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Brunei Deviant Art Meet '09

Wohoo~! Brunei Deviant Art Meet is here again~! I've been waiting bloody FOREVER for this day to come! It was originally supposed to be held in June/July (as the thing is that they always hold their dA meets twice a year: one in June/July and one in November/December), but because of the outbreak of H1N1, Rai had to postpone it to December. Curse you, you swine (pun intended)~!!!

Neways, here's the documentation of that fateful day. Some of the pics are taken by me, but because the camera I borrowed from my fiance's second bro-in-law is a bloody old model with the battery life a range of a goldfish's memory, I had to depend the rest on my friend Khiong's camera when he came along as well as he is also a dA member of the photography genre.

The event was held in D'Anggerek Hotel at the 6th floor (or was it the 8th floor?). Apparently Rai managed to get sponsorship from our local toy store, Chong Hock Toynation to support this event as well as the upcoming drawing and cosplay competition (first time ever since the beginning of this dA meet!), in which will be shown in later pictures.

Here's the billboard poster to show everyone where to go in to.

This here are the hardworking men in the reception area to receive and welcome the guests to the meet. Before the meet, we had to purchase tickets beforehand which was sold throughout branches of Chong Hock, and the moment Rai posted the news in his dA journal, Khiong and I jumped on the first chance to go and buy it. At the reception on that day, I was to present the ticket and have it stamped APPROVED before entering. This is to make sure no one cheat and tries to get in scott-free. I got there first before Khiong, so I definitely went around, armed with my camera to take pictures of the poor souls that will suffer my MOE obsession.

This is the first "victim" I caught before I made it to the booth to register for my all-time favourite competition: The art competition. At first I thought he was cosplaying as a soldier character in Counter Strike or MGS, but it was neither when he showed me the badge on his arm. It was one of Alpha team soldiers of UMBRELLA Corp. from Resident Evil! LOL! Apparently he's one of the committee members as I saw him wearing a dA committee badge with the name COMBAT written on it.

When I went to apply for my all time favourite competition, I was amazed by this girl's cosplay costume on the right. Nice and sweet, and bloody hell cleavage, baby~! She was cosplaying as one of the characters in Trinity Blood. Agh! I suck at remembering names. But I can see she had done great effort to get this costume. Beside her is someone more or less cosplaying as a neko girl with the ear props.

While I was waiting for Khiong to show up, I picked the phrases I wanted to use for my drawing and got to work. I picked "Couple" and "Love", probably one of the easiest phrase to illustrate. This picture is actually taken by one of the Chong Hock guys, so I decided to snag it and put it here, coz there's me in it and I'm a glory hog, LOL!

Once Khiong was here, we started going on another picture-taking frenzy. There were plenty of time before I hand in my drawing, so it was cool to walk around and take pictures and stuff. So we walked around, see if we could capture anything

I was bloody blown away with some of the drawings that they got. Makes me feel like an ant in a molehill compared with my drawings to theirs... T_T

Hard at work, people...

This guy, I don't think he's entering the contest. But he definitely is showing off his stuff drawing on his laptop using Wacom! WACOM!! Gah! What I'd give to get that~! And he's actually drawing on Paint Tool Sai, which I have probably NO~ idea how to work that one

These three are some of the many cool stuff other people draw. Now I really feel my self-esteem at a total low~!

In the end, this is what I could come up with at a short time frame. I guess I'm not one of those that rush art. I can draw as fast as you want me to, but expect more or less low quality product. Oh, and I was not allowed to draw yaoi, so yeah...Faira has boobs~!!
They've got this amazing glass booth here to display products sold by the sponsors. Wonderful stuff that includes Transformers, Haruhi Suzumiya, Chaon (or something like that), Bleach and others. Amazing! And they are all authentic figurines! Makes me wish I'm a billionaire who can spend money like drinking water...

These pics are basically how the event hall looks like. It was WAY bigger than last year's event hall, and much more posh-looking (what do you expect from a hotel?), and the party's just beginning, so we'll be expecting more people later on.

