Wednesday, March 24, 2010 | By: BlackGargie

Me Weddingz on Paperz~!

On the 20 of this month, I have finally legally tied the knot with my fiance (now hubby)! After so many, many, MANY months of postponing, procrastinating and preparing, we have finally gotten the date by the court to be officially recognized as wedded couples by law. It's not the big ass official white wedding yet, but it's a start.

This is the court where we were supposed to joined in legal matrimony. The thing about marriage law system here in Brunei is that because it is a Muslim country, there are not much common law marriages for non-Muslims, so a church white wedding is not enough to prove that you married in the eyes of the law. For Muslims, they can get married at one go with the Syariah court, in which you are legally and socially recognized as a married couple because someone from the Syariah court will send a imam who is officially recognized by Muslim law to wed them during the big day. For poor ol' non-Muslims like us, we have to go to it the hard way.

We have to first make the payments for our marriage ceremony and signing (so that we can get the certificate), so we have to come to their common office, which is here. We also need to present our witnesses (one for each side) as testimonial to our marriage. I got two, but they only requested one, so my best gal pal from uni Lina became my witness, while my hubby got Jack, who is my hubby's cousin probably twice removed and also my senior back in uni and the man who matchmade us, so it would be fitting to have him as my hubby's witness.

Le couple who is getting married (yours truly ^^)

Me and Jack goofing around. It felt almost like old times where we were back in uni again, being our crazy selves (you don't wanna know what we did back in uni, trust me)

Random photo-taking time, just killing time and goofing around while waiting for the people to get ready with the judge to marry us. The robust lady dressed in pink is Lina, my best gal pal as my witness

This be the room where we would be wed. When the lady called us to follow them, they were walking so bloody fast that we had no idea where they went and was at lost until they doubled back to find us to lead us to the right venue. It was bloody cold, like electricity is free for them or whatever! Thank goodness I was wearing long sleeves and long skirt to protect me from the "winter cold"

This is the vow-reading part. The judge handed us these slips to study for a bit then read it out loud to the public, taking turns to read our side of the line, basically stating that we are prepared to be lawfully wedded in the eyes of the court and have our witness to see through it. Thank goodness my hands were not shaking or anything, though I think my palms were slightly cold and sweaty from nervousness, though later on, the maid teased me of all letting the paper slip fly off my hands. Meh~!

Then after that it was signing the paper on their huge big ass log book. I signed first, then my hubby, then my witness and my hubby's witness. Lina brought her own pen to sign, LOL! Always so prepared

Then here, the judge said that she officially pronounce us as legal husband and wife

Congrats, congrats, thank you, thank you...

This is le judge that had tied us into legal matrimony. So finally, I have been officially welcomed into the family as Mrs. King (seriously, that is my hubby's surname)

Family photo~! I'm the only lone wolf there unfortunately aside from my friends (the two robust people in the back) coz I'm the only kid and my folks are in KK, but no big. It's just the formality wedding, not the big one. The rest are my hubby's clan. LOL!

4 days later, our marriage cert is finally out and printed. Apparently we were the 5870th couple to be wed! Wow! Round figure! LOL! The paper was a custom-made long size, so this is as much as I can fit in the scanner, but still, wohoo~! Legally husband and wife now~!

That's all there is to it. Now I totally look forward to the official big white wedding~!!


Chan Chee Khiong said...

Congrats! OMG I look fat... you gotta junk that camera of yours lol.

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