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Total Class Act!

I was typing away in my dream blog when I suddenly remembered an incident back then when I was still working as a tour guide. I had a nasty cold and cough back then and my throat was kinda sore, so I more or less wasn't at my best shape when I was doing my tour guiding, but it was nothing meds couldn't cure.

The next day, I felt a little better, although my throat was still a little sore. I didn't want to strain my voice, so I pretty much faked my voice to be worse than it is and pretended that I couldn't talk for the life of me. I depended on facial expressions and body language and also made-up sign languages to convey my message. Needless to say my supervisor saw that I was totally not in shape to do any tour guiding, so he told me to stay in the office and do menial tasks in the meantime. LOL! It was a hoot playing with their minds and screwing with their heads as they try to make head or tail of what I'm trying to say. I even resorted to typing my message on my handphone when they couldn't understand my sign languages.

During lunch hour, I even "talked" with my best friend and colleague using a fake strained voice and whispers, coupled with sign languages, and we more or less had an understanding conversation. I was so convincing that they really thought I've lost my voice and all. LOL!

Then the next few days they let me off the hook and told me to take leave when I continued to put up my mute act. It was relaxing at best, and I enjoyed my weekend peacefully without the interruption of shifts, but it came with a cost of having my salary deducted for the number of days I didn't work. But it was worth it.

Dang, I totally should consider an acting career! XD
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Wedding Bells A-Ringing...Soon

Wee~! Finally~! After so many months, we've finally went to do our registration~!

My fiance and I have been planning to get married ever since he proposed to me (unromantically in the car out of the blue). My future mother-in-law went to help us get a guideline paper on what sort of paperwork needed to be prepared for the registration, since I am the foreigner, and I have to do most of the work, coz first of all, I'm the foreigner and the more important works are all on me, and the other thing is that my fiance would be at work and I'm still semi-unemployed, so I've got more or less all the free time at hand to do it.

Getting the paperworks on my side was a little tougher than I thought. Not only I have to have a letter of consent signed by my dad, who is all the way in KK, and a photocopy of his IC, I have to get a paper from the municipal council of KK to prove that I am single and no strings attached. Pretty interesting though, with the stamp and all and I had to wait quite a bit coz it had to depend on whether my fiance's cousin, who lives somewhere near the border of KK, would be available or not to deliver the papers to me, but all in all, I got them.

Then, just when I thought I have all the paperworks prepared, somehow my fiance's passport got stuck in the washing machine coz our maid couldn't bother to double-check the pockets before doing the laundry, so he had to go apply for a new one and details on our letters have to be changed. We were worried as to how are we gonna have my dad sign his letter again because of the detail change, but...well, let's just say we improvised.

We always ended up delaying our trip to the immigration for our marriage registration coz my fiance was always busy ever since he was promoted to Project Technician or something and have to do OTs and stuff, and I always end up being the middle person because my future in-laws are always bugging me to hurry up with the registration before it's too late, and when I have to relay the message to my fiance, he would give me the Kill-the-Messenger attitude which made me upset as well. There are times where he drove me to tears and I really showed him what for...more or less.

Anywho, finally last Saturday, we got the chance to get it over and done with. It was lunch break for the immigration side, so we waited for a while before they returned at 2pm for their remaining working hours. The lady in charge came in and we quickly presented our stuff. It seems we were her first case. She asked us to make an extra copy of some documents and then while she prepared the necessary documents she asked who the "outsider" is, in layman's terms, who is the foreigner. I said I was and she just nodded and pasted our pictures onto the form. Funny thing she was speaking so softly but we didn't want to pressure her to repeat her questions coz we were afraid to offend her. Yeah, so it's a little hard to communicate.

She got us our registration form and told us to come back for an interview same date next month and bring along the necessary documents and also bring along my future father-in-law. According to my future eldest sister-in-law, if they've approved, they will give us a letter and then my fiance and I will have to go all the way to the courthouse to make a formal registration before we will be officially given a certificate of marriage. Wohoo~!

So, wedding bells, get ready to be ringing soon~!
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My Rants in the Past

I was checking out some things and stumbled upon my old workplace's website and remembered that I used to pretend to be someone else posting my thoughts on things. I went by the name Snarry and had sent in quite thought-provoking issues more or less. Although I had to be careful because terms of privacy is very high here and First Amendment doesn't really apply in Brunei. Since I'm no longer in the company, I think it's safe to say I can put it up here.

This is when I was upset about life in Brunei initially and agreeing with someone else's post regarding his/her opinion on Bruneians:

I agree in which we Bruneians are way behind in schedule. I wouldn't say that we are stupid, coz God gave us a brain and He would never intentionally make us stupid, but I would say this in another form: We Bruneians are slower than a snail pace when it comes to forward thinking.

I mean, look at us! How far have we actually gone? Sure, we have a few developments here and there and a few renewals in rules up and about, but that's it! Where's the advancement? Where is the tourism? Where is the hubbub our government promised us to look forward to in order to step into the future and keep up with the times? Where is the improvement of life? Nothing! I don't see anything!

I hate to say this, but seriously, tourism wise, we don't have anything to offer! So what if we're ranked best in London because of Empire? No one comes to Brunei just to stay in a hotel and shop! They can do that in their own country, thank you very much. Nowadays, even tourists are complaining that we don't have anything enough to awe them and said they don't feel like coming back. We never bothered to fix Jerudong Park, we never bothered to create any forms of National Park or Zoo or anything that can rival the ones in Singapore, and we sure as hell are not promoting anything by just high-lighting The Mall and Empire only in our main tourist attraction, because I can guarantee this is the only thing we can offer to the outside world.

We live in a fishbowl, guys. We are too protected and live in a bubble where we refuse to leave from its comfort zone. There are so many Bruneians nowadays who are dying to leave this country to seek better opportunities outside, because, let's face it, there is not much job opportunities here in Brunei. And even though those people actually left the country and work outside, they couldn't cope with the stress of the country's forward thinking and start complaining "Oh my God, how lucky are you to be Bruneians" and all that crap. Come on! If you're not prepared to cope with the life our country is meant to have, don't leave! Stay here and rot!

And another thing, we are too confined into our religious beliefs that our minds are ending up as a closed door to the outside world. I'm not saying that I'm against the religion or anything, but come on! Open your mind a little! How do you think other countries managed to reached the development age without bending the rules once in a while?! How did Malaysia managed to be so much better than we are?? Even the Middle East seemed way much more advanced and open-minded than we are!

The government spend so much money and scholarship to send students to UK and overseas to study, and I have to admit, I applaud the way the government want their children to excel and bring in ideas from what they've learnt to better secure the future of our country by providing lodgings, allowance and all that whatnot. But when they graduate and DO bring ideas into the society to be put to good use for the country, our country's religious beliefs refused to acknowledge those ideas because it's too forward-thinking and not suitable for our country's moral and religious lifestyle. Then why the hell did you send them off to overseas like UK in the first place?! Might as well let them continue studying in UBD, that's it!

There are so many things I'd like to berate about us Bruneians, but let's make it a more open discussion like civilized people, shall we?

I love my country, and I am speaking this out of love

This was when I was addressing the issue on corrupt cops:
I was very overwhelmed by yesterday's and today's news about the police sexually assaulting and molesting the Chinese tourists and their way of handling their raid business.

I mean, be serious, how can you just simply enter other people's premises without a warrant? If you claim that you have a warrant, show it. Not just saying "Oh, I have a warrant" and then not producing it or proving it that you have it

And then there's the search. This is so stereotypical of men, not only the police, these days. Just because you're from China doesn't mean you're here to promote prostitution. Are you trying to say that every Chinese that come here is here to sell their bodies? Of course not! It is an outrage! It's plain and simply discrimination! And what is this I read about jamming the tourist's visit pass into her jeans until the button broke? And the other police raiding who have supposedly witnessed the act, were conveniently "not in the room"? This is unacceptable! Isn't that enough evidence to be a sexual harassment and a cover-up?

What about the evidence that the police claim to have found in the search?

According to the news, the police said that "circumstantial evidence shows that there is proof that this place is a brothel and a place of 'inappropriate' business". If so, where is the evidence? Why don't they want to show it to the lawyer? Why did they not want to disclose the evidence? Don't they want to prove their point? If they do, show it! Not hide it!

And then they have the nerve to detain people, confiscate their passports, and issue an order to remove them out of the country, in which they have no power to do so except the court? How can they do that?? And I also believe what the lawyer said in which "the police will drag the investigation until the girls are fed up and go back home" might happen, judging by how bias and inconsiderate they handle their jobs. Why, I never!

