Wednesday, February 3, 2010 | By: BlackGargie

I Got Interviewed~!

I was browsing my Hentai Foundry gallery recently to check on the feedback and comments I'm getting from people for my new OJ doujin "Escape" when I saw that someone left a comment on my profile page.

When I went to check on it, it was someone asking me if I could be interviewed for a book they were making entitled "Hentai Girls". I was surprised at first. I'm like thinking, "Wow, that is a surprise. No one has ever interviewed me before, ever."

I felt kinda honoured and told my chat friends and my fiance about it, though being that my fiance is a bit conscious about online scams, he told me not to give away any personal ID and stuff so that I won't get tricked. I assured him that that thought is highly unlikely and sent an email to confirm my acceptance to be interviewed.

They sent me back a set of questionnaires to be filled (about 25 questions in all) and encouraged me to give long answers, so I did, along with pics to be as my profile and for the interview page. I finished answering them and emailed them back. They told me in the email that they are going to have it sold on or something, and I'm guessing it would probably be sold to all those pervs out there. Thankfully I didn't give them my real pic.

Hopefully I would be entitled for a copy, either free or on discount. This is so exciting!