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Do You Take This Man...?

Today is probably an interesting, pivotal day for me.

Today is the day I go to immigration with my fiance and my future father-in-law to be interviewed by the staff on my marriage application.

Last night I was quite nervous, and even asked my future eldest sister-in-law how is the procedure like (because her husband is a British-Indian), in which she replied it was bloody simple with the guy explaining the do-s and don't-s of foreign marriages and passport stuff and whatnot, and the only question they asked was if her father approved of the marriage, and she even jokingly complained that they waited half an hour just to go through a 5-minute interview. My future mother-in-law said things could be different nowadays, so I better be prepared just in case.

Today, I woke up early at around 9.30am to attend the 10am interview. We made sure our application form was filled and double-checked to see if we brought the necessary documents for the interview, and all in my head I was worried what the guys might ask once we're there.

We waited for my future father-in-law to show up (seeing the Ministry and the press coming over to do inspections in the process) before approaching the counter to state our intentions. Then we waited for another 10 minutes for the person to get the interview room ready.

In my mind, things were going through my head on what they might ask.

Will they ask how we met?

Will they ask private questions between us like how well we know each other, down to the colour of our spouse's underwear?

I was in for a surprise.

It was exactly as how my future eldest sister-in-law predicted.

We were required to read the terms and conditions and sign our name on it, then he explained things like required letters if I were to look for a job, being wary of my passport status, and make sure I don't give birth outside of Brunei if I want my child to be a Brunei citizen and stuff. He didn't even ask my future father-in-law whether he approves the marriage or not.

That's it.

Yup, you heard me. That's it.

5-minutes in total.

And all the while I was worrying if they're gonna ask me am I still a virgin or do we have a healthy sex life.

I know, it's kinda pointless, but I guess it's standard procedure, coz they want to make sure that we're not a marriage of convenience.

So, one month later, we will have to go back to immigration to see the status of our marriage and received the approval letter so that we can officially register at the courthouse.

Wedding bells, here I come~! ^_^
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Argh~! My tablet died~!!!

Well, it didn't really die. More like it is no longer pressure sensitive and it's behaving like a regular mouse now.

It was fine a minute ago and I was colouring away when suddenly it just stopped being pressure sensitive. First it was the right click button on the pen not working and after that PFFT! It just died.

ARGH~!!! I feel like killing myself now~!!!
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Silent Observer

Being the outsider in the family of my fiance (meaning not officially part of the family by marriage), I have learnt quickly what is my position in this family.

I am a silent observer.

I silently observe as the scenes in the home unfold.

I silently observe as the family goes into dispute.

I silently observe as there were sibling rivalries and arguments happen.

I silently observe as my future parents-in-law talk at the table about things going on in the family, or maybe when they complain among each other about dissatisfactions.

I silently observe as my future in-laws behave like Old Married Couples, bickering with each other, occasionally laughing out loud at their antics.

I silently observe as my fiance's 2nd sister grumble about things or bully the maid, even though my heart felt like scolding her for doing that (because I know if I did, I would only make things worse and make an enemy out of her)

I silently observe as I stay up late and see my fiance's 2nd brother-in-law get up in the witching hours to take a fag, wondering whether he was thinking about his marriage or his life or his job

I silently observe as my future father-in-law gives his berating and advices, mostly to my fiance's 2nd sister on how to straighten out her life.

I silently observe as my fiance's 2nd brother-in-law loses his temper and shouts at his son whenever the son is in one of his impossible moods

I silently observe as my maid met every whim and fancy of the kids, while trying to do the housework and tolerate my future grandma-in-law at the same time

I silently observe as my future grandma-in-law will sit there hogging the TV, yelling at the kids, doing the housework with the maid, turning in early or waking up at fucking 4 am and hogs the bathroom.

I silently observe as the kids play, scream, howl, laugh and cry their way through life, and handle them whenever the situation requires it

I silently observe as my fiance's 2nd sister's family have their ups and downs.

I silently observe everything, taking part as much as possible and help out and be involved whenever I can.

I am a silent observer.
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Another One Bites the Dust

I just got a text msg from my friend last night saying that Stephen Gately from Boyzone just kicked the bucket on holiday. I checked on Wiki and this is what I found:

On 6 October 2009, Gately posted on Twitter, saying: "Still busy, lots going on. Focussing on finishing my book next so may be quiet here".[21][22]

Gately's body was discovered on 10 October 2009 while on holiday in an apartment which he owned with Cowles near Port d'Andratx on the western tip of Majorca in Spain.[23][24][25][26][27] Spanish police were alerted at 1:45 pm.[28] The cause of death has yet to be determined, although it was reported that he had "gone out for drinks, returned to his accommodation and fallen asleep, but never woke up."[23] He was found squatting in an awkward way on a sofa, dressed in his pyjamas.[22] Police said they had no reason to believe the death was related to abuse of substances such as drugs or alcohol and no suicide note or signs of violence were located on the corpse.[28] The Gately family have enlisted celebrity solicitor Gerald Kean as their official spokesperson; Kean ruled out foul play and suicide, describing it as "just a tragic accident".[6][29][30]

