Sunday, January 24, 2010 | By: BlackGargie

A Long Way From Home...

Home sweet home~! *kisses the ground*

I went to KK on the 14th to get a statutory declaration of my single status which has to be signed by my dad, and also reapply for my birth cert, because my mom apparently doesn't trust her daughter enough to let me keep important documents. I could go back and ask her for it, but the thought of her knowing the reason for me asking for the birth cert is sure not pretty, so I decided to take the long way. It's tough, but a hell lot better than having to face trouble with my mom. Meh~! Even when I left her, she still manages to make my life miserable.

I never thought I'd feel homesick even I had gone back to my hometown to begin with. Kinda ironic, isn't it? Somehow I have made Brunei my home instead, and even though I take pride in my adaptability, I actually miss being in Brunei more than I was in KK.

Here's a day by day account on my days in KK:

14th Jan
Took the REALLY long drive down to KK. For once, I took the risk of not taking motion sickness pills for the ride. I slept later than I should, so during the ride there, I practically konked out. My future mother-in-law didn't join the trip because she won a free plane ride and will be joining us the next day. Slept all the way to Sipitang, had lunch, and from there, slept all the way to Penampang until we got to our hotel. Rang up my friends to tell them I'm in town and called my dad, then we hung out in the hotel room the rest of the day and had dinner with my fiance's cousin before holing up in the hotel room again, doing you-know-what ^^

15th Jan
My future mother-in-law came in, and we originally made plans with my dad to have dinner. He sounded a little occupied, and wanted us to do our own thing and if we were to look for him, find him at around 7. So we assumed he is busy and decided to have our own dinner. We spent the whole day shopping in various shopping mall (my legs suffering in the process) and I managed to buy the books that I have been needing to get to complete my collection. Then somehow my dad got pissed because we didn't show up and said he didn't want to meet us anymore. I was assured my dad had a bit too much to drink but I still felt upset that he embarrassed me in front of my future in-laws. Needless to say, I was in tears in my sweetie's arms

16th Jan
Dad called me in the morning to apologize for his behaviour after my future father-in-law called him to set things straight. We went off to do a little book shopping in a book fair that sold books that had discount from 30% to 90%! Fucking great deal~!! We went more or less on a book-spending spree, buying the most books I have ever had in my entire life, and I don't mean just comic books. Later met my dad for lunch, everything went well. We ate at the same Hakka restaurant we went to last year and enjoyed some food. Came across my old schoolmate from high school and shared updates on each other. She was one of my fans of my arts back in high school, though sadly I don't remember her name. We spent the last few shopping hours to get some sort of TV tuner, and again, my legs were killing me from the shopping. Out of curiosity, I bought some condoms to...spice it up since we've never used rubber before, but somehow it didn't work out pretty well, maybe coz we're kinda new to this rubber thing, and the "fun & games" kinda ended in a sour note, though my fiance apologized and calmed me down

17th Jan
Woke up early coz my childhood friend wanted to take me to church for her mass, though technically I was awakened by my fiance to give the rubber another shot. Worked out pretty well, but I still think au naturale is best. My fiance and his family had to go back first because they've got work to do, and I'm unemployed and I need to get things settled, so I stayed behind. I went to meet with my friend, said my last goodbyes to my fiance and went off with her, luggage and all. We had breakfast and then went to her church. It's one of those gospel new-age churches that I used to go to back then, and I enjoyed the songs and all, and the sermon was alright, talking about the truth behind the love of money and stuff. I can't outright say that I have lost faith in God, but all my prayers of making my life better and to make me strong and pull through my life with my mom wasn't exactly happening, and it made my confidence wavered a little, but after thinking it through, I guess in a way, God had probably answered my prayers by giving me the strength to fight back against my mother's abuse and gave me the one person that would save my life: my fiance. We then met up with my high school junior to play bowling, and apparently she's been quick on her feet as she is currently dating while working at a botanical research facility. I was the bad shot as usual, but we had fun, and I finally got back the last of my drawings from her! Wohoo! Now my drawings are complete, more or less, if you don't count those that have been lost in action due to inconsiderate borrowers. Spent the rest of the day hanging out with my childhood friend and had dinner, in which I found out she's no longer as innocent as I used to know her. Not exactly something I'd like to discuss since she had me in confidence, but basically things happened to her that made me see a different light on her. After spending the whole day together, she sent me to my dad's home and I had my first night in my old home at my dad's after years of separation.

