Friday, October 2, 2009 | By: BlackGargie

The Cat's Meow

I went to eat at a Chinese restaurant after hiking with my friend and that's where I saw the cutest thing ever: a black and white kitten sitting near a table outside the restaurant! SQUEE~!!! X3

As we ate and talked, the cat brought me memories of the experience I had picking up a tiny little kitten at my workplace back when I was still working in Brudirect. My colleague told me she saw a kitten being harassed by little kids just downstairs of our office building and I decided to take a look. She said she managed to scare the kids away but the kitten was in bad shape.

It was a tiny little thing, probably barely a few weeks old and still cannot see very well. Its nose was bleeding a little and it was shivering both in fear and cold. I wanted to bring it home to take care of it but then I was reminded that my fiance's grandmother hates pets and the memory of how she treated my future eldest sister-in-law's Pomeranian dog when she put it at our home for fear of giving allergies to the then newborn son, I shudder to think what she would do to the little kitten.

During lunch hour, me and my friend wondered how were we going to handle this and we thought the best would be to drop it off at a pet shop somewhere. We tried leaving it at a vet, but they were going to charge us all the way until someone is willing to adopt the kitten. Then there was their sister branch which was a pet shop, but they don't take newborn animals, much less kittens. They probably only dealt with rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs and fishes that were displayed in their shop.

Just when we were out of our wits, the pet shop sales assistant suggested that we should try taking it to a pet shop just up where I ate at the Chinese restaurant, which is in Batu Bersurat. So my friend and I drove all the way there and saw that there indeed was a shop that dealt with cats. I boldly entered and asked them if they were willing to take the kitten off my hands and explained to them my situation and how I ended up with the kitten.

They took a look at it and, not sure whether it was because the kitten was helpless and it grew on them or maybe because they felt for my plight of unable to care for the kitten, but they took the kitten and showed me to the back of their shop where they kept all their pedigreed and mixed breed cats. There was a mother cat there who was still able to give milk, and looked like a very beautiful mixed breed Persian cat and they put the kitten into the cage with her along with her other kittens. The mother cat immediately have maternal instincts kicking into her as she lay down to let the kitten feed on her, while the kittens looked and gathered at the kitten curiously.

Seeing that all the cats around here were well looked after and were very beautiful and well-fed, I knew I made the right choice to leave the kitten there. The owners there assured me that they will help me find a suitable home for it because sometimes they do help people to relocate cats and give them new homes, and assured that the kitten will be in good hands. I left the shop satisfied, although it felt like a little part of me is missing, and told them that I named the kitten 'Shandy' and hope they would relay that name to whoever wants to adopt it.

Seeing that black and white kitten now, after lunch, I reached over to tickle its head and my thoughts went back to Shandy. Is it well taken care of? Has it found a home already? Or is it still in the store waiting for a new home, getting along with its new adoptive feline family? I passed by the shop just now when we left and I was tempted to find out, but I suppose I should just let nature run its course.

Hope you're happy, Shandy, wherever you are.