Thursday, January 29, 2009 | By: BlackGargie

Happy Birthday to Me~!

January 28th. My birthday. I'm officially 25 this year! Wohoo~!

Can't believe I've become 25 this year. My birthday wasn't much of a big deal, really. I didn't really bother to go around telling everybody that it was my birthday, but it's nice that my fiance and his family remembered them.

Work was usual on my birthday. No one knew except a selected few. And that was because I casually mentioned it to them and they go shaking my hand and hugging me like it was the event of the century. One of the reason why I do not like to go around telling them it's my birthday.

After work, my fiance took me to have my birthday dinner. We had Japanese food that day and we ate to our hearts content. When we went back home, everyone wished me a Happy Birthday, and my fiance's cousin invited me to his mini Chinese New Year open house to celebrate at the same time. We had a few Jack Daniels and it was good.

Coming back home from the party, we had cake. It was my favourite chocolate Black Forest mousse cake. I made a wish and blew out the candles (can't tell you what it was; it might not come true). And guess what I got for my birthday? An iPod nano! Everybody chipped in to buy it for me! Just what I've always wanted! Now I can listen to music during my free time in the office :D

I'm gonna enjoy my iPod now...
Friday, January 23, 2009 | By: BlackGargie

My Old Favourite

Ever since I've been roleplaying with SapphireCat, my friend from Ireland, on Osmosis Jones, it had rekindled my passion for this movie. I'm sure you've noticed I've been drawing some sketches from our RP, but before that, I had to hunt for pictures as reference because I hadn't have a single clue on how to draw Ozzy and Drix, let alone the sexiest villian in the cartoon movie world: Virus Thrax.

Those who dunno this awesome movie created by the Farrelly Bros, you gotta be kidding me! OK, it's not exactly the most famous movie in the world, but it does have its perks. It's about a world within Frank (played by Bill Murray) where a white blood cell named Osmosis Jones aka Ozzy (voiced by Chris Rock) who was unwillingly partnered with a cold pill named Drix (voiced by David Hyde Pierce) to battle with a dangerous virus by the name Thrax (voiced by Lawrence Fishbourne) who plans to take down the city in 48 hours and cause the death of Frank.

For me, after rediscovering my passion for this movie, I find, besides the funny and lovable Ozzy, Thrax is like the sexiest villain ever existed in the animated movie world. I can't believe I didn't notice that at all. And I found another new fav pairing, which is Ozzy/Thrax! Wohoo! Mortal enemies in a forbidden love is so cool. In fact, to make the pairing work, I've been checking out the fanfiction a number of times and discovered that they always, always, always bring Thrax back to life or make him survive the alcohol that he fell into. I've seen some very vivid and very graphic scenes of how Ozzy and Thrax get it down and dirty, and boy, did I have to change my panties that night! XD I mean, it's too good to be true!

Neways, as I went along hunting for picture reference, I found that people tend to enjoy creating virus OCs than cell OCs, maybe coz creating a lethal virus is much more interesting than creating a boring old cell. Of course, I finally did manage to find perfect pic reference for the main characters we play in our RP. And the more I researched and read on them, the more my passion for the movie grew.

In fact, I even created my own Osmosis Jones OC named Ozzex Jones, which I will probably post it in my deviations sooner or later, so hold your horses on that.

I found some reli cool Thrax/Ozzy videos as well created by this person called Rogue Kitty from dA . Check these out!

Neways, I really feel that this movie is really worth watching. And the Ozzy/Thrax pairing is really, really worth getting into. Trust me~! :D