18th Jan
Felt a bit of strange familiarity when I woke up. My home is situated directly at the streets, so even if I wanted to sleep in, I couldn't coz of the cars passing by and the racket. My dad woke me up to get things done. First off, we went to make the statutory declaration. Had my first look at a Justice of Peace office, which was pretty small and reminded me of a cramped travel agent's office, not the big high and mighty place that I had imagined it to be. We gave the outline to the guy and he helped us typed the statutory declaration, with my dad signing it and their stamp to prove its authenticity. Then we met up in the afternoon with another one of my dad's friends (he seems to be able to have people in high places somehow, good ol' dad) to make the police report on the "loss" of my birth cert. I figured since I couldn't get my birth cert from my mom, we're gonna do it the long way: by making a police report reporting it to be lost to get a supporting paperwork to reapply for a duplicate original. The police directed us to go to the nearby JPN to reapply for it, but unfortunately, the clerk there said that I can't get it immediately unless I have a photocopied version of my original birth cert so that they could fax it over to HQ to enable them to find it quicker, so I have to reapply manually and go to the HQ for it. I decided to call my little god-brother to gimme a lift the next day so at the same time, I could spend a day with him

19th Jan
My little god-bro came in the afternoon with her sister to pick me to take me to the HQ to do my thing. Got to know the sister a little, and she's a pretty friendly woman who is already married with 4 kids (though she looked more like she's still a college girl). When I gave the clerk at HQ my police report and my application form, she gave me a receipt and told me to come back next month because they needed time to relocate the original records and that to certify my lineage or something like that. They said if they were to issue it too quickly, they would risk giving away certificates that might lead to suspicion of identity theft and having me take the receipt and return at the assigned date will ensure that I am who I claim to be and not because of identity theft. Well, at least they didn't say it would be 100% unable to be done. We then spent the rest of the day going around shopping for stuff (bought a book in the process), and also had to drop by a cyber cafe to print out the flight itinerary e-ticket after my fiance told me that he had already booked a ticket for me back to Brunei, then I went to his home to get back my Anak-Anak Sidek (Sidek Bros) manga, all 136 volumes of it! Finally! After years of letting my god-bro look after it while I was gone to Miri to study, I'm finally getting them all back~!!! Wohoo~!!! Although the box that carried it was tearing apart and it was littered with roach shit, so I had to empty them all out and throw the box away. We chatted for a while before he left after dropping off at my home and promised to keep in touch and I spent the rest of the night rearranging my books in order of volumes, glad to be seeing them again although also sad because I remember some of them being lost due to inconsiderate borrowers as well T_T

20th Jan
I was surprised by my childhood friend asking me if I wanted to have lunch with her. I agreed, thinking it would be an opportunity for me to see my god-ma and give her the prawn crackers my future mom-in-law bought for her. After having lunch together and shopped for some new year clothes, she dropped me off at my god-ma's shop in which we had a chat. My god-pa has done a kidney transplant all the way in China and he's doing so much better now, though he has to go around wearing a mask just in case any infection might cause other health problems on him. I took the opportunity to ask for an intact box from them so that I can refit my Sidek Bros manga in, so they got me one from their warehouse. My god-ma told me that she and my mom are still not in talking terms, but advised me to still let my mom know about me getting married with my fiance despite the fact that she admitted that my mom wasn't exactly the best mom in the world and all. She told me that the last she heard about her was from her friend who worked in the immigration stamping her passport showing that she had come to KK, but I guess I couldn't care less where she ended up as long as we don't see each other. Then I waited for my childhood friend to pick me once my god-parents have to close shop and then we went for a sort of light dinner before she had to pick up her guy from the airport before sending me home. Got a short glimpse of the guy and he looked rather...interesting, to say the least, though we didn't talk much. Once I reached home, I put back all my Sidek Bros manga into the new box but then my dad forbid me to take it back to Brunei for fear of overweight, since my fiance only got me a 15kg limit. Gah! I didn't get these comics back just to leave it here again~!! But he's right in a way, and at least I'm leaving it at a place where I can get it back easily, so I relented

