Sunday, October 25, 2009 | By: BlackGargie

Do You Take This Man...?

Today is probably an interesting, pivotal day for me.

Today is the day I go to immigration with my fiance and my future father-in-law to be interviewed by the staff on my marriage application.

Last night I was quite nervous, and even asked my future eldest sister-in-law how is the procedure like (because her husband is a British-Indian), in which she replied it was bloody simple with the guy explaining the do-s and don't-s of foreign marriages and passport stuff and whatnot, and the only question they asked was if her father approved of the marriage, and she even jokingly complained that they waited half an hour just to go through a 5-minute interview. My future mother-in-law said things could be different nowadays, so I better be prepared just in case.

Today, I woke up early at around 9.30am to attend the 10am interview. We made sure our application form was filled and double-checked to see if we brought the necessary documents for the interview, and all in my head I was worried what the guys might ask once we're there.

We waited for my future father-in-law to show up (seeing the Ministry and the press coming over to do inspections in the process) before approaching the counter to state our intentions. Then we waited for another 10 minutes for the person to get the interview room ready.

In my mind, things were going through my head on what they might ask.

Will they ask how we met?

Will they ask private questions between us like how well we know each other, down to the colour of our spouse's underwear?

I was in for a surprise.

It was exactly as how my future eldest sister-in-law predicted.

We were required to read the terms and conditions and sign our name on it, then he explained things like required letters if I were to look for a job, being wary of my passport status, and make sure I don't give birth outside of Brunei if I want my child to be a Brunei citizen and stuff. He didn't even ask my future father-in-law whether he approves the marriage or not.

That's it.

Yup, you heard me. That's it.

5-minutes in total.

And all the while I was worrying if they're gonna ask me am I still a virgin or do we have a healthy sex life.

I know, it's kinda pointless, but I guess it's standard procedure, coz they want to make sure that we're not a marriage of convenience.

So, one month later, we will have to go back to immigration to see the status of our marriage and received the approval letter so that we can officially register at the courthouse.

Wedding bells, here I come~! ^_^