The government must take this corruption seriously. This goes to show that Brunei police has gotten even more and more embarassing as years go by. Corruption, indecency, unlawful procedures of work, disregarding the code of honour...need I say more?

This is when I was literally screwing at Wecan Restaurant after reading a forwarded email and heard from countless experiences regarding the treatment they gave to customers:
This is very disappointing. To think that we take pride in Bruneians being polite, humble and courteous has been tainted by this restaurant who doesn't know the first thing about customer service! I know sometimes customers are not always right, but in this case, the term 'customers are always right' definitely applies.

What's so wrong about excluding the 4 ppl out of the 14? Can die ka? If you want to sedekah so much, go outside your doorstep and pretend to be beggar to beg for money la, then maybe they might CONSIDER sedekah to you.

And how dare you scream at your customers? In front of other customers no less. If your food is not enough to serve other customers, it's your problem your cook is too lazy to cook and refill! Don't blame customers for eating too much. They have the right to eat as much as they like! That's what buffet is all about!

And who gives you the power to 'haramkan' the food and your customer's presence? You think you're God, to just simply haram people as you feel like it? You have no shame!

I am definitely not going to set even a single toenail onto your shop. See how you survive without customers!

This was after I read an issue on a lesbian marriage in Melaka, Malaysia and the tragic story of them being separated:
I've been reading a lot of online news and websites and also world news lately portraying on how this guy got married to that guy and how this girl got married with that girl and how their love and marriages triumphed over all obstacles.

Then I read one of our local news a few weeks ago about a lesbian couple in Melaka, Malaysia, were forced to divorce each other because the "husband" is not male nor hermaphrodite in medical standards and therefore illegal in Syariah law or something. The "husband" only changed her name to a man's name, but was still physically a woman, and that was not allowed and are forced to divorce each other after so many years of marriage.

Other countries are so open to same sex marriages, and I for one am not against same sex marriages. In fact I support it.

I mean, who are we to deny their right to love each other? Isn't life all about love and cherishing each other? Is there really any concrete proof that it is politically, morally and religiously (no offence) wrong? Do they hurt anybody by loving each other? Did they commit really harmful crimes that can threaten the entire nation? Is their love lawfully wrong?

Of course NOT!

I really do feel sorry for those who have hide their true preference of love just to put up a show and please the society. Some even have to go through painstaking hours and money just to change their gender so that their love can be acceptable. Why? Why are we so discriminating towards them when their love is no different that our hetero love? If other can give them the right and freedom to love whoever they want, why can't we?

So I ask this question to you all, and feel free to reply me: Do you think same sex marriages and love is, once and for all, WRONG?

This was when I was very upset with my ex-boss and literally screwing them:
Have you ever had reli crappy bosses that are like venom in your life, the bane of your existence? I'm sure everyone does, but let me share my experience with you

I work under a private firm who is run by two bosses, and let me just call them K and Q. Q is OK to tolerate. Q can be a little fussy, and forgetful at times, but I don't blame Q, because Q has a lot of clients and projects in mind. So dealing with Q was never a real problem.

K, now that's a problem. K's a two-faced kinda guy. One minute K can be reli nice and friendly, then the next minute K will be breathing down ur neck and bombing you for no reason. I've become victims of K's mood-swings quite often. He asks you to do something, then scolds you for doing it wrongly when you are actually following exactly what he asked. There was once when he had asked me last minute to prepare an urgent report, and I sacrificed my lunch hour just to prepare the report for him. When he asked 5 minutes later where is the report, and I said, it's not entirely complete yet, he scolded me for doing things last minute when in fact, he was the one who asked me to do it last minute! How can you ask someone to finish a report within 5 minutes when it's one of those long reports that has to cover everything?? I ask you??

Just the other day, he bombed me for a tiny mistake I did in my job. I admit I made that mistake, but he saw it himself that when I was doing his thing, I was also doing another thing for Q at the same time and asked him to wait for a moment, in which he consented and said, "OK, you do Q's stuff first, but I want it now, ASAP". It wouldn't be a surprise that I would get confused when I'm asked to do two things at once. I mean, multitasking is a good thing, but everyone has limits. When I wanted to explain my situation to him, he cut me off and said, "No! You've done this mistake too many times already!" when in fact I only started working 2 mths ago! He doesn't even know what I want to say in the first place and assumed I was trying to worm my way out of the situation. Now how unreasonable is that??

And to think I have to put up with all this for only a meager $600! The worse thing is that one of my colleagues is taking maternity leave, and I had to do her s**t plus Q's s**t PLUS K's s**t! Where is the justice in that??

It may be Puasa time this month, and everyone is encouraged to beristighfar banyak-banyak, but bottling it up is just not healthy! It's very very bad, and people have limits as to how far they can tolerate their crappy bosses!

Gosh, I just wish K would just disappear from the face of the earth!

This was during the anniversary of the 9-11 incident:
I would like to draw everyone's attention to this day Sept 11. Though we may rejoice to the upcoming puasa and the eventual holiday of Hari Raya, do not forget those who are saddened and greiving for their loved ones who have passed on to the next life and those who have risked their lives, and died in the process, trying to save the survivors of 9-11.

Let us pray for the wellbeing of those gone during that day at the tragic event of 9-11 at the World Trade Centre and give our condolences to the friends and families and survivors who lost their dearest people on that day

May God bless their souls in Heaven
This is when I was disagreeing on the opinion on whether Borneo Bulletin or Brunei Times was better:
No offence but, come on, Observatory Tower, who are you kidding? I don't see anything good about BT. In fact, I can't see why BT's style of giving out the news to the public. Do you even KNOW what's going on within the walls of that news company?

I'm not going to say what truly goes on behind the doors of BT, but I can say one thing: When it comes to quality newspaper, BB always reign supreme. True, BB could use a little bit of work in their field, but at least their news are so much more reliable than BT.

For instance, who in their right mind want to buy such a big-a** newspaper with words that you need to bring almost close to your nose to read their words? Why is it so thin and not like BB which covers everything including world wide news on a bigger scale? BB has even the entertainment page and talked about more current issues and entertainment news, and has a better comic section. All I see from BT is just serious, serious, serious, with only two or three comics in between, and more serious. And it's so thin! BB may be huge and fat and bulky, but at least it's fat and bulky for a reason: more news! The first thing you see from BT is the thin look which gives you the first impression that there's nothing much it's gonna offer

And I don't believe their pictures are good. I think BB's pictures are way better, and their news more reliable. The pictures that they capture really focus on the core of the subject it wants to give out to the public. The people there may be highly educated but lack creativity.

Don't get offended. I'm just stating my opinion. It's the Puasa time after all
You know what's so funny from all this. No one thought for a second it was a woman who sent this. They all assume I was a guy by calling me 'he' and not 'she'. LOL~!

A Series of Jokes

Dr. DoLittle helped his farmer friend to get him a nice strong bull to replace the old bull he used for breeding his cows. But a week later, his friend called him and said that his old bull looked sickly and wanted him to find out what's wrong. So Dr. Dolittle did.

When he arrived at his friend's farm, he was surprised to see that his friend was right: the old bull was in rather terrible shape and looked much more tired than he should. He went up to talk to the old bull.

Dr. DoLittle: Hey, old bull. How's retirement?

Old bull: Fine, just fine. Grazing and moving around as I please, no longer having to tire myself trying to mate with all 10 of those cows. I have the time in the world

Dr. DoLittle: Then why the long face?

Old bull: If only you can tell that young bull to stop "sneaking up" at me every night because I'm not a cow!


A newly wed couple were invited to a costume party, but on the day of the party, the wife didn't feel well, so she asked the husband to go without her. After taking some pills and a short nap, she decided to check on her husband to see if he was being loyal to her at her absence. She changed a different costume and saw her husband in his Spiderman suit at the party. She pretended to be someone else and seduced him into making love with her with their masks on. After the ordeal, she went back home and waited angrily for her husband to return. When he did, she asked, "So how was the party?"

"I didn't really enjoy it," the husband replied. "I spent the whole party playing poker with my friends. Your cousin borrowed my costume and he seemed to enjoy his time though."


4 men, namely Mr. A, B, C & D were out playing golf. Mr. D shot his ball into the lake, and while he went over to retrieve it, the other three men struck a conversation.

Mr. A: So, Mr. B, how's your son doing in his shipping business?

Mr. B: Oh, wonderful. He made so much profits today that he could even afford to buy his lover a brand new yacht. What about you, Mr. A? How's your son's construction business?

Mr. A: Oh, fantastic. He earned so much that he bought a bungalow for his sweetheart. What about your son's car-selling business, Mr. C?

Mr. C: Oh, fabulous. He's so rich, he even bought a new Vios for his darling. (At this point, Mr. D has returned with the ball) Hey, Mr. D! How's your son doing these days?

