Sunday, September 27, 2009 | By: BlackGargie

Wedding Bells A-Ringing...Soon

Wee~! Finally~! After so many months, we've finally went to do our registration~!

My fiance and I have been planning to get married ever since he proposed to me (unromantically in the car out of the blue). My future mother-in-law went to help us get a guideline paper on what sort of paperwork needed to be prepared for the registration, since I am the foreigner, and I have to do most of the work, coz first of all, I'm the foreigner and the more important works are all on me, and the other thing is that my fiance would be at work and I'm still semi-unemployed, so I've got more or less all the free time at hand to do it.

Getting the paperworks on my side was a little tougher than I thought. Not only I have to have a letter of consent signed by my dad, who is all the way in KK, and a photocopy of his IC, I have to get a paper from the municipal council of KK to prove that I am single and no strings attached. Pretty interesting though, with the stamp and all and I had to wait quite a bit coz it had to depend on whether my fiance's cousin, who lives somewhere near the border of KK, would be available or not to deliver the papers to me, but all in all, I got them.

Then, just when I thought I have all the paperworks prepared, somehow my fiance's passport got stuck in the washing machine coz our maid couldn't bother to double-check the pockets before doing the laundry, so he had to go apply for a new one and details on our letters have to be changed. We were worried as to how are we gonna have my dad sign his letter again because of the detail change, but...well, let's just say we improvised.

We always ended up delaying our trip to the immigration for our marriage registration coz my fiance was always busy ever since he was promoted to Project Technician or something and have to do OTs and stuff, and I always end up being the middle person because my future in-laws are always bugging me to hurry up with the registration before it's too late, and when I have to relay the message to my fiance, he would give me the Kill-the-Messenger attitude which made me upset as well. There are times where he drove me to tears and I really showed him what for...more or less.

Anywho, finally last Saturday, we got the chance to get it over and done with. It was lunch break for the immigration side, so we waited for a while before they returned at 2pm for their remaining working hours. The lady in charge came in and we quickly presented our stuff. It seems we were her first case. She asked us to make an extra copy of some documents and then while she prepared the necessary documents she asked who the "outsider" is, in layman's terms, who is the foreigner. I said I was and she just nodded and pasted our pictures onto the form. Funny thing she was speaking so softly but we didn't want to pressure her to repeat her questions coz we were afraid to offend her. Yeah, so it's a little hard to communicate.

She got us our registration form and told us to come back for an interview same date next month and bring along the necessary documents and also bring along my future father-in-law. According to my future eldest sister-in-law, if they've approved, they will give us a letter and then my fiance and I will have to go all the way to the courthouse to make a formal registration before we will be officially given a certificate of marriage. Wohoo~!

So, wedding bells, get ready to be ringing soon~!