Monday, December 21, 2009 | By: BlackGargie

One Hell of a Christmas

This December had been a bit of a rough patch for me, or to be more exact, my fiance's family.

First off, family crisis on my fiance's eldest sister's side, probably stemmed from the husband side. Prior to that, I have seen my fiance's eldest sister looking rather strained with her husband and always seemed to avoid talking with him or sitting with him. It got to the point where my fiance's dad sat him outside and we saw him giving a few strong words to the husband in which we dare not ask what it was until he is ready to pour his heart out. I was soon reminded by the fact that the husband and I had exchanged a few soul-searching words and all that and was wondering could it be that it had to do with his sudden emo state.

Then later one big huge fight occured between my fiance's second bro-in-law and my fiance's father. I experienced firsthand how my future father-in-law's temper was like as he was shouting banging at things at my future bro-in-law. It was bloody scary. Even the maid was scared to tears, and I was scared to tears as well coz his anger reminded me of my past, my broken life with my mom and no matter how I increase the volume of my headphones, it couldn't block out the sound, so I ran to my fiance and hugged him and burst into tears. The argument apparently stemmed from the fact that my fiance's second sister had went off on a trip without notice and the husband did nothing to stop her, leaving the kids all by their lonesome.

Then just recently we found out that my fiance's eldest sister had contracted fibroids, which is something like a benign tumor at her uterus. She was bleeding and stuff when she went on a day trip to Miri with her family and had to be admitted to hospital, in which the docs diagnosed her with fibroids. She has stopped bleeding now, but still need to go to hospital one of these days to have a thorough scan to see how the progress is or whether or not she needs surgery. I found out from my future mother-in-law that Brunei hospitals do not allow men to stay back in the women's ward after visiting hours and if they want to they have to be outside in the waiting lounge or something. Which I think it's bloody unfair, since this is the time where the wife needs the husband the most and yet the husbands get kicked out. Stupid system.

Just last night, when only me and my future father-in-law was eating (my fiance was not feeling well and my future mother-in-law had a bit of an upset stomach) dinner, we were talking stuff when finally my future father-in-law opened up to me, telling me what he had been discussing with the eldest bro-in-law and what was the real reason behind all that argument between him and the second bro-in-law. Can't tell you much, coz he trusted me enough to tell the secrets, but let's just say it's quite serious on their part. Somehow I feel as if being the silent observer in the family, watching them work and letting them pour their hearts out and opening up to me was kinda...phenomenal at most. It was like as if I'm the family shrink in which they entrust their deepest, darkest secrets into me. It kinda reminds me of some kind for tapir-like creature in Japanese folklore...

This is gonna be one hell of a Christmas.