Mr. D: Oh, terrible. He dropped out of college recently coz he's busy having too much fun instead of studying. But the funny thing is he came home with a brand new yacht, a new Vios and told me he just moved in to a new bungalow. How does he do it?


Two businessmen were competing to see who has the dumbest servant.

Businessman A: Servant, take this $2 and buy me a watch!

Servant A: Yes, boss! (runs off)

Businessman B: That's nothing. Servant, go and check to see if I'm home or not!

Servant B: Yes, boss! (runs off)

The servants meet up at one spot, gossiping about their dumb boss.

Servant A: My boss is so dumb. The watch shop is just next door. He can just go there and buy it himself

Servant B: You don't say! My boss lagi dumb, he got handphone, he can try to call home and see if he's home or not what!


Three women compared their way of manipulating men.

Lady 1: I use my beauty and love to manipulate men

Lady 2: I use my money and power to manipulate men

Lady 3: Dear me, I'm too stupid. I can't even do anything

Lady 1&2: Wow! Now that's a REAL way to manipulate a man!


Ever wondered what the true meaning behind bra cup sizes? Here's a tip for you:-

A - Almost
B - Barely
C - Can't Complain
D - Dang!
DD - Double Dang!
E - Enormous
F - Fake
G - Get a Reduction
H - Help (I Fell Down and I Can't Get Up!)


A lady walks into a restaurant for lunch. A young waiter immediately tends to her.

Waiter: What would you like to order, ma'am?

Lady: Oh, give me steak, and make it 75% done, because I don't like it well done, too tough. And hold the mushrooms because I'm allergic to it. The salad, make it coleslaw, but I want it very fresh and very cold, and the gravy I want it to be black pepper, but not too much pepper please, they make me sneeze. I want a 1917 Burgundy, and I want it to be fresh out of the shelf, not those old ones that have been half-drunk. And for the soup, I want it to be cream of chicken, but don't put in too much chicken, and make it creamy and thick. Thank you

Waiter: *writes everything down to the last detail* OK, ma'am. And for your dessert, ma'am?

Lady: Oh, just an apple crumble please. I'm not that fussy


Four women were discussing about their sons during coffee

Woman A: My son is a priest. Whenever people see him, they would call him 'Father'

Woman B: That's nothing. My son is a bishop. Whenever people see him they would call him 'Your Grace'

Woman C: Mine's better. He is a cardinal. Whenever people see him they would call him 'Your Eminence'

Woman D: Well, my son is a well built, well-hung male stripper. Whenever women see him they would say 'My God!'


Two ladies at a facial spa chit-chatted about their dating life

Lady A: Guess what? I was so tired of having to gussy up every time I go out on a date that I actually went for a date yesterday without make-up at all. How daring is that?

Lady B: So did your boyfriend show up for the date?

Lady A: Yeah, he did

Lady B: Then I think your boyfriend is much more daring than you


Kid: Mom, I have a drinking problem

Mom: Oh no! But you're only six! How can that be? *turns to the father* It's all your fault! You never spend time with your son! Now he has a drinking problem and it's all because of YOU!

Dad: What?? Is this the thanks I get for slaving all day at work to provide you and the whole family?? That's it! I'm leaving! *walks out*

Mom: Fine! We don't need you anyway! *turns to the son* Don't worry, son. We're better off without him. Now tell me, son, about this drinking problem of yours.

Kid: Here it is *takes out a question paper* "If A drinks 15 out of 300 litres of water, how much is that in mililitres?"
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Defenders of Dynatron City

I was going through some pictures in Google when suddenly a childhood memory struck me. It was a one-shot cartoon called "Defenders of Dynatron City" (although in my country, it was named as Dynamation City, no idea why) which really captivated me. I researched on it online and this is what I got from Wikipedia:

Defenders of Dynatron City is a video game released for the Nintendo Entertainment System by JVC and LucasArts in August 1992.[1]


The game centers on a team of superheroes who protect a futuristic metropolis from Dr. Mayhem and his robotic henchmen. The Defenders are:

  • Ms. Megawatt (voiced by Whoopi Goldberg in the animated series), who can shoot electric bolts
  • Jet Headstrong, who can fire his head like a rocket
  • Buzzsaw Girl, who has a buzzsaw blade instead of legs
  • Toolbox, a robot with a smashing hammer head
  • Monkey Kid, a blue monkey armed with exploding bananas
  • Radium Dog, who can fly and has jaws strong enough to pick up cars with his mouth

Critical response

The game won praise in its preproduction by many video game magazines for the creation of an original superhero team. However, when the game was released it was widely panned by video game critics for, among other things, having a notoriously poor hit detection that required extremely precise aim for attacks to hit enemies. [2][citation needed]

TV show

The game was adapted into an animated pilot by DiC Entertainment.[3][4] It failed to be picked up and was released on VHS.[5] It featured the voice of Whoopi Goldberg, Tim Curry, and almost Christopher Walken.[6]


Marvel Comics released six issues of a comic book adaptation, written by Steve Purcell. The first issue was released in February 1992.[7]

I tried to look for the video in YouTube, which led me to for the full story, but unfortunately, no idea why, Veoh is no longer available in Brunei, which pissed me off big time, because I wanted to watch it again. There was a short clip of it in YouTube and even though I had to admit, it's kinda crappy animation for its timeline, it still rocks big time as I was reliving my childhood of falling in love with the characters but was hoping for a continuation that never happened. After reading Wikipedia, my long time question was finally answered.

It was kinda sad for me to know that it was only a one-shot that didn't make it because even though the animation sucked, it had potential. I especially am in love with the character Toolbox. Dunno why, he was the one that stood out among the rest and caught my eye. I even remember drawing doujins of them when I was a kid, creating my own OC called Screw Pogo or something like that to be paired with Toolbox. And it's by Lucas Art and the famous DiC Entertainment, who had been putting out a lot of good-quality cartoon series in the years back then, so why didn't it set off? It was upsetting to know that a potentially good cartoon came to a halt as a one-shot just like that. I swear sometimes people just don't know good stuff when they see one

I hope they would bring it back. It's very good. Maybe make a reboot and officially make it a cartoon series, even if it's just for one season
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My Fantasy Loves Throughout the Years


He was my first love. He is a man of mystery and justice. He travels at night to fight crime and uphold peace upon the City of Gotham. I called him the Warrior of the Night. He has two partners Robin and Batgirl. I used to admire Robin too, but Batman has always been the center of my attention. He lives a quite solitary life. He is the multi-billionaire Bruce Wayne during the day, giving out charity and manages everything in the business and development of Gotham City. He practically almost owns the whole Gotham City given his status. By night, he is the silent hunter—the Guardian Angel of his beloved city. I loved him for the mysterious, dark side of him and the way he hovers around in Gotham City and protecting them from evil villains like a shadow. He was the only superhero I’ve ever seen without any superpowers, and also a true hero because I believe a true superhero relies on his heart, not just his powers to fight crime.. He’s my protective shadow.

He was the second love. He is a crackpot and a crazy superhero with a way of saving the world: the crazy, wacky way! In real life, he was a typical, no-show teenager trying to cope with life, but when he got a computer microchip for a Christmas present and he tried it on his computer, he soon turned into the crazy superhero he was. That microchip—as far as I can remember—was an experimental microchip that somehow went through a minor short circuit during its creation and somehow turned into some chip that releases the crazy side of humans deep down inside people, and that’s what happened to the teenager. As he learned to control his powers and use them for good, whenever he wants to transform into Freakazoid, all he had to do is say the magic word: ‘Freak Out’. When he wants to return to his geeky self, he’ll say ‘Freak In’. I loved him for the wacky way he does things and the way he never ceases to amuse and surprise me. And he’s quite cute too, if you ignore his crazy antics. He’s my crazy monkey.


He is the love of my life, and I still love him even today. Although I have promised myself not be obsessed with him anymore now that I’ve grown up, I still couldn’t get over the fact that sooner or later I am going to see him marry someone else in the comics and I can’t do anything about it. He is titled as the national badminton coach now, but I call him the Badminton Master. He didn’t start out liking badminton and he often got himself into serious trouble by his dad (I pity him often for being forced to do things that he didn’t like), but he had to admit that badminton did hold a good future for him, which led him to who he is now. I loved him because of his mysterious attitude and his fascination for the supernatural. He and I had a lot in common, which made me even more ultimately attracted to him. He’s my husband.


