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The Days of My Most Important Moment of My Life (Part 3)

Part 3 and last part of my days in KK

Saturday, 28th March
8:30 - 8:45
Future mother-in-law being our alarm clock again. We dressed and packed, but now it was my turn to "drop the bomb" every 10 minutes. My stomach didn't hurt, it's just the constant urge to take a dump all the time. I think we just had a little too much to eat and/or drink

8:55 - 10:00
My future in-laws wanted to meet my godmother, so I gave her a ring to see if she was at the shop. She said she wasn't yet, but she'd be glad to have breakfast with us. She recommended dim sum at Promenade Hotel and said it was her treat. So we went down there and waited for her at the lobby after parking the car. She came with her youngest grandson. He's so cute! The last time I saw him he was still a baby! Now he's a bouncing 4 year old! Time really flies by! We had our fill at the dim sum restaurant downstairs near the basement area and again, it was my godmother's turn to embarrass me with childhood tales. Is it always a must for adults to make a fool out of their kids? -_-'"

10:00 - 19:30
After bidding my godmother goodbye and promising her that we'll stay longer on our next trip, we carried on with our journey. We stopped by for a while at my future father-in-law's relative home to thank him for being our middle person for the marriage discussion and give him an ang pau for all his troubles. It was a long trip ahead, with me sleeping throughout the road because I took carsick pills for it, just in case it didn't work like the journey to KK without carsick pills. By the time I woke up, we were almost 2 or 3 immigration stops head. It was a really loooooooooong queue from the Kuala Lurah stop to the Brunei stop because despite the fact that KL had made 4 lanes for cars easy access, Brunei did not and still maintain the two road way, and everybody is fighting for a front row in the line, cutting queues, but all in all, we managed to get to Brunei and home safe and sound

That's more or less how it happened during my 3 day trip to KK. As soon as we got back home, we unpacked, showered and did our own thing: my darling at the PC (again, as usual) and me looking through my old drawings and decide which one should I keep and which I don't need to. It was a fun trip. Now all we have to do is get the registration form from the immigration, apply the necessary paperworks, appeal it to the court and once it's approved, usually one month later, we will be officially married, and it'll be up to the elders to decide what date we should marry.

Wohoo~! My dream of wearing a white flowing wedding dress is not far behind~! :D

The Days of My Most Important Moment of My Life (Part 2)

Part 2 of my days in KK

Friday, 27th March
8:00 - 8:30
Woke up by my future mother-in-law's call from her room to get ourselves prepared. Got dressed in our best and waited at the lobby for my future father-in-law's relatives to show up to be a middle person to discuss marriage

8:35 - 8:45
Almost got lost AGAIN to go to my dad's place. God, KK really has changed a lot in their road system~! T_T But finally we managed to get there, but before reaching my dad's place, my future in-laws decided to buy some gifts for my dad just as a courtesy. My darling and I spotted new Pringles flavour and couldn't resist. We bought one of each flavour. LOL!

9:00 - 10:45
Got to my dad's place. Gave him the gifts and while my dad entertained the adults, I dragged my darling around to show him my home. Everything felt so small now that I'm all grown up. The dining table used to be about as high as my waist, but now it's below half of my thighs! Gah! You see something in a different perspective when you're a kid, I suppose. I showed my darling my old room and somehow it looked almost the same as the last time I left it. My drawings and posters are still on the wall, but they've lost their colour now, and frankly I was utterly embarassed that those were my drawings because...well, they look like crap! I found a few more of my other old drawings in the drawers and some of my old Doraemon and Old Master Q comic books. I can't believe I was actually into yaoi and mpreg at such a young age, and the sex scenes I drew, god! This is crazy stuff. But they were my foundation of drawing yaoi and mpreg (even though the drawings looked like crap) so I decided to bring them home with me, along with some other things. Then we went downstairs to join the discussion of marriage with my future in-laws' relatives as a middle person. Frankly my dad was perfectly fine with me settling down and had no major conditions whatsoever, only that my darling treats me well. After discussing what needs to be done and what paperwork is required, my dad and my future in-laws shook on an agreement before taking a tour around the house.

