Friday, October 2, 2009 | By: BlackGargie

Events Before & After The Cat's Meow

I had a rather eventful day yesterday leading up to and after my post "The Cat's Meow" that I forgot to write in my journal.

First off, we went hiking to Shahbandar Hill as usual. But we didn't really hike or anything coz my friend got lazy, so we just walked around the compound. The public entertainment arena was finally completed, and we noticed that there is an increased population of monkeys around the area. We were checking out a few of them in a brood when the big-ass alpha male (with his big balls) walked past us.

We tried to keep our distance and commented on how big his balls were, but I think he assumed we were still too close to his territory so he put up the alpha male stance and growled at us, advancing towards us in a threatening manner, trying to get us go further. We were genuinely shocked and cowered away because so far, no monkeys have ever shooed us away from their territory and only run away when they see humans, but this is one possessive alpha male. In fact, he did to us again when we somehow crossed his path of brood again.

My friend joked that he was probably angry at us teasing his balls. LOL!

Well, you learn something new everyday.

*insert The Cat's Meow here. LOL*

After lunch we went surveying around the area and stopped by what seemed like a newly-built stationery shop. They sell pretty good stuff, in fact they even have a rather elegant looking pocket folder that caught my eye. Unfortunately I was kinda broke, so I didn't get it, but I did get a nice-looking CD holder. Truth be told we were running out of space for CD and DVDs and this elegant look is just the one I've always liked. They don't sell F4-sized clear holder, which was what I was originally looking for.

It's my friend's off-day, so usually that day would be Movie Day where we just go to the cinema and watch whatever is nice on the show. Then I found out 9 was already showing! The movie 9 by Tim Burton and Shane Acker is already out, and yet no hype about it! I had to watch, but I wanted to watch it with my fiance, so I texted him about it (though later I came home to find that he might be busy in the weekend and probably be a while before we'll actually watch it. Meh~!).

Since there were no other good movies to watch, we wandered around. I remembered that I had to get my fiance a birthday present, but since I was broke (being semi-unemployed is a shithole) I couldn't buy anything expensive. Then I remembered seeing a shop that helps people carve names on tags and I went to check it out. It was so cheap! $5 without carving and extra $2 charge to have it carved to our liking. It was a bloody bargain! I had to get it.

Based on my friend's male POV, I got him a black necklace with a tiny dogtag (since my fiance doesn't like big, extravagant blings) and told the owner to carve his name and birthdate onto the dog tag in descending order. She told us to come back in an hour's time so we walked around checking out stuff, mostly DVDs that I want to get and also get some tidbits and drinks and my F4 clear holder, before returning to see the handiwork. It's beautiful, just as I wanted it.

I just hope my fiance likes it as well.