Sunday, October 11, 2009 | By: BlackGargie

Libido Necklace...??

Recently my sex life have been rather...frivolous.

Ever since I got my fiance the necklace for his birthday, his libido seemed to have increased. I realized it first time when he suddenly butted his dick against my back asking for it when he knew we were sleeping downstairs because of a rat invasion in our room. It was kinky, the thought of getting caught doing sex and all, but he was not one to be that daring.

Then these few days he seemed to initiate his "needs" on his own without my prompting and begging. Usually I would be the one initiating the "need" and always end up begging and whining for it while he complains of being tired. Now he seems to find whatever I do sexy and prompts for it every chance he gets. I kinda lost count how much we did it in the weekend...

Dang! That is some necklace, if that's the cause of it! XD