Friday, November 27, 2009 | By: BlackGargie

Star Sign and How you are in Bed

Capricorn-Sassy intelligent,sexy, but strong and go get wat he or she wants!!

Aquarius- Co Dependant .Sexy and loves bein in relationships , long relationships!!

Pisces-Caring and smart and center of attention!! Very high sex appeal, fucks good in bed!

Aries-Outgoin and down to do anything dat sounds fun, the best in bed.oo la la

Taurus-Aggressive, the best lovers, likes to give a good fight for what they want!!

Gemini-Quiet, trustable, and good in bed!!

Cancer- very emotional , like to talk ,Energetic and goofy!!

Leo- Dominant in relationships, horny, life of the party, but erotic!!

Virgo-great talkers , allways want the last word. Laid back but knows how to have fun!!

Libra- very gentle, nice , & Loud but great listeners and have own unique sexiness!!

Scorpio- can predict future. Da most erotic, very high sex appeal and great in bed!!

Sagitarius- Spontanious , horny , sexy, high sex appeal, Rare to find but good when u find

Taurus - horns, really big balls, a tendency to charge red objects, something you don't want to fuck with.