He is my dearest little outlaw. He is the Student of Domori Elementary and he’s everything a bad boy has and more. I have a thing for bad boys, so his attitude really clicked with me. He maybe a Grade 5 student, but he looked nowhere near a primary schooler. He is so much like a secondary schooler to me! He had everything bad boys have: smoking, cheating, stealing, lying, his long, unentirely done hair, and he is so cute!!! Of course, another thing that makes me attracted to him is that despite his unearthly attitude, he had great responsibility and makes a great father if he were to have a family. I could see that by the way he treats his sister like she meant the whole world to him. Who wouldn’t if your parents were out working all day long till the middle of the night and you have to take care of your sister ever since she was born? I know I would. He’s my lover.


He is a creation of my senior’s artwork. He doesn’t exactly exist in any comics outside. My senior and I have a great passion for comic books and anime and I introduced the Anak-Anak Sidek comic to her. She was so used to drawing Japanese manga that I tried to train her to draw Malaysian manga, as in my Anak-Anak Sidek characters. She tried and did quite a good job, only that she made this Alex Benjone so much of Bun’s doppelganger that I couldn’t help admiring him. Of course I only admire him; I don’t love him that hard. He’s my best friend.


He is my loving soul mate and my darling. He is the life and soul of his Suzaku (Red Phoenix) team. He has the δΊ• sign on his left knee and he wears a smiley mask on his face. He did that because he’s covering up the scar on his blind left eye he got from accidentally killing his best friend. That scar could’ve healed but he refused to let it heal out of guilt. He is a traveling monk but I called him the High Monk due to the fact that he really is good in his incantations and always had an upbeat on life while he tries to cope with the guilt within him. I loved him so much because of his smiley face, mysterious attitude, bright outlook in life and his handsome face when he takes off the mask.


Teacher Rascal is a very, very interesting guy who teaches in a sort-of magical school (nowhere near Harry Potter style) and is the class teacher of Princess Akazukin Cha-Cha. He always carries a whip and loves to whip it like crazy, and the most important is he is the doppelganger of Katsuya Kimura! I was so shocked when I saw he was so much like Katsuya! I fell in love with him at once. Of course, it was just a phase. He is no better than the real Katsuya. He’s just a doppelganger and nothing else. He’s my Katsuya-wannabe.


He is the doppelganger of my dear Bun. He gets to travel through dimensions to save the world using the portal cap on his head and his sole mission is to prevent his archenemy SkullMaster from taking the cap to rule the dimensions. He looked so much like my Bun. I know I don’t do doppelgangers but the problem is…he had been in my childhood for quite a long time, which means he had been my Bun for so long, and yet I never noticed it! Damn it! I couldn’t let him go!!! He is known for many titles: ‘The Chosen One’, ‘Mighty One’ and ‘The Justified One’. But in the end, he is my childhood lover.


He is mysterious, dark and cold. He is my cold statue. He is a Potion Master in Hogwarts teaching Potions (obviously) to Harry Potter and his gang, as well as the whole bunch of students under his care. He had that certain feeling that he is hiding something, yet you just can’t figure out what’s going on in his mind, no matter how much you try to pry it open. He is emotionless and cold (except when he’s really pissed off) and he is cynical and critical as ever. No one, and I mean no one, can move him an inch. He is firm to his decision but unfortunately very unfair. He plays favourites and loves to give Harry a hard time. He may not be handsome and cute, but I love him just the same, because he’s the most challenging kind of love I’ve ever met.


He is the dream of every female. He is beautiful and handsome at the same time, with his blonde hair and green eyes and his flawless skin. He is the Elf Prince of Mirkwood in LOTR movies. He and the Fellowship of the Ring came together to fight the evil villain Sauron and help Frodo in everyway to destroy the One Ring that could bring the revival of Sauron and the downfall of all mankind. He is great in archery, swordsmanship and riding horses. He is agile and gentle at the same time (I just LOVE the way he leapt on the horse to join the fight). He is my Elf Prince.


He is much of a latest crush, but a crush nonetheless. He is both cool and cute at the same time and there’s something unique about him that totally attracts me. He is a private detective helping the city to solve cases and most importantly, reap high payments for it. Well, he’s not always that money-minded but he sure cares a lot about the public to do what he’s doing. He has two partners—Joned who has been with him since he started the private detective business and his faithful companion throughout their years of work, and Kido who was an extra help hired through interview. He got in because of his talent: he has telekinetic powers and is also part-psychic. Somehow, there is a drawback for my crush for him. In the last episode of the series, Jinggo died in an attempt to get rid of an alien who travels around the galaxy looking for a worthy opponent to fight. The undefeatable Jinggo was defeated. Joned and Kido were left all alone to face the wreck of earth the alien behind before he disappeared as suddenly as it came. Jinggo was left floating in space, his body slowly breaking into pieces as the vacuum of space sucked his body…It was so sad that I practically mourned for him for a week! He would always be in my mind though. This was my first love that ever died. He is my one-time gallant hunter.

Beautiful Lady Jokes

Guides - Beautiful Lady = BL

Workaholic Roomate = WR

Ugly Roomate = UR

Innocent Roomate = IR

WR: *sighs* It's been 5 years since I broke up wif my ex. His image is still a little blur to me

BL: *sighs* Same here. Sometimes I can't even remember how exactly does he look like

WR: How many years since you broke up?

BL: *looks at clock* Half an hour ago

------------------------------ --

UR: Sometimes I feel a sudden rush of depression these days. You know how to get rid of it?

BL: Try falling in love. Love is always the best medicine

UR: What about marriage?

BL: Please don't overdose

------------------------------ --

IR: I can't sleep with lights!

WR: Well I can't sleep without light!

BL: I can't sleep without men!

WR: *looks outside* You just woke up the whole damn neighbourhood of men...

------------------------------ --

Landlord: Time for rent!

BL: *hides n keeps quiet*

Landlord: I know you're home

BL: *remains quiet*

Landlord: Every husband in the neighbourhood is with their wives today

BL: *groans n pays rent*


Landlord: Time for rent! And if you can't pay you'll have to pack up n leave

BL: *shouts out loud* Guys! I'm leaving!

5 men (showed up outta nowhere): *digging their wallets* How much? I'll pay!


UR: How's the current economy status?

WR: *points to BL* Ask her

UR: But she's not an economist!
WR: True, but she can tell from her gifts she get from men the economy status


WR: Who's that waiting down there in a tux?

BL: He's been trying to woo me for 3 days now. His dad's the executive manager of a jewelry company and owns 3 other businesses in England and 2 more in China

WR: Then what are you waiting for??

BL: I'm thinking whether I should be his stepmother

------------------------------ --

WR: The economy is more and more worse. Ppl r looking for second jobs to cope with the expenses. What about you?

BL: The same. I'm looking for men with two jobs


BL: I am born to be every man's lover. But I'm a new age lover: I only require men's love, not their money

WR: So how do you support yourself?

BL: Through their wives' request for separation fee


BL: I dug deep into my pockets to publish 2000 copies of my novel of my love affair with 10 married men. First day of sales n I sold them all out

IR: Wow! That's amazing! How did you do it?

BL: Those 10 idiots bought 200 copies each


WR: You go around flirting and taking advantage of men, and hv overly high maintenance. Why can't you get rid of that stereotypical attitude and be a modern woman? You are a shame to all women

BL: I don't mind, as long as I'm the pride of all men


BL: Come shopping with me

IR: I thought u always ask some guy to go shopping with you

BL: Can't. Their wives all wanted to go out shopping


At the cinema...

Man #1: Get me a seat with a clear view

Man #2: A seat with a clear view, please

Man #3: A seat with a clear view

BL: A seat with a clear view of me


BL: Hello there. Doesn't your father usually come over to collect the rent?

Landlord's son: It can't be helped. He's getting old

BL: Too old for money-collecting?

Landlord's son: Too old for women-watching


BL: Can you delay the rent for a few more days?

Landlord: Sure, just come closer

UR: What about me?

Landlord: Sure, just stay away


BL: Love is lethal. When you can't get men to notice you at first sight, you're dead

IR: What if a man doesn't notice you at first sight?

BL: Hurry up and get another man to do so


BL: *receiving a string of calls* Hello, Jerry, dinner on Friday? No problem. Hello, Andy, shopping on Saturday? No problem. Hello, Vincent, hot springs on Sunday? No problem.

WR: *thinks* If my business is as hot as her, I'd have no problem


UR: If one day I get married, will you seduce my husband?

BL: Goodness, dear, we've been friends for so long. How could you not trust me?

UR: I'm just a little worried

BL: If you don't trust my character, at least you should trust my taste


Waiter: Ma'am, please pay the check. We're closing

BL: Is there no men willing to pay my tab?

Waiter: Sorry, ma'am. Not a single one

BL: *thinking* I'm definitely not coming back to this gay restaurant


WR: Experts say that every 3 people, one of them is a working woman. I just don't understand why you choose to remain unemployed

BL: What do you know? I'm one of the reasons why the other 2 men is working their asses off


BL: How much do you actually have?

