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My Rants in the Past

I was checking out some things and stumbled upon my old workplace's website and remembered that I used to pretend to be someone else posting my thoughts on things. I went by the name Snarry and had sent in quite thought-provoking issues more or less. Although I had to be careful because terms of privacy is very high here and First Amendment doesn't really apply in Brunei. Since I'm no longer in the company, I think it's safe to say I can put it up here.

This is when I was upset about life in Brunei initially and agreeing with someone else's post regarding his/her opinion on Bruneians:

I agree in which we Bruneians are way behind in schedule. I wouldn't say that we are stupid, coz God gave us a brain and He would never intentionally make us stupid, but I would say this in another form: We Bruneians are slower than a snail pace when it comes to forward thinking.

I mean, look at us! How far have we actually gone? Sure, we have a few developments here and there and a few renewals in rules up and about, but that's it! Where's the advancement? Where is the tourism? Where is the hubbub our government promised us to look forward to in order to step into the future and keep up with the times? Where is the improvement of life? Nothing! I don't see anything!

I hate to say this, but seriously, tourism wise, we don't have anything to offer! So what if we're ranked best in London because of Empire? No one comes to Brunei just to stay in a hotel and shop! They can do that in their own country, thank you very much. Nowadays, even tourists are complaining that we don't have anything enough to awe them and said they don't feel like coming back. We never bothered to fix Jerudong Park, we never bothered to create any forms of National Park or Zoo or anything that can rival the ones in Singapore, and we sure as hell are not promoting anything by just high-lighting The Mall and Empire only in our main tourist attraction, because I can guarantee this is the only thing we can offer to the outside world.

We live in a fishbowl, guys. We are too protected and live in a bubble where we refuse to leave from its comfort zone. There are so many Bruneians nowadays who are dying to leave this country to seek better opportunities outside, because, let's face it, there is not much job opportunities here in Brunei. And even though those people actually left the country and work outside, they couldn't cope with the stress of the country's forward thinking and start complaining "Oh my God, how lucky are you to be Bruneians" and all that crap. Come on! If you're not prepared to cope with the life our country is meant to have, don't leave! Stay here and rot!

And another thing, we are too confined into our religious beliefs that our minds are ending up as a closed door to the outside world. I'm not saying that I'm against the religion or anything, but come on! Open your mind a little! How do you think other countries managed to reached the development age without bending the rules once in a while?! How did Malaysia managed to be so much better than we are?? Even the Middle East seemed way much more advanced and open-minded than we are!

The government spend so much money and scholarship to send students to UK and overseas to study, and I have to admit, I applaud the way the government want their children to excel and bring in ideas from what they've learnt to better secure the future of our country by providing lodgings, allowance and all that whatnot. But when they graduate and DO bring ideas into the society to be put to good use for the country, our country's religious beliefs refused to acknowledge those ideas because it's too forward-thinking and not suitable for our country's moral and religious lifestyle. Then why the hell did you send them off to overseas like UK in the first place?! Might as well let them continue studying in UBD, that's it!

There are so many things I'd like to berate about us Bruneians, but let's make it a more open discussion like civilized people, shall we?

I love my country, and I am speaking this out of love

This was when I was addressing the issue on corrupt cops:
I was very overwhelmed by yesterday's and today's news about the police sexually assaulting and molesting the Chinese tourists and their way of handling their raid business.

I mean, be serious, how can you just simply enter other people's premises without a warrant? If you claim that you have a warrant, show it. Not just saying "Oh, I have a warrant" and then not producing it or proving it that you have it

And then there's the search. This is so stereotypical of men, not only the police, these days. Just because you're from China doesn't mean you're here to promote prostitution. Are you trying to say that every Chinese that come here is here to sell their bodies? Of course not! It is an outrage! It's plain and simply discrimination! And what is this I read about jamming the tourist's visit pass into her jeans until the button broke? And the other police raiding who have supposedly witnessed the act, were conveniently "not in the room"? This is unacceptable! Isn't that enough evidence to be a sexual harassment and a cover-up?

What about the evidence that the police claim to have found in the search?

According to the news, the police said that "circumstantial evidence shows that there is proof that this place is a brothel and a place of 'inappropriate' business". If so, where is the evidence? Why don't they want to show it to the lawyer? Why did they not want to disclose the evidence? Don't they want to prove their point? If they do, show it! Not hide it!

And then they have the nerve to detain people, confiscate their passports, and issue an order to remove them out of the country, in which they have no power to do so except the court? How can they do that?? And I also believe what the lawyer said in which "the police will drag the investigation until the girls are fed up and go back home" might happen, judging by how bias and inconsiderate they handle their jobs. Why, I never!

The government must take this corruption seriously. This goes to show that Brunei police has gotten even more and more embarassing as years go by. Corruption, indecency, unlawful procedures of work, disregarding the code of honour...need I say more?

This is when I was literally screwing at Wecan Restaurant after reading a forwarded email and heard from countless experiences regarding the treatment they gave to customers:
This is very disappointing. To think that we take pride in Bruneians being polite, humble and courteous has been tainted by this restaurant who doesn't know the first thing about customer service! I know sometimes customers are not always right, but in this case, the term 'customers are always right' definitely applies.

What's so wrong about excluding the 4 ppl out of the 14? Can die ka? If you want to sedekah so much, go outside your doorstep and pretend to be beggar to beg for money la, then maybe they might CONSIDER sedekah to you.

And how dare you scream at your customers? In front of other customers no less. If your food is not enough to serve other customers, it's your problem your cook is too lazy to cook and refill! Don't blame customers for eating too much. They have the right to eat as much as they like! That's what buffet is all about!

And who gives you the power to 'haramkan' the food and your customer's presence? You think you're God, to just simply haram people as you feel like it? You have no shame!