10:55 - 11:30
We had our brunch at a nearby Chinese coffee shop where we ate the typical Hakka dish of marinated chicken, duck, tofu and stuff. It's been a long while since I ate KK version of Kolo Mee (cooked noodle with gravy) and it tasted just as I remembered it. They continued to talk about stuff, while my dad continued to embarass me with childhood stories. He saw my tattoo but luckily didn't fly over the handle over it. He just shook his head in defeat and laughed weakly.

11:30 -17:30
After my future father-in-law agreed to meet up with my dad for dinner and to pick him up from his home, we went and did our thing and went around shopping. We got down to town and parked at Centrepoint before we split up and went our own way. First, my darling and I went to meet my godmother at her automobile spare part shop. We talked for a while, finding out that my godmother is not exactly in speaking terms with my mom because of a misunderstanding (mostly from my mom's part). Seems like my mother is still sore about me because she was angry that my godmother casually asked her friend if she had seen me around. Just as my future father-in-law advised it, she asked me to just give my mother a call or maybe just sms her to tell her my plans on getting married for respect sake. She gave me her phone number, which was still the same as back then, and left it up to me to decide. Then we went back to Centrepoint to meet up with my old friend Jennifer. We already had lunch, so while she had hers, we chat about old times. Jennifer was whining about unable to get back our Jigoku Sensei Nube CDs that both of us had slaved away saving money to buy, but I assured her I found a better quality ones online and promised I'll burn her a copy once we come back the next time on a longer trip. After that, we met up with my future in-laws and went about shopping. I, for one, shopped for the obvious: Comics! LOL~! I managed to locate the continuation of my most fav comics done by Kaoru and also other comics that I've collected in the past. It was great coz now that I'm working and money exchange rate between Brunei and Malaysia is high, I was able to buy comics in bulk when I could not when I was younger and have limited funding! Working life is the greatest! After long hours of shopping (and feeling the strain on my legs in between), we went off to my dad's place

17:30 - 19:00
Turns out there was a bit of a miscommunication. My dad thought we were going to meet at the usual rendezvous spot when my future father-in-law said to meet him at his home. LOL! It was an honest mistake anyways. So we went to the rendezvous point where suddenly there was blackout almost everywhere, made worse with the thundering rain. We waited out at the coffee shop where we had a cuppa last night until the rain stopped a little before we went to our dinner spot

19:00 - 22:00
We ate at another Chinese restaurant where they serve quite a number of good food, including curry fishhead, butter prawn and claypot mixed vegetables, but the best part about all this is the booze! Wohoo~! My dad was surprised I know how to drink, and I told him he hadn't seen anything yet. So we ate and drank to our hearts' content along with my dad's friends and all. After dinner, we parted our ways and said our goodbyes and all, and I gave my dad a hug that I haven't given him in years. We promised to keep in touch and let him know when the paperwork and the approval of our marriage registration is done.

22:00 - 00:00
My darling didn't feel so well when we came back to the hotel. He was alright at first and we both took turns hogging the bathtube, but he had an upset stomach and couldn't stop going to the bathroom to "drop the bombs" every 10 minutes. Needless to say, even though I slept through the night, he didn't

The Days of My Most Important Moment of My Life (Part 1)

3 days passed by very fast when I was in KK to discuss marriage with my father. So below here is a documented hour by hour of my journey to KK, the times there in KK and the journey back to Brunei. Well, most of the hour by hour schedule anyways. ^^;

Thursday, 26th March
5:30 - 6:00
Incessant knocking on the door by my future mother-in-law to wake us up (she did it every 10 minutes, worse than a snooze button)

6:05 - 7:00
Double-checked our luggage, washed ourselves up, wore our best clothes, had a cup of warm milk and off we went to start our roadtrip

7:00 - 9:00
Gone past our first 2 or 3 borders and stopped by at a local food stall in a supermarket in Limbang to have a proper breakfast

9:45 - 14:45
Went past plenty of borders and have our passport stamped. Probably slept through most of the journey so I could barely remember anything~! -_- First time ever in my history of long-distance journey, I did not puke! Probably the sleeping and the chocolate-eating did some good :)

15:00 - 15:15
With the help of my future father-in-law's nephew, we located our hotel in KK. It was a newly-built one called Tang Dynasty Park Hotel (not to be confused with Tang Dynasty Hotel somewhere in the heart of KK town). We checked in (the cousin managed to bargain an original RM150 room down to RM90), unpacked a little and then I gave a call to my dad telling him we're here. He decided we should meet for dinner at 6pm