Man: How much do you actually worth?


BL: I plan to dump this man

IR: OMG, that man is gorgeous! Why? Are you bored of him?

BL: All my friends are bored of him

------------------------------ ----------

UR: What's the pros of getting married?

BL: It trains your memory

UR: How so?

BL: You'll thinking back your single days

------------------------------ ----------

BL: Have you seen my future lover?

Fortune-teller: I only see a woman

BL: What woman?

Fortune-teller: Your future lover's wife

------------------------------ ----------

At funfair...

BL: I'm on a bad streak. I couldn't win anything

IR: Don't give up. You should use your experience

BL: Wat experience?

IR: Your experience in winning over men

------------------------------ ---------

WR: Here's the news headlines: AIDS spreading like wildfire, killing millions...

BL: Old school

WR: Pollution soaring skyhigh...

BL: Yesterday's fashion

WR: Today's men don't stray away from wives and families...

BL: OMG, that's terrible!

------------------------------ ----------

Man: If you don't marry me, I'll kill myself

BL: I'm sorry, I still cannot accept your proposal

UR: Don't worry, I'll marry you

Man: Thank you for making me want to kill myself more

------------------------------ ----------

BL: *talks to mirror* Listen good. You are the most beautiful woman in the world. The most, most beautiful woman in the world

All the roomates: *as soon as BL leaves* Don't listen to her. You're the most beautiful!

------------------------------ ---------

Man: What do you think of love?

BL: Love is priceless

Man: Then let's get married!

BL: Marriage is expensive

------------------------------ ---------

BL: If you act silly, men will think you have quality

UR: No offence, but I kinda question that theory. I've tried it so many times and no men think I have quality

BL: I mean act silly, not be silly

------------------------------ ---------

IR: Can you love 2 men at once?

BL: Of course not. I usually fall in love with a bunch of men at once

------------------------------ ---------

BL: To be honest, I've lost count of all the men I've loved

IR: You better keep track of yourself

BL: Why?

IR: Lovers can count; bitches can't

------------------------------ ---------

UR: Why don't men love me? Why don't men ever care about me? Why? Why?

BL: Coz men hate women who can't stop asking why

------------------------------ ---------

Waiter: The total is $113, plz

BL: Here. *hands him a card* Come fren, let's go

WR: Wat is that card you just gave him? Don't you need to sign for it?

BL: It's my phone number

------------------------------ ---------

BL: Men to me are like disposables. Once used can be disposed of. So to me, breaking up wif men is like throwing out the garbage

UR: Are there many like you out there?

BL: Nope. But when it comes to picking up the garbage, there's plenty

------------------------------ ----------

BL: You're always so busy, no wonder you have an unhappy life

WR: Humph! At least I'm creating opportunities for many people. What abt u? What's ur contribution to society being aloof n unemployed?

BL: I'm creating many opportunities for men

------------------------------ ----------

IR: I have much interest in philosophy

BL: I, too, have much interest in philosophy

IR: I've gone to 10 philosopher's lectures

BL: I've gone on 10 philosopher's beds

------------------------------ ----------

WR: *On the phone* What?! The stocks have gone down drastically! Get rid of my stocks immediately!

BL: Lend me your phone plz *dials number* Get rid of all my stock-buying boyfriends!

------------------------------ ----------

UR: I love to collect things that symbolize freedom. Look, here's the rock taken from the walls of the parliament where Guy Fawkes tried to bomb

BL: I have something similar too. Look, a copy of my friend's divorce papers

------------------------------ ----------

Man: You're the comet that comes only once a millenium, you're the genie in the thousand year old bottle, you're the brightest star that shines in the galaxy...

BL: Go away. I will not associate myself with someone who sees so little of me

------------------------------ -----------

BL: I know the best coffee in France, the best sushi in Japan, the best steak in NY

IR: Can you help me get a bottle of ketchup?

BL: Where can I get that?!


At the golf course...

Man: Steady... Steady... Steady... Steady...

BL: I'm very steady

Man: I meant me

------------------------------ ------

BL: This is the list of men I broke in the past, present and will be in the future

IR: You should save a little

BL: What? The men?

IR: No, the paper

------------------------------ ------

UR: What are you doing?

BL: Deciding who to date.

UR: What's choosing shoes gotta do with who to date?

BL: Short heels for short men, high heels for tall men

------------------------------ ------

Waiter: What'll it be?

BL: *whispers to IR* Any men interested with us wen we came in?

IR: *whispers bk* I don't think so

BL: *talks to waiter* Just give us the cheapest set lunch

------------------------------ -------

BL: Phew! It's getting hot in here *removes jacket* Ah, that's better

Men: Phew! It's getting hot in here

------------------------------ -------

BL: Tomorrow I'm going to enjoy the romance of Paris, then the next day the roughin' n toughin' of Germany, then the next day the vibrant of America, then finally the next day the protectiveness of Japan

WR: Don't be ridiculous. You can't go to four different countries in four days!

BL: Maybe, but four different men would do the trick

------------------------------ -------

BL: I'm not happy. I'm not happy at all. Do you think I'd be happier if I stop seducing men?

Psychiatrist: Nope, but I bet many women would

------------------------------ -------

BL: Make me copies of 10 keys

Locksmith: No problem. Have a lot of doors, haven't we?

BL: Have a lot of boyfriends

------------------------------ -------

BL: I'll pay you $50 to see my future

Fortune-teller: I'm sorry, I can't do that

BL: Why not?

Fortune-teller: *points at a bunch of men behind her* They paid me more to see your past

------------------------------ -------

BL: My 1st bf gave me these earrings, my 2nd bf gave me this ring, my 3rd bf gave me this bracelet...

Man: I'm sorry. I can't afford to give you jewelry

BL: Then give me a new bf

------------------------------ -------

WR: Experts say that this year the whole country's women have an average of dating more boyfriends than last year by 50%

IR: That's ridiculous. I've never had dated more than I did last year

UR: I agree. This statistic is flawed

BL: No problem, they must've included my number of dates

------------------------------ -------

WR: You know the beauty of computers? Whatever information I need, I can just get it with the click of a button

BL: You know the beauty of phones? Whatever men I want, I can just call them with the dial of a number

------------------------------ --------

UR: Men today are hopeless in the test of love. How do I let them know that I'm their only sweetheart

BL: Don't let them see other sweethearts

------------------------------ --------

UR: Where have all the good men gone?

BL: Taken away by bad women

UR: Then where have all the bad men gone?

BL: Taking away good women

------------------------------ --------

IR: Can someone live without love?
BL: Of course, and they live longer too

IR: That's a relief

BL: Although they don't care if you're alive or not

------------------------------ --------

WR: How many men have you broke up with exactly?

BL: Too many to count

WR: Don't you get hate mail from them?

BL: Yeah, but their wives' thank you note balance it out

------------------------------ --------

Man: OMG! How could you dump me for that man? Does he earn more than me?

BL: Of course not, darling, but he spends better than you

------------------------------ --------

BL: Many men say this to me "Marry me or I'll die"

UR: Many men had said something like that to me

BL: Such as?

UR: "Marry me and I'll die"

------------------------------ --------

BL: Truth be told, men are only women's toys

IR: I'm still a kid, I don't understand the meaning

BL: Don't worry. I'll get you a child-safe toy

------------------------------ --------

IR: Why do men like to put their hands on women's bodies?

BL: Coz it gives them satisfaction

IR: Then what should we do to get satisfaction?

BL: Put our hands into their wallets

------------------------------ --------

Man: You are my goddess

BL: Get out of here

Man: You are my salvation

BL: Get out of here

Man: *walks off n muttered* I guess not even money can win the hearts of women

BL: Get back here

------------------------------ --------

IR: Look at all the number of love letters I got from my boyfriend

BL: That's nothing. Look at all the messengers I got from sending letters for my boyfriend

------------------------------ --------

WR: Is it true that men starts to regret after the wedding next day?
BL: Yes, of course

WR: What abt the women?

BL: When the husband stop letting her buy new clothes

------------------------------ ---------

BL: When men stops talking, women starts nagging

UR: When women stops talking?