21th Jan
Spent top half of the day at home, waiting for nightfall because me and my childhood friend agreed to have dinner later that night with her church cell group. When she came to pick me, we chatted about old times as usual and we went to Damai area where most of the food stuff are. Since we were early, we decided to browse around some book stores to kill time. My friend took me to a bookstore that I used to go to get my comic fix back then, in which I bought the latest edition of The Case Files of the Gourmet Detective, then to this comic rental bookstore that I never knew was there, and as I was browsing to the sales section I saw, to the everlasting delight of my eyes, YAOI mangas~!!! Wohoo~!!! There were one and a half shelf full of YAOI goodness that I simply MUST get. Though coz of my ever dwindling funds, I only managed to buy 2 of it T_T We also noticed that they actually have the Jigoku Sensei Nube manga for rent and also offer order & delivery services, with a much cheaper deposit than what was offered at the comic rental bookstore in Brunei. So I quickly jumped to the chance to pre-order a set, putting my friend in charge of paying it when the shipment arrives before I pay her back on my next visit. Then we went to the dinner place and had our fill, with the price being crazy-ass high! But the upside is that the portion is big, worth the money. I met some other new friends of the church and one had a passion for manga and anime expressions, and all in all, it was a fun experience, especially when the guy who made the sermon last time brought his baby daughter to entertain us

22nd Jan
I needed a ride from my childhood friend to go to the book fair again to see if I have any luck finding some good priced books again. My fiance sms-ed me saying that we bought the wrong LOTR book and my future mom-in-law sms-ed me asking to get her a cookbook, so I thought I should get it for them ASAP while I still have money to burn. We browsed around for a while and I caught sight of this children's novel called 'Skulduggery Pleasant' by Derek Landy. What intrigued me most of all was the cover actually, because the cover was of the main character of the story, in which he is dressed in a top hat, full suit with a scarf for good measure and the highlight of his features is he has a skull for a head. He looks almost like a nice little Broadway version of the Ghost Rider. LOL! I couldn't resist. I had seen the sequels sold in Times and in Popular bookstores, and was already intrigued by the cover title, but I didn't have enough dough to buy all three, so I decided to buy the first one to give it a shot first before considering to buy the rest. I seemed to have an odd attraction towards creepy characters that look like anti-heroes somehow ;p Anywho I managed to find the books that my fiance and my future mother-in-law requested before my childhood friend sent me home

23rd Jan
This was the day I promised that I would meet with my A-Level junior and fellow yaoi friend, so again, I needed my childhood friend to give me a ride to our date spot. She came early coz she was at the same route to her meeting place and her home, so I accompanied her on her meeting (small price to pay for needing a ride) and got to meet with the parents of another childhood friend of mine. The father is a typical businessman who sees job opportunities anywhere and when he knew I was in Brunei, he jumped into the chance to try and get me to learn about this product they were selling, which is some sort of a pill supplements to encourage stem cell growth adults and acts as a substitute to all that controversial stem cell research aka cloning to heal damaged cells. Thank goodness I was in science stream, so I understood what was going on, but still, I'm not much of an entreprenuer or a speaker, so I wasn't really interested in helping to sell these, but accepted the CD and articles out of courtesy. I got to talk on the phone with that childhood friend of mine as she was still in KL, promising that we would meet someday. Then I killed time with my childhood friend before my date with my A-Level friend, and when we met it was like "OMG~!!! *HUGGLES* " kind of feeling. LOL! I thanked my childhood friend and we went our separate ways, and I quickly exchanged updates with my A-Level friend, chatting about old times and how she was doing in her new job as a teacher and my life before and after leaving my mom and such, and of course, sharing our passion for YAOI~!!! LOL! After that, she gave me a ride home and I spent the extra last few hours we had together calling both her and my childhood friend up and chatted for a while before I did my thing and went to bed

All in all, I had a rather interesting week before I finally came home today. Despite the fact that I had fun meeting up with all my friends and hung out with my god-ma and my dad (or there lack of), in the end, you can say I have found home in Brunei with my new family and with my beloved fiance, and it just feels good to be home...