15:15 - 17:55
We hung out and watched some TV on the hotel's Astro. It's been so long since we actually have Astro to ourselves, what with my future grandmother-in-law hogging all the Astro all the time. Soon it was time for us to meet my dad

17:55 - 18:05
KK has changed so much! We struggled just trying to get out of our hotel and the town just to get to where I used to go to primary school, especially those crazy winding roads and overhead highways everywhere! Gah! It made me feel like a fool going around everywhere trying to get to our destination, what with me being a native there!

18:05 - 20:30
Finally got to meet my dad. He hasn't changed much since the last time I saw him, but years of smoking and drinking really has shown on him. He has lost a little weight though, while he berates me on being fat when i've already lost 6kgs since the last time we met! Gah! He said his weight loss was due to an appendix surgery he had the day before Chinese New Year, and he didn't tell me coz he was afraid I might worry and burst into tears or something. Hey...I'm not THAT emotional. We had dinner at the Gaya Seafood Restaurant. They've got these killer food that was mouth-watering and stuff, like steamed prawn, steamed fish, broiled clams, etc... Mm-MM! Haven't had a full course seafood dinner in ages! My future in-laws got to know my dad during dinner, and my dad seemed to have the time of his life embarassing me with my childhood stories... -_-;;

20:30 - 21:30
We went back to our meeting spot after dinner to have a cup of tea, and that's where I met a really old uncle of mine (not blood-related) named Uncle Alang who used to take me out often, even to Rasa Ria Hotel back then. To be honest, I barely remembered him, and he was so estatic meeting me coz he was going "Oh, you used to be soooooo small. She used to be this tiny, now she's all grown up! Ooh~!" and all that. Eh heh heh...

21:30 - 22:00
After deciding to meet my dad tomorrow morning at his house, we went back to the hotel and relaxed. My darling and I shared the tub (which technically can only fit in one person, but we squeezed in anyways) and showered together. We had a bit of..."night games", if you know what I mean, before we konked out till next morning.
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Wedding Bells Are A-Ringing...

Tomorrow is my big day!

Know why?

Coz tomorrow I'll be going back to my hometown to discuss marriage with my father. Ain't it cool? I'm getting married, for real!

Well, technically not really. Even though I often call my darling my 'fiance', we haven't exactly got ourselves registered yet. That's coz due to the fact that I'm a foreigner, there are certain procedures needed to be done, and one of them being to have a consent letter from the father/guardian. Yeah, immigration is a bureucratic bitch, but that's how it is.

So tomorrow, me, my darling and his parents are gonna drive about 6 hours (oh shit! I forgot to buy motion sickness pills!) down the road to my hometown from Brunei (coz we got connecting roads along the way), then get into a hotel we've booked over there, and maybe the following day we'll go visit my dad to talk matters.

It wasn't easy getting a leave. Well, actually it was easy, just getting it approved was tough. Because of my boss's father's funeral, the company seemed to be down on its luck even more, and apparently the boss just couldn't really care less about everything else that revolves around him. Well, excuse me for being an ass, but being in grief doesn't give you the right to stop other people's weddings. We feel your pain, but doesn't mean we have to suffer for it. In fact, the supervisor had the galls to ask me to postpone my leave when I already have everything booked because it was close to our roadtrip date and there were no confirmation while everyone else in the family was already getting their leave. I stood my ground and told him I can't cancel my tour because everything is booked, and he turned around and scolded me for booking stuff without waiting for approval. Thing is, my leave form was submitted a week ago. They had plenty of time to approve my leave after the funeral. Why don't they? You wanna be an ass, I'll be ten times worth the ass!

Anyway, after getting the forced approval, we're now all packed up ready for the journey. I was surprised that when I called my dad to tell him my true intentions of going home (which I've been avoiding time and time again because I was afraid he'd yell at me), he sounded almost relieved that I was finally tying the knot. LOL~! That was one heavy stone off my chest. My future father-in-law advised me to at least give a ring to tell my mom about my wedding just in case she hears wind of it and crashes the wedding, making a fool of everyone, but, I dunno...I just don't wanna hear her voice or have anything to do with her at this point. Maybe I'll just send her a text message or something...