BL: Men starts worrying

Monthly Words of Wisdom

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Meaning of Rose Colours

Black Roses signify Death

Coral Rose conveys desire

Lavender Roses symbolize love at first sight and enhancement

Orange Roses indicate enthusiasm, desire and fascination

Pink (Deep) says Thank You

Pink (Light) Rose conveys admiration, gentleness, grace, gladness, joy and sweetness

Pink Rose carries the message of happiness, gracefulness and gentleness

Red Roses symbolize sincere Love, Respect, and Courage & Passion

Red (Dark) Rose reveals unconscious beauty

Red (Single) means "I Love You"

Red & White Roses together signify unity

Single Rose in any color expresses simplicity and gratitude

White Roses express Purity/heavenly, secrecy, silence, innocence and charm

White (Bridal) Rose symbolizes a happy love

Yellow Roses indicate joy, gladness, friendship and "I Care"

Yellow Rose with Red Tip indicates friendship falling in Love
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Urban Legends

These are urban legends I have collected from various sites that are worth reading into (although most of them are already proven to be just rumours or fake):

The air hostess, as she passed along the aisle of the plane on the transatlantic flight from Amsterdam to New York noticed that the baby, nestled between the couple who were asleep, didn't look very well, in fact it looked extremely ill. Not wanting to disturb anyone she gently lifted up the baby and took it back to her station. Feeling the baby's forehead, she found it was cold and with a sudden panic she realised that the infant was dead. Calling upon a doctor she knew to be on board, he examined the baby and confirmed that, not only was it dead, but it was embalmed. The child's body had been hollowed out and it was full of the drugs that the couple was trying to smuggle into the States.

A young lady is alone in her apartment. She goes to bed with her dog on the floor beside her. In the middle of the night, she is woken up by a strange sound. She is alarmed, but reaches down to the dog, who licks her hand. She is reassured and goes back to sleep. In the morning, she finds the dog hung in the shower. Where the dog slept, she picks up a note which reads 'Humans can lick too,"

A woman living in the city {Salt Lake} was visiting some friends in Ogden. When she got into her car in front of this friend's house, she noticed that a car started up right behind her car. It was about 2:00 in the morning, and there weren't any other cars on the road. After she had driven to the highway, she began to think that this car was following her. Some of the time he would drive up real close to her car, but he wouldn't ever pass. She was really scared to death and kept speeding to try to get away from him. When she got to Salt Lake, she started running stop lights to get away from him, but he would run right through them too. So when she got to her driveway she pulled in really fast, and this guy pulled in right behind her. She just laid on the horn, and her husband came running out. Just then, the guy jumped out of the car, and her husband ran over and said, 'What the hell's goin' on here?" So he grabbed the guy, and his wife said, "This man's followed me all the way from Ogden." The man said, 'I followed your wife because I was going to work, and as got into my car, I noticed when I turned my lights on, a man's head bob down in her back seat." So the husband went over to her back-seat, opened the door, and there was a deranged man sitting on the floor with a knife in his hand.

Two roommates remain at their deserted college dormitory over a holiday break. One of the girls goes out on a date that evening, and the other one turn in and goes to bed before her roommate returns. Later that night the sleeping girl is awakened by gurgling and scratching noises coming from outside the hallway door. Frightened, she locks the door and cowers inside the room until morning. When the girl finally opens the door and ventures outside, she discovers the bloody corpse of her roommate in the hallway. The murdered girl's throat had been slit, and she had bled to death in the hallway while clawing at the door.

In Berlin, after World War II, money was short, supplies were tight, and it seemed like everyone was hungry. At that time, people were telling the tale of a young woman who saw a blind man picking his way through a crowd. The two started to talk. The man asked her for a favour: could she deliver the letter to the address on the envelope? Well, it was on her way home, so she agreed. She started out to deliver the message, when she turned around to see if there was anything else the blind man needed. But she spotted him hurrying through the crowd without his smoked glasses or white cane. She went to the police, who raided the address on the envelope, where they found heaps of human flesh for sale. And what was in the envelope? A note saying 'This is the last one I am sending you today,"

A male flight attendant was stopping over at Japan. He went to a local bar where a Japanese man and woman approached him. They chatted and had a drink, The man gave him an old traditional Japanese drink. The next memory the flight attendant had, was when he woke up in a bath of ice in a hotel room with agonizing pains in his stomach. He managed to pull himself out the bath and phone the police. He told them everything he could remember, the policeman described the two people and the man said that's what they were like. The policeman calmly told him to get back into the bath and sit there till the police and ambulance had arrived, The man's kidneys had been removed.

Supposedly, at another college in the state, a girl was studying late and went back to her dorm room to get some books or notes. So she wouldn’t disturb her roommate, she didn’t turn on the lights when she got her stuff off of her desk. Later when she went back to her room, she found her roommate dead and a note written in lipstick on the mirror. It said, "Aren’t you glad you didn’t turn on the light?"

A rich elderly lady from Harrogate was taking her pet poodle for a walk when they were caught in a downpour. Rushing back inside, fretful for her pampered pet, she was desperate to dry him out and warm him up as soon as possible. So she took him straight into the kitchen, opened the door of her daughter's new microwave cooker for the first time, and thrust him in, moving the dial to a moderate setting. She patted his head and carefully closed the door with a click. The old lady was still drying her hair when the cooked dog exploded, ripping the door off the microwave.

This guy had this date with this really cool girl, and all he could think about all night was taking her out and parking and having a really good time, so he takes her out in the country, stops the car, turns the lights off, puts the radio on, nice music; he's really getting her in the mood, and all of a sudden there's this news flash comes on over the radio and says to the effect that a sex maniac has just escaped from the state insane asylum and the one distinguishing feature of this man is that he has a hook arm, and in the first place this girl is really, really upset, 'cause she's just sure this guy is going to come and try and get in their car, so the guy locks all the doors and says it'll all be okay, but she says he could take his arm and break through the window and everything and she just cries and cries and goes just really frantic and the guy finally consents to take her home, but he's really mad 'cause you know he really had his plans for this girl, so he revs up the car and he goes torquing out of there and they get to her house, and he's really, really mad and he's not even going to get out of the car and open the door for her, and she just gets out on her own side of the car and as she gets out she turns around and looks and there's a hook hanging on the door.

A teenager is driving his girlfriend home from a date. The boy had been playing around earlier about the car running out of gas as a means to make out with her. Well, it doesn't work and she's mad. He starts up the car to take her home, apologizing all the way, when lo and behold they actually do run out of gas. He pulls the car over by some trees. It's very late and the area is secluded and wooded. The boy tells his girlfriend that he saw a gas station a couple of miles back and since going ahead would take even longer, he tells her to stay in the car with the windows rolled up and locked and he'll get back as fast as he can, no sense in both of them going, right? Well, the girl waits in the car. It's been about 20 minutes when she hears a faint scratching noise. It starts to bother her, but she blows it off as the tree branches hitting the car, it had been windy that day, She decides to turn on the radio to listen to some music so it won't freak her out. Well, now it's been almost 2 hours and she's starting to get worried. Her boyfriend was a jock and could have easily made it there and back in under an hour. A half hour later she's very worried and decides to turn off the radio and look around. He had told her not to get out under any circumstances so she tries to peer out the window, she sees nothing. To her annoyance the scratching sound is still there. She decides that she will get out just long enough to break off that damn branch. She gets out and notices the gas can on the ground near the door. She immediately turns around and sees her boyfriend hanging upside down from the tree, throat slit, and his fingernails dragging across the top of the car making a scratching sound. Of course, had she been listening to talk radio instead of music, she would have known a maniac had escaped from the asylum near the woods where they were parked.

A man met a beautiful woman in a singles bar one night and took her home. During the evening she told him that she had been raped a few years ago, but was overcoming her resentment and fear, and was finally able to enjoy sex again. The next morning he awoke to find her already gone, on the bathroom mirror she'd written a message in lipstick. "Welcome to the AIDS club."

An unpopular young med. student had been particularly annoying one day and some of her classmates decided to play a trick on her. They snuck into her room after she'd gone to bed and placed an amputated arm into bed with her. The next morning they anxiously awaited her reaction but got none. Eventually they went up to check on her and found her sitting on the bed, moaning and gurgling as she gnawed on the arm.

If you stand in front of a mirror in a dark room and chant "Bloody Mary" twelve times starting at the stroke of midnight, the face of a hideous woman will appear in the mirror. It's the spirit of a girl who was born with a disfiguring disease and was killed by a cruel joke gone awry.

A young boy met a new friend in a chat room and began talking to him regularly, the friend was from out of state but would be in town in a couple weeks and they made plans to sneak out and meet. The boy began to feel odd about the arrangement and confessed the whole thing to his father. The father contacted the authorities and after a couple hours the chat was traced to a local prison, the prisoner who'd been using that computer was scheduled for release in two weeks.

