Wednesday, March 3, 2010 | By: BlackGargie


I just found out from the dA that there is this meme going on called CreepyPasta, in which it's told like almost Round Robin style horror stories in very short sentences. Some are fake, some are so-called based on true events, and some are based on popular urban legends.

Here's some I've got from dA:

1. On certain nights, the mortician in the morgue locks his office door and spends the night praying. He shivers when the scraping noises pass by his door. He never looks for the bodies that disappear...

2. A woman, all in white, with black hair, is staring directly at you. You see that the crowd pushes around her, but her eyes never leave you. A pool of blood collects around one foot. When you run toward her, she vanishes as a truck passes in between you two.

3. Everytime you turn around, you notice that it takes everyone else half of a second to start to move.

4. Children chant a new rhyme as they play jumprope.
"One for blood, two for stone.
You never know, when you'll be bone.
Three for fire, four for death.
You never know, you'll loose your breath.
Five for sin, Six to kill.
You never know, what's under the hill."

5. Dogs stop barking as you walk by. They all stare at you. ALL of them.

6. You can hear a heartbeat. But, whose, you don't know. It grows faster over time. What happens when it stops?

7. After investigating a place where a murder had taken place, you find a simple audio tape. Playing the tape reveals it to be a typical mix tape made by the victim's lover.

However, between one of the songs, a strange sound is heard. Repeated playing reveals that the sound changes each time it is played.

Playing the sound backwards reveals it to be a chilling voice that says: "Four…"
Playing it again results in "Three…"
Again: "Two…"

9. You see blood fall onto the carpet. You look up. There is nothing on the ceiling. Examining the drops, you notice that they are still falling. But they are falling from a spot about chest high in the middle of the room...from thin air.

10. Upon waking, you look out your window. You notice that it seems that the tree in your yard is writhing...until it bursts into thousands of birds: ravens, crows, magpies. They have stripped the tree. It is now dead.

11. Cats begin bringing small creatures to leave on your porch. Then, the creatures begin to get bigger day by day, eventually bigger than a cat should be able to drag...

12. While wondering through the forest, one of the members of the group spots a small bag dangling from a tree branch. Inside the bag are several human fingernails and teeth.

13. You go to a bar to meet someone, you take him or her home for a one-night stand. You have a great night, and fall asleep next to them. When you wake up the next morning, you find yourself alone in bed; your lover's internal organs are stacked neatly at the foot of the bed. As you jump up, you see that on the pillow is written in blood the word "FORNICATE" across the pillows... As you turn to run out, the full length mirror in the door shows you that there's a red 'R' on your chest.

14. You're experiencing little deja vues. And they are from dreams you dream the night before. And they get longer, and clearer.

15. A stray black cat guards your back porch each night. You can hear it battle something big every night right after midnight. And each day it becomes weaker. Soon it will die...

16. Your partner talks in her sleep. Sometimes in murmer, sometimes very clear. She tells you about things, things which happend here, bad things.

17. You suffer from an itch on your back, a really feisty one. But you can't scratch now, not now. Later that day, the itch is still there you finally allow yourself to scratch. Your touching a moist soft spot. Before you know it, you're scratching your bones.

18. Your reflexion in the mirror in the morning, while you brush your teeth, does things slightly different. You brush up, it brushes down.

19. You're at work alone, when you suddenly hear the copy machine start up. You walk out to take a look at what's going on and see several copies filling the tray.

Picking up one of the pieces of paper you discover that it is a copy of a picture depicting you sitting in your office chair, dead, with your eyes torn out and your throat cut. the others are the same picture, but taken from increasingly bizaar angles.

There is no original picture in the copy machine. In fact, the machine has been out of toner for a week.
20. You start to leave work (alone again). As you walk out to your car, you hear a cat meow. Or was it a baby cry? Either way, it's gone now.

As you continue toward your car. You hear it again. And then again. The source appears to be coming from the dumpster near your car. By this time the sound is constant and in fact has been joined by dozens more.

