby or anyone else involved. I just needed to get things off my chest and then forget it had ever happened.

She often jumped to the conclusion that I always wanted my hubby to get involved when all I wanted was just a shoulder to cry on and move on the next day. In fact it got to the point where we were fighting about who should I follow after work (and maybe a little of my hubby scolding about me being a part-timer and not obligated to do overtime) and she was yelling at me in front of a new girl (replacing a retired one) about telling my hubby to get him off her back and not get family involved.

I got so sick of always having being the middle person and suffering the sins of both ends and raised my voice, telling her that I never wanted to have anyone involved and I never want any of this to happen and when she asked me why is it that her mother sms-ed her about not quarreling with my hubby, I retaliated by saying that maybe she herself wanted to get involved and that it was not my problem.

That wasn't the worst I cannot handle.

The worst that I couldn't handle was the fact that she backstabbed me and tried to sabotage me behind my back.

Being that I am only a temp job and working while job-hunting at the same time, naturally I would be expecting interviews coming in from other places that I have sent my resume in for. My hubby got me a job at a place where my best friend/my hubby's cousin (remember the guy in the picture who became my hubby's witness for our wedding registration?) works.

Armed with my resume, I tried my luck in getting in, and before the interview, it was revealed that my second sis-in-law, who was rather close with my friend, had been giving me bad rep behind my back and planting doubt into my best friend's mind.

I mean, how dare she? He knows me more than she knows me and she's been telling him cruddy lies about me behind my back even before I have the chance to get the interview. And what hurt me the most was that my best friend--MY best friend whom I'm close to and tight since university--started to question his decision in pushing for me to get this job and was saying things like "I know we've been tight and I know your potential when you were in uni, but that was back then. I'm not sure about how you are now. I hope I didn't make a mistake recommending you for the job."

It really hurts me. It really does. Someone I knew for so long, that I admired and looked up to like a big brother telling me things like these, all no thanks to my second sis-in-law, who is supposed to be family and watch my back. How fucking dare she?!

When my interview pulled through and I got the job, it was like a stone just relieved itself off my chest to the thought of leaving the current job I'm working in. The boss did try to offer me a job to stay in his company and pay my expected salary because he was expanding and needed all the help he could get, but I declined, saying that I've already accepted the offer of the other side, but in truth, I didn't want to stay in a company when I am not happy with who I'm working with.

I'm fine with working with family, but I am totally not fine with working with bitchy family like her.

She is fine as a family, but not fine as a colleague, seriously.

So, starting tomorrow, I'll be officially working with my best friend, and hopefully it'll be like old times, and also I can prove her wrong and show it that what she had been backstabbing me about was bullshit.

Again, wish me luck~!