Friday, November 27, 2009 | By: BlackGargie

10 Things Men Don't Understand about Women

My chat friend from Ireland showed me a link about this list, which I think it's totally bullshit and stereotypical of women, but still a fun read anyways XD

Some say that men are from Mars and women are from Venus and in terms of us being different, they weren't far from the truth.

Yes, we do have to spend two hours getting ready, and looking at every single pair of shoes in the shopping centre before making a decision.

Here are 10 things that men probably won't ever understand about us girls.

1. Why we have to make the bed
We know we're only going to mess it up again when we get back in it later on, but we still like to leave it neat and tidy, alright lads?

2. Why we take so long getting ready
We always like to feel our best when heading out of the house, no matter how much men protest about how long it takes for us to get ready. Yes, we do need to apply lipstick even if we're only going to the supermarket - because we're worth it.

3. Why we have to browse
We know we often go shopping, see a pair of shoes we love but insist on trawling the whole street just in case there's a pair we like even more before buying the pair we looked at originally. Well, we couldn't go home wondering 'what if?', could we?

4. Why kisses on text messages are important
Men take note: women do actually count how many kisses you put on the end of your text messages, and yes, it does mean something to us, like exactly how much you like us.

5. Why chocolate makes things feel better instantly
Nothing takes the pain of a stressful day or broken heart away like the taste of chocolate. Fact.

6. Why we don't laugh at fart jokes
This is an age old mystery - and one that isn't likely to be solved anytime in the near future. Fart jokes simply aren't funny unless you're a bloke.

7. Why one black skirt/handbag/pair of heels is never enough
Just because we already have one of everything, it doesn't mean that we don't need at least another three of each, just in case.

8. Why our hormones take over once a month
Now we don't expect men to understand this one because they've never been through it themselves, but it's something we don't have control over, so it's best to stay out of our way when it's happening.

9. Why we have to own so many pairs of shoes
The size of our shoe collections has baffled men for decades, but we just have to have a pair that matches everything we own - it's a basic human right after all.

10. Why we want to be independent (but still want doors held open for us)
Men have been holding doors open for us since the dawn of, well, doors and we still love it when they do. Only thing is, we like it when it suits us - because we're independent women these days fellas.