Neways, tomorrow is gonna be a long journey ahead of us. I'll be gone for 3 days, so I'll be MIA for a while. If it's all good and done, I can finally kill two birds with one stone (meaning I got 2 wishes granted): To get married by 25 and wear a white flowing wedding dress~! :D

Wish me luck everyone!
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Through the Dark Clouds, There's a Silver Lining

They say through the dark clouds, there's always a silver lining.

I guess it's true.

Ever since I was given the one-month notice of termination, I feel really demotivated. I still continue to do my job, but not a day goes by without me thinking, "Just let this month be over quickly and put me out of my misery, PLEASE!" Talking with tourists seemed to somehow make me forget my frustration and why I hate my job so much, and getting tips sometimes in the process makes me feel a lot better, but still, as soon as I went back to the office my mood is down in the dumps again.

In fact I started to be really detached from everybody. Well, not saying that I isolated myself and don't talk to them, it's just that my feelings for them were no longer close, like I'm slowly cutting off my umbilical cord that attached me to this company, so whatever they were doing was no longer my concern and I couldn't careless anymore than I should. The boss is around pretending that I'm still part of the company, as if our conversation in the office the day I was fired never happened and I hate him even more for it.

I was sorta surprised to find out that my boss, a week after firing me, had received news that his father, who was sent for surgery in Singapore, had died. Not sure whether the surgery was a failure or it probably got worse and the old man couldn't recover, but my boss and his entire family were all gone to Singapore, leaving us to handle the company. My colleague joked that it could be comeuppance to him on my part, or maybe our casual cursing behind his back seemed to have come true, but like I said, I couldn't care less.

But that's not exactly the silver lining I am talking about.

Well, if you must know, remember my previous journal about my fiance proposing to me? Well, by near end of this month, I will be going back to my hometown because I need to meet up with my dad to discuss about our marriage plans. My fiance and his parents and also a middle person, who is my fiance's aunt, will come along to discuss the arrangements. According to Chinese customs (I'm Chinese, btw), both sides of the family must meet with a middle person to smooth things through, and then there's the discussion of wedding date, dowry and all the like, and both our parents prefer to do this the old school way, so it's quite important.

I'm a foreigner in my fiance's country, so according to the immigration laws, one of the paperwork that they require to allow me to be registered into marriage is a consent letter from father/guardian to allow me to wed, and that's also the big reason why I'm going back to my hometown.

Need to apply leave for that (even though it's pointless, since I'm leaving the company anyways) and I will make them approve it because, hey, it's my big day. The most important event in my life! I just hope that once I break the news to my dad, he wouldn't chase my fiance around with a hunting knife. Wouldn't blame him though, coz I'm his only daughter and only child in his life and he's gonna give me away to a guy he just met once. My dad only met him once and only knew that we were dating for a while, but never knew we were planning to tie the knot. Just thinking about breaking the news to him just gives me cold sweat all over...

Well, I just hope we'll make it through this. Wish me luck, guys!
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Life Down the Gutter

Today, my day ended in the worst possible way.

It was payday today and when I was called into the office to get the cheque for the day, I was hit by a very shocking phrase from my boss.

"This is a one-month's notice of employment termination. We have to let you go."

I was shocked. Sure, to be honest, I had been planning to leave the company because of its cut-throat system with hectic schedules, no breaks and just plain fucking lame management on their part, but I didn't think I would get it in this way.

I tried to ask the boss as calmly as possible why am I being let go. Am I doing a terrible job? Haven't I done enough? What was my mistakes? These were some of his answers (the brackets were my answers to him):

1. We've got some certain reviews from other parties, including guests, that are non-favourable (Bullshit! *well I didn't really say that in front of his face* I've always done my job perfectly. I greet them with a smile, I cater to every whim and fancy they needed, I answer every question as best as I could, I leave them with a smile and I get tips in the process. How could that not be favourable response?? I know for a fact that I was barred from doing certain tours because I was accused of giving the wrong information. How can I give the wrong information if all the information that I've given to my guests, I learnt them from your company??)