Here I am with my costume! Originally I wanted to cosplay as L because it was the bloody most simple cosplay EVER in the whole world! But no matter how I looked I couldn't find a plain white long-sleeved T-shirt~!! Gah~!! So I had to settle with the next simplest cosplay look: Winry Rockbell from FMA! Minus the blonde hair (which I couldn't find at such short notice), I look rather like her somehow. And I don't care if I'm fat as lard! I'm exposing skin and wearing a tube that I have always dreamed of! LOL!

Bandana: $3 per meter cloth. Tube: $9.00 after 50% discount. Gloves: $4.00++. Jumpsuit: $18.80. Wrench: Snagged from my fiance's toolbox. Sandals: My old one since donkey years. The feeling of successful cosplay: Priceless

Here is me with a bit more close up. I swear my friend is trying to take a picture of my boobs... -_-'"

Again I went "victim" hunting. I learnt the best way to make friends and allow them to let me take photos of them is to squeal out loud the name of the character they are cosplaying like a crazy MOE fangirl while rushing to them with a camera to catch them offguard. If I don't know what character are they cosplaying, I'll just squeal "WOW~!! KAWAII~!!" and they'll be too stunned to know what's going on until I've snapped the picture and say "Thank you" to them.

I decided to hunt down those who were participating in cosplay competition. I was tempted to join, but I didn't have the right stuff to show off and all my cosplay clothes are patched together in such short notice. Maybe I'll try it next year when I've got everything nice and ready.

Behold! Chrona and her sword (which I forgot the name, brilliant)!

This guy is cosplaying as one of the Arrancar in Bleach. Again, I bloody forgot the name, although my first impression when I saw him was if he were Ulquiorra (sp?). Then again, I'm nor a Bleach fan, so...meh, anything goes

The committee member dressed as Allen Walker from D.Gray-man. LOL! When I first saw him, I went "OMG! Alan Walker!" and he responded saying "OMG! Winry Rockbell!" And I was so ecstatic to have the first person to recognize my cosplay chara. XD

A committee member cosplayed as a character from Lazytown. Awesome. It's very rare that people cosplay a chara from a western fandom among ALL the people that cosplay in the Japanese fandom. Far-out. Though I'm into Lazytown. Kiddie show, reli

Not sure if she's the committee member or not, but she was cosplaying as a random maid, and like the notorious L I met last year, she will not be photographed
He claims to be cosplaying a character of an anime that has yet to be aired, or that he hoped to be aired, though I have no idea who the character is or the anime he was referring to (goddamn short term memory!), but I couldn't help feeling that his uniform reminds me of that yaoi/shounen-ai anime Gakuen Heaven aka Boys Love Hyper! XD

It's last year's crossdresser! Apparently I found out he is actually one of the committee (I think) and while killing time before the cosplay competition started and to entertain the people who are around and the participants of the art contest, he volunteered to sing on stage. be honest, he's kinda...well...tone deaf (worse than Detective Conan) and he doesn't even know the lyrics and doesn't even sing it right >_<'" But at least he's bold enough to try it, I'll give him that

Another committee member dressed in kimono. She's not cosplaying anyone in particular, but her kimono, especially the colour and design, does remind me of Kaoru from Samurai X

Alice in Wonderland from Kingdom Hearts II! And her friend, she claims, was supposed to be Mad Hatter, but...isn't Mad Hatter supposed to be dressed in green?

An Ouran cosplayer! Though he didn't mention who is he cosplaying in particular. I hope it's not Haruhi...

Another Bleach cosplayer, and again, he is not cosplaying any character in particular, probably just one of those random shinigami, although the bandages on his hand almost suggest that he's cosplaying as Shuuhei, but then again...

Konoha clan in da house~! Sakura-chan and Hinata-chan~!

A Vocaloid cosplayer (even though I have no bloody idea what Vocaloid is)~! Nice digs, and nice wig, gurl~! That would be the most impressive of all the attire she has on her

Random cosplayer, no one in particular, although Vampire Knight comes to mind

Kiba from Konoha clan again~! I noticed her the first moment I entered the hotel when she was lounging with her friends at the lobby coz the marks on her face was a dead giveaway. She claims that pets are not allowed in hotels so she left Akamaru at home. LOL

Misa-Misa of Death Note~! Maybe I should've asked her where did she get her blonde wig.