Opening the dumpster lid and peering in you are confronted by the horrific image of dozens of dead babies in various states of decay writhing atop one another.

When you slam the dumpster closed, the sound of the crying babies abruptly ends. If you look in again, the dumpster is normal.

21.You are eating an orange. After putting a section in your mouth you bite down on what feels like a seed, but it is peculiarly hard. Upon examination, it appears to be a small black gem stone. The next day, upon eating an apple you find a piece of rope.

22.While you're calling home to check your answering machine, someone picks up the other end. The voice sounds familiar and answers the phone with your name. After a short and angry conversation in which the person insists he is in fact the rightful tenant, you speed home. When you arrive, no one is there, but your phone starts ringing. You answer it, speak your name and begin an argument with the caller.

23.You have been unable to visit your grandmother's grave for some time now. Every time you do you can hear her pleading from beneath the ground, begging to be let out. She says she can't breathe and that shes scared. No one else can hear it.

24.You check your watch. The big hand is on the 4, the little hand is on the 1. You'll be late for work.
At work, you find an email in your inbox. The sender is yourself. Puzzled, you open the e-mail you apparently sent to yourself. Inside is the message "the out for watch watch."
You look at your watch. The little hand is on the 4, the big hand is on the 1. You look back at the screen. The fourth and first words have swapped places. "watch out for the watch." You look at your watch again.

Your watch is digital.

25.While eating peanuts, you crack open one to find a very small piece of a torn photo. As you open more peanuts, you find more and more pieces. When you tape it all together, you see a photo of a large hole in the wall of your bedroom.

26.In the middle of a terrible thunderstorm, a small dark shape is visible from your window. Despite the pouring rain and the late hour, a bird is perched just within view. It could easily be some sort of statue, except for the occasional twitch of the head as it watches you with one eye, then the other. Closer observation with binoculars or the like reveals maggots dripping off its wings instead of rain. Running outside to investigate reveals no sign of its presence - not even remnants of its grisly sheddings...

27.A small red dot appears in the center of your vision, as time passes it grows larger and larger. Soon, it will be big enough to see the face inside..

28.The lights in your hallway begin to flicker. When the light is on, you see nothing. But each time it goes out, you can make out the silhouette of a figure. Each time the light goes off, it gets closer.

29.You suddenly say out loud you wish you were dead. You do not understand why.

30.You bang and bang against the scream to be let know they can hear've heard the new baby crying...the new family arrive...just like the old family and the one before've heard them making've heard them laugh at the dinner table...

They must have heard you banging and screaming...yelling and pleaing for help..the MUST have heard you...why don't they free you....

31.You look into a large hanging photo of yourself. In the photo, you host a large, strange smile and eyes that seem to follow. There was never a photo hung on that wall.

32.While visiting a friend in the hospital, you overhear a woman crying in grief over a miscarriage. As you walk through the lonely halls of the hospital on your way out, you see a small trail of blood leading to a corner. For a split second, you can see the end of a severed umbilical cord being dragged around the corner.

33.I can see you.

34.Masks begin to talk to you. Some whisper, some scream, others giggle. But they all hate you.

35.You find yourself in the middle of an old, decrepit school. You dont know why you are here. As you walk through the dark halls, you notice all the lockers door's have been torn off except one. The one remaining locker with a door has a large padlock and chains on it. Behind it you hear something moan.

36.Only allow water to flow through the drains. Anything else will feed it. see a small glint in the shadows underneath your computer desk. It looks like something moist and glistening in what little light shines down there. You sit at your PC and turn it on. You do not see a start up screen. Instead, a single large eyeball in the center of the screen looks at you. As the eye fades, The words "Im Hungry." appear.

38.Everytime you blink, something moves.

39.Do not trust your eyes, they are against you. Go into the closet and shut the door.

40.Pray you fall asleep fast enough. You don't need to see it watching you from across your room.