2. We want to look for workers who are cost-efficient and we've decided that the ones who are junior in the department should be let off, but you've learnt a new trade, so you're not worst off (So what are you trying to say, you picked me because I'm the runt of the litter? Because I'm a girl? Because I can't drive? Because I can't do more than what the boys can?)

3. Your sales is low (Well, I can't help that. I try selling other tours every end of my guiding. I gave all the good aspects of the tours and when they ask me for prices, I gave it to them. I can't help it if my guests decided to sleep on the subject and then ended letting the hotels having the sales for it. Customers are always right: I can't force them to take my recommendation)

4. You rarely give comments these days, and I don't know what's going on in my company coz I'm quite busy (You never really give a damn about whatever we write anyway! Do you even remember the request I wrote about why I've been barred from doing certain tours? You just dismissed it and pretended it didn't exist!)

5. Have you ever really gave it a thought? Have you actually considered that maybe this is not the job for you? That it just might not suit you? (What the heck do you think I'm still doing, sticking by to this company, anyways?! This is ridiculous!)

The thing is whenever I retaliate, he seemed to be very quiet and seeming to take his time trying to tell me why I'm being let off, which means he had already planned to get rid of me and expected me to take it quietly and don't ask questions. Well, I'm not some prissy little girl who would just sit there quietly and go down without a fight. This is my job, for crying out loud, and you're firing me for the wrong reasons!

That was after that, I sort ended up forcing the real reason out of him: He just wanted to get rid of me because the company was downsizing due to the world recession and lack of tourists coming in, and I was the 'luck' of the draw. He told me not to take it personally because I might not be the only one being let go. Fuck you! I can guarantee, by the time I leave, I'd probably be the only person he let go, the garbage that he threw out without a care!

So I just gave him a dark look and asked him will I get paid by the end of the month before I left, and do I have to pay back as well all the cost they spent on me to make my work permit. He assured me that I will be paid and that they are willing to transfer the ownership once I find a new job. He told me again not to take it personally and just carry on working professionally till the end of the month.

How can I not take this personally?! Sure, I planned to leave, and he's giving me the ticket out, but I didn't think I'd be taken down this way! They got rid of me because I'm indispensable, I'm the runt of the litter! They're bullying me, for Christ sake!

My fiance told me not to be upset, that it's good riddance to them and it's my gain, their loss. He told me now I can finally not wrack my brains trying to figure out how to get out of the company without having strings attached. He's right, in a way. But I'm still pissed. This is twice in my lifetime I got fired (first time was when I was a part-time tuition teacher, and they fired me coz I believe they were jealous the students liked me more than them--what can I say? I'm kinda friendly with kids), and this is the worst termination of my life.

Gutter...Gutter...Gutter...I'm really going down the gutter now...
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Obsession is Unhealthy...But Who Cares?!

I have a new obsession now. No, it doesn't mean I no longer obsess over other things, but this would probably be first in my list at the moment.

Osmosis Jones has literally taken over my life! I can't stop thinking about it! In fact, if possible, I might actually eat, sleep, drink and live Osmosis Jones! LOL! Of course, the best part about obsessing on Osmosis Jones would be seeing the sexiest pairing alive: Ozzy/Thrax! It's like a drug! I can't get over it! Every time I want to draw something to relax from writing my fanfics, Ozzy/Thrax comes in mind! Gah! I'm really obsessed!

In fact, I'm so obsessed that I would occasionally stalk dA to find if there was anyone as remotely interested in Osmosis Jones so that I could look and fav nice pretty pictures of that movie, most importantly Ozzy/Thrax pairings. Also, I just recently got a HD 720p version of Osmosis Jones movie! Wohoo~! Well, it didn't have any extended cut scenes as claimed by Wikipedia, but it was still cool. I just love it! I've never seen Osmosis Jones in such detailed features! HD 720p is really the bomb!

Sometimes, when I'm bored or trying to get rid of the nervousness whenever I need to go to the bathroom (yeah, I admit, I hate going to the bathroom alone in the middle of the night. Doesn't anyone?), I would find myself reciting dialogues from the movie, mostly Thrax's dialogue. I swear I might probably end up reciting the entire movie! Yikes, I am really, really, totally obsessed with this!

Now, lemme go stalk others again for Ozzy/Thrax...