Nate River aka Near of Death Note~! That is a cute teddy bear he had there. If he had white hair and took his shoes off to walk around barefooted it would've been even more authentic

OMG~!!! Someone actually cosplayed as Pikachu of Pokemon~!!! That takes a LOT of guts, girl! I wouldn't be caught dead in that. She claims to have her costume bought through eBay

Vampire Knight cosplayer (I think). Dude, what's with the mask? H1N1 is under control~!

Dear ol' Chinatown

A random EGL cosplayer. It's very cute actually, with the purple and the black being a very nice blend and I especially like the hat

ZOMFG! Luffy~!! Someone actually cosplaying as Luffy of One Piece~!! If it were a sleeveless vest and no shirt inside, he would totally win the cosplay competition if he were to join. But nice effort on the straw hat. It looks just like the real deal

There he goes again! The L from last year! He's here again this year, and again HE WILL NOT BE PHOTOGRAPHED!!! Curse you, L! I'll get you next year!

Either she's cosplaying as someone from Code Geass or from Gundam. Whichever fits

Ah. The first friend I made when I joined the dA meet last year. She was the Vampire Knight cosplayer last year, and this year she is cosplaying as another character from Vocaloid, though no idea who. Oddly this year, she seems very serious. Hardly a smile on her face. She was so much fun last year, talking and chatting and making jokes, now she just couldn't be bothered to mingle with anyone, and not a single smile. When I asked her where did she get her costume from, she just bluntly replied either "China" or "Japan". Either she's screwing around with me or just couldn't bother to talk to me. Dunno. My friend said she probably has PMS

Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji~!!! She was the Kyouya-sempai from last year's dA meet, and this year she was all out with Sebastian, with the mask and the black nail polish and the mask and all. She even made the effort to put a chain around a folded up watch to make it look like a pocket watch! XD Kudos to you~!

No idea who is he cosplaying at, but the colour of the clothes reminded me of Inuyasha (and what's with the mask??)

A cosplayer of a character from Gundam

A cosplayer cosplaying a character from Vampire Knight, or was it Pandora Hearts?

Misa-Misa and the neko girl~!

A cosplayer as the Priestess from Ragnarok. She even brought along a real Bible and had a crucifix bracelet around her wrist. Go, girl! Though she insist on taking picture with her friend and doesn't want to be in the shot alone

Random cosplayer of a demon girl and a mafia Godfather

Another maid~!! Or is it another EGL cosplayer. No idea, but the outfit is soooooooo cute~!!!

Random cosplayer of a schoolgirl, though she tends to have her eyes half-closed whenever she takes pictures.

Aha! Someone cosplaying as Android No. 17 of Dragonball! I thought his costume looks familiar!

Random cosplayer. I took her picture coz she looks cute in her black shirt and black short pants with that white frilly robe.

Random cosplayer dressed in kimono, and apparently someone doodled on her fan. Somehow her costume reminds me of Jigoku Shoujo

Committee members discussing matters

I was intrigued by his cosplay because it's very rare to find someone cosplaying as a character from very old series. I have a feeling he is cosplaying as Kitaro from Gegege no Kitaro, a supernatural-genre manga back in the '60s, but he keep insisting that he's not

Committee member dressed in another perfect combination of purple and black EGL costume

Finally! An L who is willing to be photographed! And he's eating the signature sweet treats holding the replica of a Death Note! Awesome!

Near posing with our Chinatown guy who now changes into his permanent costume, which is Sebastian from Kurotshitsuji! Another one hell of a butler in the house! Although he really suits his costume coz he's got the height and built, and the feel for it, and he plays his characters well too~!

Wee~!!! My good ol' yaoi-lover friend who had cosplayed as Ritsuka from Loveless last year has joined again this year, cosplaying as Yuuri Shibuya from Kyou Kara Maoh~!!! She looks soooooo cool in this outfit, and had the perfect pose for it!

