Wednesday, January 27, 2010 | By: BlackGargie

I Feel Honoured...

I just got done chatting with a friend I made for a while in dA because of her cute little mpreg arts.

I used to exchange notes via dA, but I've always wanted to chat with her in person via MSN to make our lives easier, so I asked if she were online today.

As luck would have it, she was, and we chatted for a while, exchanging stories and also getting some raw materials so that I will know what to draw for her in her request (which is an odd one where her and I helping our fav mpreg characters give birth, then meet and fall in love with our men of our dreams, hooked up with them and end up giving birth to their babies, LOL).

But as we chat, I soon found out that she had been my long time fan all along, even before we met in dA.

She said that it was me who inspired her to come out of the closet and draw mpreg! How cool is that?

She said that it was my art I drew way back when I first gotten into HP mpreg and drew a Snape mpreg pic that I used to post in this webbie called or something like that, and then when I rejoined dA under a new account, the pic of my macro-micro lovers, Nakh and Kalana of my Crying Traveller series! Wow!

I mean I drew that Snape mpreg art like, what, forever ago? When I was still in A-Levels, roughly around 18, 19 and the Crying Traveller roughly when I was in Curtin in my very early 20s? Wow! That is amazing. I feel rather honoured. I'm usually only popular online but am a nobody when I'm out in the real life. I never so much as inspire people to do anything, let alone inspire people to draw! And in mpreg no doubt!

Guess it's true when they say technology really changes people's lives, though for the better or for worse, I am not sure.

All I know is that currently right now, I'm feeling both flattered and honoured to make a difference in someone's life...more or less