A man and wife were driving late one night when they were flagged down by a woman that appeared to be hurt. She claimed she'd been in an accident and her baby was alive but trapped in the car. The man told her to wait with his wife and he'd see what he could do. He got to the car and found a couple obviously dead in the front seat but a baby crying in a car seat. He cut the baby loose and returned to his own car. When he got there his wife was alone, he asked her where the woman had went and she replied that she'd followed him to the wreck. He left the baby with his wife and went back to the car to find her. When he got there he realized the woman who'd been instantly killed in the front seat had been the one who'd flagged him down.

A man got home late from a night out drinking with the boys and staggered inside, his wife heard him and helped him into bed. The next morning she complained about his behavior and how she worried about how he makes it home so drunk. He agreed that he had no memory of the last few hours of his night out, but said he'd never had a problem before. As he pulled out of the garage to go to work, his wife was who had been watching him angrily from the front door screamed when she saw the little girl crushed into the grill of the car.

A group of young girls were having a slumber party one night and began to exchange ghost stories. One girl claimed that the old man who had been buried earlier that week in the graveyard down the street had been buried alive. She claimed that if you tried you could hear him scratching at the lid of his coffin still. The other girls called her bluff and told her she was afraid to go there tonight. She eventually accepted their challenge and took a stake with her to drive in the ground to prove she'd been there. She headed off to the gravesite right away and never returned, the others assumed she had "chickened out" and went home ashamed. The next morning as they passed the graveyard they saw her there at the old man's grave. She had accidentally staked her nightshirt to the ground and died of fright.

A young lady driving alone down the highway one night saw a large gray-haired woman slowly walking along the side of the road. She pulled over and offered the old woman a ride. As they rode along, the women made small-talk. As the old lady offered her a stick of gum, she noticed the old woman's hands were very wide and the knuckles were badly scarred, she also saw how incredibly hairy the woman's arm was. Realizing her mistake, she swerved and said she thought she'd hit something, then she stopped and asked the old lady if she'd take a look. When the old lady was behind the car, the girl sped off. The young girl immediately felt guilty realizing that she had probably just been an old woman, and in her nervousness she had behaved very badly. She felt even worse when she noticed the old woman's purse sitting in the floor of the passenger side. Realizing she couldn't just go on with it, she lifted it from the floor and saw that inside it was filled with wallets, watches and jewelry and a large bloody hunting knife.

During World War II a couple was driving home one night and picked up a hitchhiker. The man barely spoke during the ride, but as he got out he thanked the couple and told them to repay their kindness, he'd answer any question they may ask. The driver smiled and said "Alright, when will the war end?" the hitchhiker replied "The war will end in July as surely as you will have a dead man in your car before you get home." Unsettled, the couple said good-bye and drove off. Before they reached home they saw a wrecked ambulance by the road, they picked up the driver and a badly hurt patient. By the time they reached the hospital, the patient had already died. As the shock wore off, the couple regretted that they hadn't asked the hitchhiker what year.

Two guys were driving down the highway one night, when they see a lovely young girl standing by the road shivering. They stop and offer her a ride, and lent her an overcoat. When they dropped her off at her house, they forgot the overcoat as she got out. The next morning they dropped by to get it and see that the girl was ok, her mother told them her only daughter died in a car accident long ago, and showed them her grave as proof. Neatly folded on the grave was the over coat.

One of the Ball Brothers, of the canning jar family, had a great fear of being buried alive. He had a telephone installed in his tomb so he could call out if this happened to him. A few days after he died some of his wife's family got worried because they could only get a busy signal on her phone. Upon entering her home, they found her dead, a look of fright frozen on her face, clutching the phone. When they went to entomb her after the funeral a couple of days later, the phone inside the crypt was off the hook

During the war a soldier faithfully wrote his mother every week so she would know he was all right, until one week she didn't get a letter and immediately began to worry. Within a couple of weeks she got a letter from the Army saying that her son had been captured and was being held in a Prisoner-of-War camp, and they assured her that they had no reason to believe the American prisoners were being mistreated in any way. A few weeks later the woman finally received another letter from her son, it read: "Dear Mom, Try not to worry about me, they are treating us well and I'll be released as soon as the war is over. Make sure that little Teddy gets the stamp for his collection. Love you, Joe" The woman was overjoyed to hear the news, but was confused because she had no idea who "little Teddy" was. She decided to steam the stamp from the envelope and have a look. When she did she saw that written on the back of the stamp were the words: "They've cut off my legs".

A young man and his new bride were honeymooning in Paris when his wife went into a restroom and didn't return. With time the man began to fear the worst and went to the police. The police thought it was most likely the girl simply had second thoughts about the marriage, but they checked it out anyway and found no evidence of foul play. As weeks turned into months the man finally gave up on finding his beautiful wife but his life fell into a shambles he was so filled with grief. Unable to hold a job or go on with his life, he took to wandering the world looking for anything that might ease his pain. Years later in Borneo he came upon a freak show in an old shabby building, he went in on a whim. In the last filthy cage he saw a twisted, scarred and mutilated woman rocking back and forth and groaning strange animal-like noises. He screamed as he recognized the birthmark on his wife's face.

A teenage baby-sitter put the kids she was watching to sleep in their beds and went back downstairs. The late night news was on the TV -- the reporter said a psychopath from a local mental institution was on the loose and that police thought he might be in the area. He cautioned residents to lock their doors and windows because this guy was very, very dangerous. Well, the teenager checked the locks on the windows and the doors, but she forgot the door on the cellar bulkhead. Needless to say, the psychopath broke in about an hour later, coming up from the cellar, armed with an ax. The children heard some noises downstairs, but thought it was the baby-sitter moving some furniture around. Then it got real quiet. All they heard for the remainder of the night was this noise: "Thump! Thump! Dra-aag... Thump! Thump! Dra-aag..." Evidently, they were too afraid to get up to see what it was. In the morning, their parents came home and were horrified to find the babysitter at the top of the stairs, dead with both arms hacked off at the elbows. She'd been climbing the stairs on the bloody stumps of her arms, pulling her badly injured body along. Was she trying to check on the children? Was she trying to get help? Or in the madness of her tortured soul, was she planning to kill the children herself? No one knows for sure.

While visiting a popular state park a man and wife spotted a bear. In order to get the perfect "photo oppurtinity" the parents smeared some honey on the face of their young child in the hopes of coaxing the bear into licking it off. The bear ate it along with the child's face.

A woman licked an envelope in a local post office and cut her tongue, after several days the place where she'd been cut began to swell. She started to get nervous and went to see a doctor. The doctor cut open the swelled area and a cockroach climbed out, there had been eggs on the envelope she had licked!

A woman visiting Mexico bought a small cactus as a souvenir and smuggled it across the border when she went home. A few days later she was admiring her cactus when she could have sworn it wiggled a little, she dismissed it as a trick of the light until it began to vibrate. Finally she began to worry and called customs to confess her crime and see what she should do about the wiggling plant, in a panicked voice the man on the phone told her to get out of the house immediately. It was too late and by the time the men in protective clothing got there, the cactus had burst open releasing thousands of tiny spiders who made the woman their first meal

Back when all the girls wore beehive hairdos, one girl ratted her hair so high and put so much hairspray in it, that she never washed or took it down and combed it. One day in school blood began to trickle down her forehead. She was rushed to the hospital, but was dead on arrival. At some point a spider had laid eggs in her hair, they had hatched and the baby spiders had began eating her brain.

Two young boys were hiking through the forest one day, and decided to drink out of a small stream they came upon. They were badly frightened by a snake nest by the water, and ran home. A year later one of the boys had to be hospitalized, he was always hungry, but stayed thin and was plagued by stomach cramps. The doctor pumped his stomach and found a full grown snake coiled inside.

The father of a teenage girl was growing more and more worried that his little girl's stomach seemed to be growing. Over and over she swore she couldn't be pregnant but her father was suspicious because of how much time the girl was at the beach. Finally he took her to the hospital when she started complaining about stomach pain. The doctor confirmed she wasn't pregnant, it appeared to be a tumor or growth of some kind, he said an operation was necessary immediately. Octopus eggs are microscopic, and they assumed the girl must have swallowed some while swimming.

A woman came home from shopping to find her Doberman choking on something and she quickly put him in the car and drove him to the vet. The vet told her to go on home while he operated to remove whatever was lodged in the dog's windpipe, and he'd call her when she could pick up her pet. She wasn't home for long when the vet called and told her in an excited voice to get out of the house right now and he'd be by to explain in a few minutes. From her neighbor's window she saw the vet arrive with the police and ran out to see if her dog was alright and what was going on. As the police ran into her house the vet told her what her loving pet had choked on, two human fingers. The police found the escaped Lunatic hiding in the closet nursing his mangled hand.