Sebastian while still in Chinatown gobsmacking the window

UMBRELLA Alpha soldier checking out the reception

Agh~! It's the Prince from I-totally-forgot-what-was-the-name-of-the-game~!!! Actually it's Rai underneath. Basically he's cosplaying a character who goes around rolling a ball to collect resources (or something like that) and that ball can roll anything, from people to trees to bushes to animals to buildings...anything goes! I literally LOL-ed when I saw him in that outfit! Go, Rai!!

So while the art competition is still ongoing (and after some ear-shattering singing and some videos played), Allan Walker decided to have some mini-games to be played as per in the event schedule. The first game to play was the Caramel Dansen Survival game. Basically you have to dance Caramel Dansen for as long as you can to win a prize. Since there's plenty of time before the deadline of the competition and I'd love to show off my Caramel Dansen skills, I was the first to volunteer to go up stage, challenging other to come and beat the "Winry Rockbell". After a number of people came up, Rai demonstrated for those don't know how to dance Caramel Dansen and the dance survival began!

"Dansa med oss, Klappa era händer, Gör so vi gör, Ta negra steg at vänster, Lyssna och lar, Missa inte chansen, Nu ar vi har med, Caramelldansen...!"

I danced until my pants was literally starting to fall! I was begging in my mind to let this torture end not because I was giving up, but because I was afraid that I might show my baby blues~! Thank goodness for velcro fasteners!

Elimination is inevitable!

Not only my pants was falling, but my bandana literally fell off my head! To make matters worse, when the elimination period carried, they wanted to make our lives even harder by first dancing twice the speed, then later dance with one leg! Gah~!

In the end, determination and, what we call in Chinese the "kiasu-ness", prevailed! Chrona and I were the last ones standing and we both won. When Allan Walker asked how it feels to be the winner, I shouted "YATTA~!!" and got my prize, which was a keychain of the fire flower from Super Mario Bros game. It was small but it was better than nothing, and I won something! There were other games too, like guessing the battle theme song and trivia quizzes but I was too tired (and ignorant) to join. 'Sides, who wants to answer some silly questions when there are "victims" to be photographed??

My friend taking picture of me photographing Sebastian

Remember the maid who will not be photographed? We saw her hanging out with the other Sebastian and I caught a bad moment when he was fixing something on the back of her clothes and she just turned around. Gah!

Thank goodness for high-end lenses because my friend finally managed to catch them while they were looking front. So here we are: the butler and the maid~!

This guy cosplaying a character from Persona 4. I couldn't remember what his character's name was. Damn you, Japanese names, why are you always so hard to pronounce and remember?!

Me and Timcampy~! It actually belongs to Allan Walker and I couldn't resist! I had to take a picture of me with it~!

My rival last year (or was it? Not sure) who cosplayed in gothic lolita now cosplays as a Princess. I have a feeling she's cosplaying as Cinderella

Eek! WTF is this?! LOL~!! This guys is cosplaying as Danvo of Yatsuba. When he showed up, he was the sensation of the entire event! With all the boxes strapped to his head, arms and legs, that must be REALLY hard to walk around with! To make it even more authentic, he actually has a battery case with batteries that are connected to his glowing eyes and a button on the side of his head to "turn him off and on", and when someone does, he actually slumps like he was really shut off! LOL! He was really in character! Although the brand name on those boxes were kinda overkill though XD

A cosplayer of a character from Pandora Hearts

A cosplayer of a character's father in Lucky Star. According to someone, his character is supposed to be one of the main character's father who has a lolita complex and loves to take pictures of young girls, while at the same time working as a reporter. LOL! Pedo!

I couldn't resist! The Winry Rockbell in me must "fix" Danvo!

