Monday, March 15, 2010 | By: BlackGargie

My Funny Friends

I have been chatting and RP-ing for almost 2, 3 years--maybe coming 4 years--ever since I was introduced to the world of RP. Back then, I was never interested in chatting but after my friend introduced chatting to me, I got kinda hooked. I made pretty good friends here and there, but I have some very best RP friends, most of them I made from Deviant Art.

During the time I chat with my RP friends, I seemed to find out certain traits they display somehow, and these are the ones that I clearly noticed:

  • Akari-Jaganashi (Alaska): He is a god-modder, and we both end up being god-modders in our RP, wanting to have our characters stand out more. He tends to come out certain unpredictable scenarios once in a while and it was my job to try and adapt to it. Most of the time, I just let him take the lead and be the god-modder, but if he's being a little over the top, I would probably step in and god-mod my character and not let up until he figures it out. You can say it's like trying to pacify a little brother, and technically I'm like his big sister to him. He already sees me as his surrogate big sister
  • Yami-Aikou (Alaska): She's more or less a quiet individual, sort of, when she's not mouthing off about relationship problems with her boyfriend Akari. She allows us to run the show, though I never really personally have a one-on-one RP with her. I had a little threesome RP with her and Akari, but not much going on, really. We're more of an acquaintance that REALLY close friends
  • Hine (Connetticutt): She is a good chatter, but a bit of a fickle RPer. She likes to start RPs but never really finishes it. Not only that, when she starts an RP, she likes things her way. She puts too much logic in her characters and always liked her characters to be the one who suffered the most, like a bit of a Mary-Sue of sorts, and when she didn't like a particular part of someone else's character, she'd put the whole RP on hold, and then gets bored of it and switches to a new one. Not only that, when she starts an RP, she never really makes an effort to carry on with it, showing up at inconvenient times, replying after like forever, then just abruptly leaves and lets the RP hang until goodness knows when she would show up. Like I said, she's good to chat with, but not good to RP with
  • Living Life Behind the Mask (Maryland): She is a good chatter and a great RPer, though when it comes to RPing, she's a total nympho, and I mean it in a good way. And she likes drama. Lots of drama in her RPing. Start up a sob story or a tragedy or agony (with a bit of hot sexy heal-the-soul sex) and we would have a field day trying to solve it. It's almost like venting out all our negative emotions into this drama, then work our way up to carnal, unadulterated sex that would totally blow anyone's minds (and brains and eyes) out. It's fun to RP with her because you'll probably get to figure out creative ways to satisfy our inner sexual urges, and the joy of man-sex! LOL XD
  • Saph (Ireland): She RPs well. She may have a little trouble with grammar and such, and sometimes her words are not very long sentences, but it's all good. Although sometimes she would come up with a plot device and I'll have to figure out how to solve it because she didn't really think it through, and most of the time depend on me to come up with plot devices, which I am pretty scarce at times. Sometimes when I can't think of a solution, I would "force" her to decide, but it's still a long way to get her to work the brain juices, but we're getting there. And she tends to make her characters a little twisted or troubled and a little unapproachable, which can be hard at times when I want to have my chara and her chara become love interest. Her replies are a little slow and I have to nudge her a little sometimes, coz she might either be sleeping or the lines are down, but nothing I can't handle. Though I do wish she would get a new laptop since she's saying it's been giving her a lot of problems
  • Boobear (USA): Not much of a good chatter and not much of a good RPer either. She claims to have a bit of a learning disability, and currently has reached to the level of a 7th grade, which should be something, but her replies are always just one or two words. Not a few short words. Literally one or two words. I understand her plight and I wouldn't mind if she replies slow or maybe have problems with her spelling, but how would you feel if you said so much, and she replies you with "Heh", "Yeah", "Mmhmm", that sort of thing? So yeah, not exactly that big in chatting or RPing with her
  • Demyx (UK): She is a total die-hard fan of mine and we discovered each other by accident. She read my Osmosis Jones fanfic "Poison" and somehow ended up stumbling onto my msn address, and we started chatting from there. Her RPs are lengthy and long and very, very descriptive, more or less. I don't mind it really, in fact it is pretty interesting to have a new way of RPing for a change, and somehow I ended up being influenced by that form of lengthy RPs, though sometimes I can't come up with long words and give short ones instead, and sometimes I have to come up with most of the plot devices, but it's all good.
People come in different packages. You just gotta know how to handle them.