Fans responded with messages of sympathy on the social networking website Facebook.[21] Boyzone manager Louis Walsh is quoted as saying: "We're all absolutely devastated. I'm in complete shock. I was only with him on Monday at an awards ceremony. We don't know much about what's happened yet. I only heard after The X Factor [UK television talent show on which Walsh is a judge] and we will rally around each other this week. He was a great man."[21][31] Walsh dropped out of the 11 October 2009 live televised results episode of The X Factor as a direct result of Gately's death.[29][32][33] Simon Cowell addressed the issue at the start of the programme.[29]

Former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern said: "It's so sad. Boyzone and Stephen, they've all been part of Irish life and far wider than that, the last 15 years, and so successful, so it's a huge, huge tragedy. He was 33 years of age, 15 years at the top, a fine musician, it's just a huge tragedy to Irish entertainment, Irish music and further afield as well".[34] Minister for Arts, Sport and Tourism Martin Cullen paid tribute: "Stephen Gately was a gifted young man with a talent for singing which brought him tremendous success as a member of Boyzone and also as a West End star. There was a joy about his music making, and his death at such a young age is both a personal and professional loss".[34] Andrew Lloyd Webber said it is "a great loss to the musical world".[22] Elton John said he and his partner David Furnish were "stunned" when they heard the news.[34] Katherine Jenkins twittered of "memories 2 cherish" from a night out in the weeks leading up to his death.[34] Stephen Fry described Gately's demise as "a dreadful shock".[34] "This was not supposed to happen. This was not in the script", said music historian Paul Gambaccini.[35]

Gately's bandmates flew out to Majorca on 11 October 2009.[22][29] Louis Walsh is expected to join them soon. The surviving members of Boyzone, Keith Duffy, Mikey Graham, Ronan Keating and Shane Lynch, issued a joint statement:

We are completely devastated by the loss of our friend and brother, Stephen. We have shared such wonderful times together over the years and were all looking forward to sharing many more. Stephen was a beautiful person in both body and spirit. He lit up our lives and those of the many friends he had all over the world. Our love and sympathy go out to Andrew and Stephen's family. We love you and will miss you forever, 'Steo'.[9]

An investigation into the circumstances of Gately's death is underway, with police concentrating on a night out he had with Cowles and searching for a missing Bulgarian man.[22]

What is it with this year?? Celebrities are literally kicking it. First it was Michael Jackson King of Pop, then it was Farah Fawcett the First Original Charlie's Angel, then Yoshito Usui the Shin Chan mangaka, now him!! I know they say the year of the Bull is a tough year, but this is a little over the top!

Libido Necklace...??

Recently my sex life have been rather...frivolous.

Ever since I got my fiance the necklace for his birthday, his libido seemed to have increased. I realized it first time when he suddenly butted his dick against my back asking for it when he knew we were sleeping downstairs because of a rat invasion in our room. It was kinky, the thought of getting caught doing sex and all, but he was not one to be that daring.

Then these few days he seemed to initiate his "needs" on his own without my prompting and begging. Usually I would be the one initiating the "need" and always end up begging and whining for it while he complains of being tired. Now he seems to find whatever I do sexy and prompts for it every chance he gets. I kinda lost count how much we did it in the weekend...

Dang! That is some necklace, if that's the cause of it! XD
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Events Before & After The Cat's Meow

I had a rather eventful day yesterday leading up to and after my post "The Cat's Meow" that I forgot to write in my journal.

First off, we went hiking to Shahbandar Hill as usual. But we didn't really hike or anything coz my friend got lazy, so we just walked around the compound. The public entertainment arena was finally completed, and we noticed that there is an increased population of monkeys around the area. We were checking out a few of them in a brood when the big-ass alpha male (with his big balls) walked past us.

We tried to keep our distance and commented on how big his balls were, but I think he assumed we were still too close to his territory so he put up the alpha male stance and growled at us, advancing towards us in a threatening manner, trying to get us go further. We were genuinely shocked and cowered away because so far, no monkeys have ever shooed us away from their territory and only run away when they see humans, but this is one possessive alpha male. In fact, he did to us again when we somehow crossed his path of brood again.

My friend joked that he was probably angry at us teasing his balls. LOL!

Well, you learn something new everyday.

*insert The Cat's Meow here. LOL*

After lunch we went surveying around the area and stopped by what seemed like a newly-built stationery shop. They sell pretty good stuff, in fact they even have a rather elegant looking pocket folder that caught my eye. Unfortunately I was kinda broke, so I didn't get it, but I did get a nice-looking CD holder. Truth be told we were running out of space for CD and DVDs and this elegant look is just the one I've always liked. They don't sell F4-sized clear holder, which was what I was originally looking for.

It's my friend's off-day, so usually that day would be Movie Day where we just go to the cinema and watch whatever is nice on the show. Then I found out 9 was already showing! The movie 9 by Tim Burton and Shane Acker is already out, and yet no hype about it! I had to watch, but I wanted to watch it with my fiance, so I texted him about it (though later I came home to find that he might be busy in the weekend and probably be a while before we'll actually watch it. Meh~!).