Mad Hatter, Ragnarok Priestess and Persona 4 character posing together

There is actually a PC there for people to play games or go online with, and the first time I walked across it, they were reading an online manga called 2Gamerz, which is a very cutely drawn online comic strip of 3 geek/otaku friends and their trials and tribulation

The second time I passed by, they were playing Modern Warfare2! LOL~! I've seen enough of that when my fiance was playing it. It seems like it really is an adrenaline-junkie game for boys~! XD

Other than that, there were people who actually brought their card collection with them and were playing them on the spot, using their cards and calling out terms that I barely even know what the heck is going on. This is true blue YuGiOh gaming in front of me. Though if the monsters on the cards pop out and interact like they would in the manga, it would've been even more fun

Soon it was time for the cosplay competition and the end of the art competition. I handed in my drawings and sat in front to get a good shot of all the contestants. I think some chickened out, because I remember seeing more people with participation numbers on them, but these are the ones that have entered:

Kiba of Naruto

Gundam character

Pandora Hearts character

Danvo of Yotsuba
(He couldn't go up stage for obvious physical reasons, so he had to be interviewed off stage XD)

Bleach character

Vocaloid character

Chrona of Soul Eater

Kyouya-sempai of OHSHC

Sakura of Naruto

Persona 4 character and Arisato Minato from Persona 3
(They were brought up together because both of them are characters from Persona)

Sebastian of Kuroshitsuji

Vampire Knight (or issit Pandora Hearts) character

Lucky Star character

Priestess from Ragnarok

Roxas from Kingdom Hearts 2
(This guy is a last-minute entry who calls himself Yami. The judges were thoroughly impressed with his hair, even though it's a wig, and he self-made the keyblade instead buying the actual replica. And coincidentally, it was his birthday! So we all sang a Happy Birthday song for him before he left the stage)

After showcasing the cosplay clothes, there was an interlude while they get ready for the cosplayers' individual performance (basically doing whatever you like that represents the character you are cosplaying). While they were getting ready, photog time!

Roxas came with his friend who cosplayed as Cloudof Final Fantasy VII! Again, his blade was self-made, and it was bloody heavy when I tried to carry it! Shows that these people really go all out!

Random cosplayer in a purple dress, which was uber cute~!

I noticed later on that the committee member's EGL outfit had a neko hood on, so I wanted to take a picture of her with the hood on, then Kyouya-sempai decided to photo-bomb her by giving her smoochies XD

Last minute attender cosplaying as Red Riding Hood!

Cloud of FFVII

Sebastian II going around serving the judges drinks

Another L! Looks like the sweets has finally got to him! LOL! Now that I look at it, thank goodness I did not cosplay as L, because this year there are 4 people cosplaying as L in this dA meet, even one who is a female L! Gah, probably unable to find the white shirt was a blessing in disguise

The committee member cosplaying as Trinity Blood character was called up to stage to introduce her chara and her outfit. It was really, really sexy with hoochie-mama-nice cleavage~! Awesome! But still, my boobs are bigger~! XD

After the interlude, we sat back to watch performances from the cosplayers. They were a little nervous at first and some of them didn't even know what to do, and while they were performing, the DJ made a few glitches here and there, but all in all, the individual performances went alright

Kiba doing poses with his daggers

Gundam chara lip-synching a song

Bleach chara doing poses with his blade

Vocaloid chara lip-synching a song, which totally suited her built as she "sang" through her fake mike

Pandora Hearts chara doing poses

Chrona doing poses and acting out scenes and traits of the original character, including yelling out the fight mode with her self-made blade (which was bloody heavy)

Danvo doing a robot dance using a cute song, which he has to do it off-stage for obvious physical reason

Kyouya-sempai first doing famous poses of the original chara, then did a dance imitating MJ. She really got that awesome chest pump that made her chest really beat out like it was going to burst. Everyone cheered and hollered and was impressed with her moves

Sakura doing poses and fight stances

Minato doing poses and fight stances

Persona 4 doing poses

Sebastian acting out traits of the original chara

Vampire Knight chara doing traits of original chara

Lucky Star chara doing traits of original chara, and Vampire Knight chara helped by posing for him

Priestess tried (and failed) to act out and lip-synch a scene from Ragnarok

Roxas doing poses

After the individual performances, it was time for the judges to make their decisions on who is the winner for the art competition and cosplay competition. While we were waiting, they show cased some videos to entertain us while the rest went around and mingle. While I was sitting back chatting with some friends (cursing the death of the camera battery at the same time), my friend took these pics that I really have to put on here:

Roxas, schoolgirl, Cloud and Pikachu posing for a pic, taken in a different angle

Luffy playing around with Red Riding Hood

UMBRELLA Alpha soldier testing out the light saber, which was awesome FTW

Luffy goofing around with it

The Book of Death and the Book of Life (LOL)

Vocaloid committee member making an announcement

Demon girl posing with a "shut-down" Danvo

Red Riding Hood

Demon girl performing a song (though she couldn't really sing the lyrics, but kudos for trying)

Keyblade vs the Rockbell wrench!

