Thursday, April 1, 2010 | By: BlackGargie

Take A Dump

Made another trip to the doctors again today.

These few days I have been having a bit of discomfort, like a dull ache at the side of my gut. At first I thought it was gas, and if I fart and/or burp it out, it'll be fine. But it kinda continued for a few days (coming to a week) and it got to the point where it hurts to yawn or take a deep breath, or when I flex my stomach.

We were worried that it might either be an ulcer or kidney or worse. When it got to the point where it even hurt to walk, we decided it's about time we went to the doctors.

Woke up really early for this and made my way to the docs, in which they did the usual weight and blood pressure and temperature testing. Everything was normal, except my weight, as it seems like it had increased from my previous 66kg to 69kg. Gah! Damn Chinese New Year cuisines~!!

When I told the doc the problem and she tried checking on my gut, pressing here and there, she diagnosed that apparently I'm having a bit of a stool problem, that probably I still have some remaining crap that had harden at my colon and that's what's causing the discomfort.

She gave me a suppository (yes, you heard me right, a suppository), and some meds to take before meals and before bedtime, and advised me to refrain from raw and spicy food for the moment until it's completely healed. Thank goodness nothing was terribly wrong. I was having really creepy imaginations about the doc discovering something and haul in the ambulance from the hospital or something. LOL!

Now if you excuse me, I think the suppository is doing its magic to send me to the bathroom now...