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My Fantasy Loves Throughout the Years


He was my first love. He is a man of mystery and justice. He travels at night to fight crime and uphold peace upon the City of Gotham. I called him the Warrior of the Night. He has two partners Robin and Batgirl. I used to admire Robin too, but Batman has always been the center of my attention. He lives a quite solitary life. He is the multi-billionaire Bruce Wayne during the day, giving out charity and manages everything in the business and development of Gotham City. He practically almost owns the whole Gotham City given his status. By night, he is the silent hunter—the Guardian Angel of his beloved city. I loved him for the mysterious, dark side of him and the way he hovers around in Gotham City and protecting them from evil villains like a shadow. He was the only superhero I’ve ever seen without any superpowers, and also a true hero because I believe a true superhero relies on his heart, not just his powers to fight crime.. He’s my protective shadow.

He was the second love. He is a crackpot and a crazy superhero with a way of saving the world: the crazy, wacky way! In real life, he was a typical, no-show teenager trying to cope with life, but when he got a computer microchip for a Christmas present and he tried it on his computer, he soon turned into the crazy superhero he was. That microchip—as far as I can remember—was an experimental microchip that somehow went through a minor short circuit during its creation and somehow turned into some chip that releases the crazy side of humans deep down inside people, and that’s what happened to the teenager. As he learned to control his powers and use them for good, whenever he wants to transform into Freakazoid, all he had to do is say the magic word: ‘Freak Out’. When he wants to return to his geeky self, he’ll say ‘Freak In’. I loved him for the wacky way he does things and the way he never ceases to amuse and surprise me. And he’s quite cute too, if you ignore his crazy antics. He’s my crazy monkey.


He is the love of my life, and I still love him even today. Although I have promised myself not be obsessed with him anymore now that I’ve grown up, I still couldn’t get over the fact that sooner or later I am going to see him marry someone else in the comics and I can’t do anything about it. He is titled as the national badminton coach now, but I call him the Badminton Master. He didn’t start out liking badminton and he often got himself into serious trouble by his dad (I pity him often for being forced to do things that he didn’t like), but he had to admit that badminton did hold a good future for him, which led him to who he is now. I loved him because of his mysterious attitude and his fascination for the supernatural. He and I had a lot in common, which made me even more ultimately attracted to him. He’s my husband.


He is my dearest little outlaw. He is the Student of Domori Elementary and he’s everything a bad boy has and more. I have a thing for bad boys, so his attitude really clicked with me. He maybe a Grade 5 student, but he looked nowhere near a primary schooler. He is so much like a secondary schooler to me! He had everything bad boys have: smoking, cheating, stealing, lying, his long, unentirely done hair, and he is so cute!!! Of course, another thing that makes me attracted to him is that despite his unearthly attitude, he had great responsibility and makes a great father if he were to have a family. I could see that by the way he treats his sister like she meant the whole world to him. Who wouldn’t if your parents were out working all day long till the middle of the night and you have to take care of your sister ever since she was born? I know I would. He’s my lover.


He is a creation of my senior’s artwork. He doesn’t exactly exist in any comics outside. My senior and I have a great passion for comic books and anime and I introduced the Anak-Anak Sidek comic to her. She was so used to drawing Japanese manga that I tried to train her to draw Malaysian manga, as in my Anak-Anak Sidek characters. She tried and did quite a good job, only that she made this Alex Benjone so much of Bun’s doppelganger that I couldn’t help admiring him. Of course I only admire him; I don’t love him that hard. He’s my best friend.


He is my loving soul mate and my darling. He is the life and soul of his Suzaku (Red Phoenix) team. He has the δΊ• sign on his left knee and he wears a smiley mask on his face. He did that because he’s covering up the scar on his blind left eye he got from accidentally killing his best friend. That scar could’ve healed but he refused to let it heal out of guilt. He is a traveling monk but I called him the High Monk due to the fact that he really is good in his incantations and always had an upbeat on life while he tries to cope with the guilt within him. I loved him so much because of his smiley face, mysterious attitude, bright outlook in life and his handsome face when he takes off the mask.


Teacher Rascal is a very, very interesting guy who teaches in a sort-of magical school (nowhere near Harry Potter style) and is the class teacher of Princess Akazukin Cha-Cha. He always carries a whip and loves to whip it like crazy, and the most important is he is the doppelganger of Katsuya Kimura! I was so shocked when I saw he was so much like Katsuya! I fell in love with him at once. Of course, it was just a phase. He is no better than the real Katsuya. He’s just a doppelganger and nothing else. He’s my Katsuya-wannabe.


He is the doppelganger of my dear Bun. He gets to travel through dimensions to save the world using the portal cap on his head and his sole mission is to prevent his archenemy SkullMaster from taking the cap to rule the dimensions. He looked so much like my Bun. I know I don’t do doppelgangers but the problem is…he had been in my childhood for quite a long time, which means he had been my Bun for so long, and yet I never noticed it! Damn it! I couldn’t let him go!!! He is known for many titles: ‘The Chosen One’, ‘Mighty One’ and ‘The Justified One’. But in the end, he is my childhood lover.


He is mysterious, dark and cold. He is my cold statue. He is a Potion Master in Hogwarts teaching Potions (obviously) to Harry Potter and his gang, as well as the whole bunch of students under his care. He had that certain feeling that he is hiding something, yet you just can’t figure out what’s going on in his mind, no matter how much you try to pry it open. He is emotionless and cold (except when he’s really pissed off) and he is cynical and critical as ever. No one, and I mean no one, can move him an inch. He is firm to his decision but unfortunately very unfair. He plays favourites and loves to give Harry a hard time. He may not be handsome and cute, but I love him just the same, because he’s the most challenging kind of love I’ve ever met.


He is the dream of every female. He is beautiful and handsome at the same time, with his blonde hair and green eyes and his flawless skin. He is the Elf Prince of Mirkwood in LOTR movies. He and the Fellowship of the Ring came together to fight the evil villain Sauron and help Frodo in everyway to destroy the One Ring that could bring the revival of Sauron and the downfall of all mankind. He is great in archery, swordsmanship and riding horses. He is agile and gentle at the same time (I just LOVE the way he leapt on the horse to join the fight). He is my Elf Prince.


He is much of a latest crush, but a crush nonetheless. He is both cool and cute at the same time and there’s something unique about him that totally attracts me. He is a private detective helping the city to solve cases and most importantly, reap high payments for it. Well, he’s not always that money-minded but he sure cares a lot about the public to do what he’s doing. He has two partners—Joned who has been with him since he started the private detective business and his faithful companion throughout their years of work, and Kido who was an extra help hired through interview. He got in because of his talent: he has telekinetic powers and is also part-psychic. Somehow, there is a drawback for my crush for him. In the last episode of the series, Jinggo died in an attempt to get rid of an alien who travels around the galaxy looking for a worthy opponent to fight. The undefeatable Jinggo was defeated. Joned and Kido were left all alone to face the wreck of earth the alien behind before he disappeared as suddenly as it came. Jinggo was left floating in space, his body slowly breaking into pieces as the vacuum of space sucked his body…It was so sad that I practically mourned for him for a week! He would always be in my mind though. This was my first love that ever died. He is my one-time gallant hunter.


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