Since there were no other good movies to watch, we wandered around. I remembered that I had to get my fiance a birthday present, but since I was broke (being semi-unemployed is a shithole) I couldn't buy anything expensive. Then I remembered seeing a shop that helps people carve names on tags and I went to check it out. It was so cheap! $5 without carving and extra $2 charge to have it carved to our liking. It was a bloody bargain! I had to get it.

Based on my friend's male POV, I got him a black necklace with a tiny dogtag (since my fiance doesn't like big, extravagant blings) and told the owner to carve his name and birthdate onto the dog tag in descending order. She told us to come back in an hour's time so we walked around checking out stuff, mostly DVDs that I want to get and also get some tidbits and drinks and my F4 clear holder, before returning to see the handiwork. It's beautiful, just as I wanted it.

I just hope my fiance likes it as well.

Death of a Comedy Manga King

I found out a few weeks ago from a fellow Deviant Art friend of mine, Raidenokreuz, that Yoshito Usui, creator of Crayon Shin Chan was dead. He died on Sept 11 on a hiking accident. Autopsy shows that he might have fallen to his death while taking a picture from a cliff as a broken digital camera was found beside his body at the crime scene.

I more or less grew up with Shin Chan when I first bought the manga when I was in Primary 4. I totally laugh like a maniac every time Shin Chan does something outrageously silly and that manga pretty much relieves my stress whenever I read them. I never watched the anime coz his drawings is already kinda, sorta ugly enough. But despite the ugliness of the drawing, the humour overshadows it and you can really just forget that flaw and just enjoy the storyline for the sake of it. Although to read this, you must throw all logic away.

I've read his other works before and they were in nature, not for kiddies' eyes, but other than that, his works still rocks. I was in shock to hear about his death. It was just so...overwhelming to hear that this man who had brought smiles and laughter to everyone in the world would be...well...dead.

Even my fiance was shocked. First we lost the King of Pop Michael Jackson, then we lost Farah Fawcett, one of the women who started Charlie's Angels, and now this. What is it with this year and celebrities' deaths?

RIP, Yoshito Usui. You'll be dearly missed...

The Cat's Meow

I went to eat at a Chinese restaurant after hiking with my friend and that's where I saw the cutest thing ever: a black and white kitten sitting near a table outside the restaurant! SQUEE~!!! X3

As we ate and talked, the cat brought me memories of the experience I had picking up a tiny little kitten at my workplace back when I was still working in Brudirect. My colleague told me she saw a kitten being harassed by little kids just downstairs of our office building and I decided to take a look. She said she managed to scare the kids away but the kitten was in bad shape.

It was a tiny little thing, probably barely a few weeks old and still cannot see very well. Its nose was bleeding a little and it was shivering both in fear and cold. I wanted to bring it home to take care of it but then I was reminded that my fiance's grandmother hates pets and the memory of how she treated my future eldest sister-in-law's Pomeranian dog when she put it at our home for fear of giving allergies to the then newborn son, I shudder to think what she would do to the little kitten.

During lunch hour, me and my friend wondered how were we going to handle this and we thought the best would be to drop it off at a pet shop somewhere. We tried leaving it at a vet, but they were going to charge us all the way until someone is willing to adopt the kitten. Then there was their sister branch which was a pet shop, but they don't take newborn animals, much less kittens. They probably only dealt with rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs and fishes that were displayed in their shop.

Just when we were out of our wits, the pet shop sales assistant suggested that we should try taking it to a pet shop just up where I ate at the Chinese restaurant, which is in Batu Bersurat. So my friend and I drove all the way there and saw that there indeed was a shop that dealt with cats. I boldly entered and asked them if they were willing to take the kitten off my hands and explained to them my situation and how I ended up with the kitten.

They took a look at it and, not sure whether it was because the kitten was helpless and it grew on them or maybe because they felt for my plight of unable to care for the kitten, but they took the kitten and showed me to the back of their shop where they kept all their pedigreed and mixed breed cats. There was a mother cat there who was still able to give milk, and looked like a very beautiful mixed breed Persian cat and they put the kitten into the cage with her along with her other kittens. The mother cat immediately have maternal instincts kicking into her as she lay down to let the kitten feed on her, while the kittens looked and gathered at the kitten curiously.

Seeing that all the cats around here were well looked after and were very beautiful and well-fed, I knew I made the right choice to leave the kitten there. The owners there assured me that they will help me find a suitable home for it because sometimes they do help people to relocate cats and give them new homes, and assured that the kitten will be in good hands. I left the shop satisfied, although it felt like a little part of me is missing, and told them that I named the kitten 'Shandy' and hope they would relay that name to whoever wants to adopt it.

Seeing that black and white kitten now, after lunch, I reached over to tickle its head and my thoughts went back to Shandy. Is it well taken care of? Has it found a home already? Or is it still in the store waiting for a new home, getting along with its new adoptive feline family? I passed by the shop just now when we left and I was tempted to find out, but I suppose I should just let nature run its course.

Hope you're happy, Shandy, wherever you are.