Wednesday, March 3, 2010 | By: BlackGargie

With this Ring, I Thee Wed...

Wee~!! Finally~!! Wedding bells are gonna ring on me~!! Well, the silent ones, that is.

I returned to KK to get my birth cert as per request from my receipt from the registrar HQ. This time, my fiance was with me and we stayed at my dad's place, sleeping in the master bedroom while he slept in the guest room within the master bedroom. It was a REALLY fucking long wait at the registrar (about 1 and a half hour), and my dad was complaining up and down about why is it that it takes them so long to find a cert when they had one month to do so (thank goodness I have inhuman patience), but we finally got it.

The cert was rather interesting. Instead of the old version that I used to have back then, they now have it printed in pretty A4 green paper with the original insignia and everything. The rest of the week was spent hanging out with my childhood friend, in which we went shopping at 1Borneo all day (until I got blisters on top of my blisters, gah!), in which we wanted to get my future in-laws' requested furniture--unfortunately not there because the owner was on holiday--and finally getting the puzzle I always wanted and watched a movie and the newly shifted Golden Screen Cinemas to this place, ate out most of the time (my fiance made it his life-long mission to eat at Burger King) and even hung out at a friggin' cool bar, pun intended (you can see it here), and also went to karaoke. The only beef I had about the karaoke is that K-Boxes are bloody expensive, but public karaoke singing takes bloody long time due to rotation and shuffling of songs, so unfortunately I didn't really have much fun on that, but it's alright. I've learnt my lesson on karaoke-ing: always choose K-Boxes and always bring wads of money.

That said, we finally came home to with our main mission to be completed: to have ourselves into the marriage registrar. We double-checked that everything is in place before going into the registrar office at the high court, and presented all the necessary paperworks for the clerk, then she told us to pay for the registry (which is $110, ftw) and told us to fill in the solemnization form. Then she gave us a date (in civil court weddings, it is always 2 weeks later on a Saturday) and gave us advices and a guide slip on what to do on the wedding day before congratulating us.

The slip said we required two witnesses each and have to dress smart. I gave a ring to my best friends to ask them to be my witnesses, though only one replied, while my fiance had already had his witnesses.

So on the 20th of March, by the eyes of civil court, I shall be:


Chan Chee Khiong said...

Congratulations! *throw rice*