I am definitely not going to set even a single toenail onto your shop. See how you survive without customers!

This was after I read an issue on a lesbian marriage in Melaka, Malaysia and the tragic story of them being separated:
I've been reading a lot of online news and websites and also world news lately portraying on how this guy got married to that guy and how this girl got married with that girl and how their love and marriages triumphed over all obstacles.

Then I read one of our local news a few weeks ago about a lesbian couple in Melaka, Malaysia, were forced to divorce each other because the "husband" is not male nor hermaphrodite in medical standards and therefore illegal in Syariah law or something. The "husband" only changed her name to a man's name, but was still physically a woman, and that was not allowed and are forced to divorce each other after so many years of marriage.

Other countries are so open to same sex marriages, and I for one am not against same sex marriages. In fact I support it.

I mean, who are we to deny their right to love each other? Isn't life all about love and cherishing each other? Is there really any concrete proof that it is politically, morally and religiously (no offence) wrong? Do they hurt anybody by loving each other? Did they commit really harmful crimes that can threaten the entire nation? Is their love lawfully wrong?

Of course NOT!

I really do feel sorry for those who have hide their true preference of love just to put up a show and please the society. Some even have to go through painstaking hours and money just to change their gender so that their love can be acceptable. Why? Why are we so discriminating towards them when their love is no different that our hetero love? If other can give them the right and freedom to love whoever they want, why can't we?

So I ask this question to you all, and feel free to reply me: Do you think same sex marriages and love is, once and for all, WRONG?

This was when I was very upset with my ex-boss and literally screwing them:
Have you ever had reli crappy bosses that are like venom in your life, the bane of your existence? I'm sure everyone does, but let me share my experience with you

I work under a private firm who is run by two bosses, and let me just call them K and Q. Q is OK to tolerate. Q can be a little fussy, and forgetful at times, but I don't blame Q, because Q has a lot of clients and projects in mind. So dealing with Q was never a real problem.

K, now that's a problem. K's a two-faced kinda guy. One minute K can be reli nice and friendly, then the next minute K will be breathing down ur neck and bombing you for no reason. I've become victims of K's mood-swings quite often. He asks you to do something, then scolds you for doing it wrongly when you are actually following exactly what he asked. There was once when he had asked me last minute to prepare an urgent report, and I sacrificed my lunch hour just to prepare the report for him. When he asked 5 minutes later where is the report, and I said, it's not entirely complete yet, he scolded me for doing things last minute when in fact, he was the one who asked me to do it last minute! How can you ask someone to finish a report within 5 minutes when it's one of those long reports that has to cover everything?? I ask you??

Just the other day, he bombed me for a tiny mistake I did in my job. I admit I made that mistake, but he saw it himself that when I was doing his thing, I was also doing another thing for Q at the same time and asked him to wait for a moment, in which he consented and said, "OK, you do Q's stuff first, but I want it now, ASAP". It wouldn't be a surprise that I would get confused when I'm asked to do two things at once. I mean, multitasking is a good thing, but everyone has limits. When I wanted to explain my situation to him, he cut me off and said, "No! You've done this mistake too many times already!" when in fact I only started working 2 mths ago! He doesn't even know what I want to say in the first place and assumed I was trying to worm my way out of the situation. Now how unreasonable is that??

And to think I have to put up with all this for only a meager $600! The worse thing is that one of my colleagues is taking maternity leave, and I had to do her s**t plus Q's s**t PLUS K's s**t! Where is the justice in that??

It may be Puasa time this month, and everyone is encouraged to beristighfar banyak-banyak, but bottling it up is just not healthy! It's very very bad, and people have limits as to how far they can tolerate their crappy bosses!

Gosh, I just wish K would just disappear from the face of the earth!

This was during the anniversary of the 9-11 incident:
I would like to draw everyone's attention to this day Sept 11. Though we may rejoice to the upcoming puasa and the eventual holiday of Hari Raya, do not forget those who are saddened and greiving for their loved ones who have passed on to the next life and those who have risked their lives, and died in the process, trying to save the survivors of 9-11.

Let us pray for the wellbeing of those gone during that day at the tragic event of 9-11 at the World Trade Centre and give our condolences to the friends and families and survivors who lost their dearest people on that day

May God bless their souls in Heaven
This is when I was disagreeing on the opinion on whether Borneo Bulletin or Brunei Times was better:
No offence but, come on, Observatory Tower, who are you kidding? I don't see anything good about BT. In fact, I can't see why BT's style of giving out the news to the public. Do you even KNOW what's going on within the walls of that news company?

I'm not going to say what truly goes on behind the doors of BT, but I can say one thing: When it comes to quality newspaper, BB always reign supreme. True, BB could use a little bit of work in their field, but at least their news are so much more reliable than BT.

For instance, who in their right mind want to buy such a big-a** newspaper with words that you need to bring almost close to your nose to read their words? Why is it so thin and not like BB which covers everything including world wide news on a bigger scale? BB has even the entertainment page and talked about more current issues and entertainment news, and has a better comic section. All I see from BT is just serious, serious, serious, with only two or three comics in between, and more serious. And it's so thin! BB may be huge and fat and bulky, but at least it's fat and bulky for a reason: more news! The first thing you see from BT is the thin look which gives you the first impression that there's nothing much it's gonna offer

And I don't believe their pictures are good. I think BB's pictures are way better, and their news more reliable. The pictures that they capture really focus on the core of the subject it wants to give out to the public. The people there may be highly educated but lack creativity.

Don't get offended. I'm just stating my opinion. It's the Puasa time after all
You know what's so funny from all this. No one thought for a second it was a woman who sent this. They all assume I was a guy by calling me 'he' and not 'she'. LOL~!