Friday, December 25, 2009 | By: BlackGargie

On the First Day of Christmas, My True Love Gave to Me...

This year's Christmas was rather exciting and hectic at the same time because we had a Christmas party to prepare for family and friends. At first we had wanted to have a private Christmas party with just us, but then my future father-in-law said, if we do this and get it over with, we don't have to toil for next year when Chinese New Year comes around. So we agreed.

On this month as well, we went to go check on the status of our marriage application. The last time we registered, they stated that it will be ready in a month's time in which they will give us a call, but somehow it was almost 2 months, so we decided to fuck it and go get it ourselves. When we approached the desk, the lady in charge looked kinda listless and searched around before finding the approval letter and handed it to us, advising us on what to do next. There was another couple who wanted to register and they came to approach us and asked us on what to do, so we told them what we did and how to go about it and what to expect to them, though they might differ a little since the wife is the local one and the husband is of Indonesian decent. Then when we double-checked the letter, the date it was printed was a month ago! Meh~! Thank goodness we decided to take the initiative and go get it ourselves or else we would've waited forever.

During the next course of weeks before Christmas, we went Christmas shopping for gifts. We focused first on the gifts for the kids before the adults because then we are able to share the cost to buy the rest of the presents for the adults. Most definitely we got toys for the little chiddlers, but it was so hard to decide what to get for them because we don't know whether they might like it or not. My fiance and his parents and I had gone down to Miri so that we can get things at a cheaper price, but man, did we spend the WHOLE DAY walking up and down non-stop to get the stuff! I think we've done enough walking to last a week's worth of hiking! LOL~!

Things were a little tension in between, most probably because of the stress to prepare for the party, and the fact that my poor fiance was having a cough and a cold just a few days before Christmas, making him in a bit of a foul mood, but all in all, we survived it. I helped to decorate the Christmas tree all on my lonesome, and I more or less used my artistic ornament-arranging skillz to decorate the tree. Didn't know I had it in me. By the time I was done, I gotta admit it looked kinda awesome~! ^^ Too bad I didn't take a picture of my handiwork. Then it was helping out in the kitchen to prepare the dish, especially when some of the food requires an all-nighter to do.

We had, of course, the usual Western style food for the party, so there was lamb, chicken, a bit of turkey, Shepherd's pie, mixed vegetables and tons and tons of drinks to gorge on. The friends we invited came first in the afternoon. We separated family and friends because we don't want everyone to be too cramped and crowded if they were all together, and that it's best to be with people you know. I invited my friend, of course, and we had a chat and all that while enjoying the food. The family came at night to gorge and it was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay crowded, no thanks to the big-ass huge family tree of my fiance's family side. Food was fantastic, and the dessert was amazing as usual. And we even tested out the karaoke system that my fiance's dad installed and just sang ourselves silly~! It was good clean fun.

The best part finally arrived when we opened the presents for each other. The kids were ecstatic over the toys they got, and the family was happy with what they got as well. We chipped in to get a microwave oven for my fiance's eldest sister and husband, and we got a photo frame for my fiance's second sister and husband, and because the eldest sister's husband's birthday is on Christmas Eve, we got him a tennis sports shirt he had always wanted, though we realized that it matched the cap we got him last year XD We got a handbag for my fiance's mom, and my fiance's dad said he will decide later what he wants for his Christmas present so that my fiance will be able to be sure what to get him.

The amount of Christmas present I had was not much, but it was really worth it. I got a How to Draw Manga Girls guidebook from the eldest sister and family, a brand new long skirt from my fiance's mom and everyone else chipped in to get me an EyePet for PS3~! It's so cute~! It's basically like a cyberpet that is interactive via PS3 camera that is hooked onto the machine. I tested the game out right away and it was so KAWAII~!!!

Hopefully things will be even better and less hectic on New Year and Chinese New Year ^^