Cloud's blade vs the Rockbell wrench!

Argh~! Kitaro being dragged awaaaaaaaaaaaaaay~!!!

Huggles with Danvo! I couldn't resist!

This here, the committee members again gave out some on-the-spot mini games to play so that they could give away all the prizes. They asked for volunteers to come up stage. I did, the glory hog I am, not knowing what the hell was going on, along with Kitaro and the so-called Jigoku Shoujo. On stage, we were told to do whatever we like for 20 seconds under a randomly played song. Shouldn't be too hard. I just need to goof around, is all. Once the music was played, we realized that it was "Beat It" by MJ, so after doing some stupid goofy poses, I tried to imitate (and failed) the dance moves of Beat It. LOL! It was good fun. Everyone was a winner, although just by looking at it, I knew what it was: A La Prominence artbook, which I already have a copy at home~! XD

After the game, I saw Luffy goofing around with Red Riding Hood's cape but doesn't want to be photographed in that position, so I took over

Here are the judges, hard at work trying to decide who wins and who loses

Sebastian II did another song again to kill time, and again, we suffered tone-deaf music... >_<'''

Khiong requested me to take a picture of him testing out his golf skills at the Prince's ball using Persona 4 chara's golf club XD

Showdown between UMBRELLA Alpha soldier and Cloud! Who is mightier? Thy sniper gun or thy big-ass sword?

A trio photo of me and Vampire Knight charas

Showdown between Shinigami and Arrancar. We all know who is the obvious victor here~

Sakura-chan testing our HER golfing skillz

As the judges compiled the winners, Combat decided to kill some time by doing a sort of Follow-The-Leader dance in which volunteers will go up and they have to do an action following whatever the person in front was doing. Combat led first, followed by Allan Walker, Red Riding Hood, Luffy, a random attender, Cinderella, another random attender and Lazytown chara. It was pretty fun actually as if you actually compile the actions together, it actually signifies a move or a trait. I wanted to join at first but I think I have been a glory hog enough

Finally the winners of the competition had been announced. I didn't win the art competition as usual, but I wasn't really let down because there were others that I have seen draw much better than I did but didn't win. I resolved to myself that since I wasn't getting any luck in art competitions, I might as well focus on cosplay competition, which at least I can play dress up, show off and be a glory hog all I want on stage and be lucky enough to win for it.

Btw, this is Danvo, finally unveiled as he came up to win second prize for cosplay competition~!

The winners (from left to right): Kyouya-sempai (5th for cosplay), Persona 4 chara (4th for cosplay), Chrona (3rd for cosplay), Danvo (2nd for cosplay), Minato (1st for cosplay), Misa-Misa (3rd for art), demon girl (2nd for art) and Johan bin Johari (1st in art; coincidentally his name "Johan" means "winner" in Malay XD)

Minato and her prize for her cosplay

And me performing seppuku/harakiri using Minato's katana for not winning anything T^T

Group photo~!

That was more or less what happened during my day at the Brunei Deviant Art Meet this year. It was way awesome~! Even more fun than last year and the attendance was about 150++! So much more than previous years~! Next year, I will definitely join both art and cosplay competition (if they're still gonna do it) and hopefully score either one. I've already have a game plan in mind, but I ain't gonna spoil the surprise for ya!

I made it into the news! Apparently my friend Khiong, who works as a sub-editor in Brunei Press managed to convince the head reporter to send out someone to cover the story of the event for the papers and managed to sneak in a photo with me in it. Far-out, though I had to treat my friend to lunch the following day to return the favour, but it's all good. Give and take, right? Neways, down there is a newspaper clipping where I had my 60 seconds of fame! Try and look for me~!

I am so totally psyched and looking forward for next year's dA meet~! *w*


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