A young girl was babysitting some children in a large old house, the children were in bed and she was watching TV when the phone rang. All the voice on the other end did was a laugh, she listened for a minute then hung up. A few minutes later it happened again, she was very upset and called the police who told her there was really nothing they could do, but they'd trace the call if it happened again. After she got another call from the laughing voice, she hung up and the police immediately called her and told her to get out of the house immediately, the calls were coming from the upstairs extension, where he'd already murdered the children.

For initiation prospective gang-members drive around at night with their headlights off, and kill the first person who flashes his lights to warn them.

While out shopping around the big city with his mom a small boy wants to go pee. She starts to take him to the women's rest room, but he wants to go to the men's room so she lets him go in and stands around waiting outside. Five minutes or so later, a group of youths come out, laughing and snickering, and disappear into the city. Ten minutes go by. She's getting anxious, and stops a chap walking by to ask him if he'll go in and hurry up her boy. He obliges, but promptly staggers out and vomits. Inside, the boy has had his throat cut and his penis and testicles hacked off and shoved in his mouth.

A young man and his date were trying to watch a movie at the local drive-in, but they kept being disturbed by a car-load of delinquents next to them. Eventually the boy got up the nerve to ask them to calm down. The delinquents approached them and began shaking the car and trying to open the doors, yelling threats at the young man and his date. Realizing his error the young man started the engine and sped off as quickly as he could. When he got home he noticed there were three severed fingers jammed behind his rear bumper.

As an initiation into a street gang, potential members hide under peoples cars at night, and when the unsuspecting owners start to get in, they slash their ankles and when they fall they steal a shoe.

Some delinquents pulled up to a tollbooth and asked how much it was, the toll-keeper replied and as he reached out his hand to receive the money, the driver said "What a rip-off! And speaking of rip-offs!" and slapped a handcuff on his wrist. As the car sped off the toll-keeper saw the cuff was tied to a rope that was being pulled out of the back window of the car. Panicking, he tried in vain to remove the cuff before the rope ran out of slack and tore off his arm. Within a few seconds the end of the rope fell harmlessly out the window of the car.

A man and his wife were vacationing in Las Vegas and as they arrived in their room they found it was filled with an overpowering stench. They called the front desk to complain, and headed for the casinos for some late-night gambling while the problem was taken care of. When they returned to the room, the stench was replaced with the strong smell of chemical cleaners and deodorizers, annoyed but satisfied that it was better than before they went to bed. Early in the morning the smell had returned so strongly that it awakened them, the man called the manager and angrily demanded another room immediately. While his wife packed up their stuff the man ripped the sheets off the bed, where the smell seemed to be coming from. He found that the mattress had been cut open and a well-dressed corpse had been shoved inside. The couple was given a complimentary suite and free passes to the shows.

During a wedding reception of a young couple the guests decided on a drunken game of hide and seek. It was decided that the groom was "it" and he eventually found everyone but his new bride. Eventually the man became furious and decided it wasn't funny anymore and left her there. As weeks went by he accepted that she'd had second thoughts and went on with her life so he did the same. A few years later a cleaning lady dusted off an old trunk in the attic of the building where the reception had taken place, out of curiosity she opened it. Inside the trunk was the rotted body of the missing bride who'd apparently became locked in the trunk she'd hid in. Whether she'd suffocated or starved was unknown, but her face was frozen in a scream.

A man on a motorcycle was passing an eighteen-wheeler carrying sheet metal when one of the sheets shifted and neatly cut off the driver's head. His headless body continued on it's path by the semi. The driver saw the headless cyclist and immediately had a heart-attack, and his truck swerved into a bus-stop full of people.

A couple had just moved into a small castle they'd recently purchased and were excitedly searching all the nooks and crannies. In a large underground room they found many empty barrels that had been tapped years ago, and one that appeared to be full. They immediately tapped it to find that it contained a delicious brandy. They drank and served it at parties enjoying not only its flavor, but that it could have been hundreds of years old. Months later when the barrel ran dry, they noticed it was still too heavy to be empty, they cut it open and found a shriveled corpse curled up in the barrel.

A woman was giving her daughter a bath while her 3 year old son was supposed to be watching her infant. The boy found the soft spot on the baby's head and pushed, and pressed his finger into the child's brain and killed it. Horrified the boy ran out of the house and into the street where he was hit by an oncoming truck. The woman ran outside to see what was going on, after her hysterical reaction she discovered that the daughter had drowned in the bathtub.

A young girl watched her mother scold her younger brother for again wetting his pants by yelling that the next time it happened she was going to "cut it off!" A few days later the mother returned from shopping to find her daughter waiting at the door with a bloody kitchen knife, she said "Timmy wet his pants, but don't worry it won't happen again 'cause I did just like you said."

When a little girl's cat had kittens they disappeared after a couple of days, when she asked her mother what happened to them and her mother said "God took them." Months later the cat again had a litter of kittens. Her mother sent her out to run some errands, but before she left she wanted to play with the kittens again. She heard her father coming carrying a bucket and hid from him. She watched while her father put the kittens in a sack and drowned them in the bucket. Later the girl again asked her mother what happened to the kittens. Her mother said "God took them." Several days later the mother asked the girl to watch her brother in the bath tub while she answered the phone. The mother screamed when she came into the bathroom after a few minutes. The girl told her "God took him."

A young couple had to resort to a new babysitter one night because their regular sitter was ill. The girl came highly recommended, but the couple was a little put off when she arrived and they discovered she was a hippie. Being a young and open minded couple, they decided to go ahead on to the theater, but would call and check on the baby and the sitter during intermission. When they called the sitter told the woman everything was "groovy" and she'd even stuffed and roasted the turkey for a nice dinner. The woman told her husband and it occurred to her that she didn't think they'd had a turkey. When they got home, they were shocked to find the babysitter lying on the floor staring blankly into space, obviously on acid or some type of drug. They panicked and looked all over for the baby, but it was nowhere to be found until they came upon it in the kitchen, roasted and partially eaten, wrapped in foil.

A young girl had decided to sneak out of the house to go to a party her protective parents wouldn't allow her to go to. While she was there she hooked up with a guy she liked and they went to a local make-out spot. The guy was drinking heavily and when he got too demanding she insisted on him taking her back to the party. On the way back they crashed into another vehicle. When the girl awoke in the hospital she knew she was dying, she was told that they guy she'd been with had died in the accident and so had the couple in the other car. She begged a nurse to tell her parents that she was very sorry she'd disobeyed them, the nurse just looked at her. After the girl died another nurse asked why she hadn't said anything with the teen had asked her to give the message to her parents. The nurse said, "I didn't know what to say, the people in the other car were her parents."

A woman decided at the last minute to get a quick tan for a special occasion. When she found out about the limits the salons set on their tanning beds, she signed up at several different tanning salons. A few days later, her husband told her she "smelled funny". She showered and showered but the smell wouldn't go away. When she finally went to the doctor he ran some tests and told her: "I'm sorry, it seems you've micro-waved your internal organs, there's nothing we can do for you."

One day a worker fell feet-first into a large piece of equipment. His legs were crushed and his torso was hopelessly stuck. The paramedics said that if they pulled him out it would kill him, and if they left him there he'd die soon. They gave him some painkillers and his fellow workers called his wife to come by immediately. The woman ran to her husband, they exchanged a few words and a kiss, and called for the machine to be turned back on.

An atheist who was training for the Olympics had been given special pool privileges at the university he was attending. Late one night he was considering the arguments a religious friend had been confronting him with as he climbed the high-dive for a little late-night practice. He stood on the board and prepared for a backward flip when he noticed the shadow he was casting on the wall formed a perfect cross in the partially-lit room. Shaken, he sat down on the board to think. As he sat there a maintenance worker came into the pool area and turned on the rest of lights and the diver saw that the pool had been drained for maintenance.

An extremely stressed student realized he couldn't take anymore during a particularly difficult exam. He put the ends of each of his #2 pencils up his nostrils and slams his face into the desk.

A psychology student in New York rented out her spare room to a carpenter in order to nag him constantly and study his reactions. After weeks of needling, he snapped and beat her with an ax leaving her mentally retarded.

A student consults a doctor at the campus medical center after experiencing continual soreness in his rectum. The doctor examines the student and diagnoses the cause of the pain as homosexual activity, even though the student swears he's straight and has never engaged in such activity. The student later discovers that his gay roommate has been secretly anesthetizing and sodomizing him at night.

Homeless children are often "adopted" by a US or European agency where they are put into comas and they're organs are harvested as needed by the wealthy.

A woman had just finished grocery-shopping when a group of homeless children offered to help her to her car. After loading her groceries one of the children asked the woman for a tip, grateful she obliged. As she was about to drive off a man ran up to her and told her to go directly to the police station, one of the children had locked himself in the boot to ambush her later with a knife!