Saturday, October 4, 2008 | By: BlackGargie

Victim Forever

I feel like no matter where I go, I will forever end up as a victim of harassment.

Remember my first few blogs when I said that I used to be a sad victim of sexual harassment in the past? Today, as I work in my new environment as a tour guide in my company, I have yet again encountered a guy who just couldn't keep his hands off me.

Being the only girl in the tour guide force was interesting because I have gained more or less an equality over my co-workers and I'm recognized as a co-worker, not just a girl. All the guys respect me and treated me just like one of the guys, except this guy.

Apparently he was born in a family of aristocrats who only had regular wealth and no power. He was a psycho and a nymphomaniac and likes to talk about sex any chance he got. He doesn't respect that I am co-worker, not a whore, and always like to ask if my sex life was good and all that. At first, I played along with him and acted strong in front of him, thinking that if I responded to him like a guy at his same level, he would more or less stop behaving that way and think that I would be of no fun since I wasn't intimidated by his sex talk.

But it seemed that my plans backfired as he thought that my participation was kinky and went overboard. He even went as far as saying that I should just get married to him instead and having my sweetheart as my fiance was a waste of good looks. He said if I were ever to break up with my fiance, he would be waiting with open arms, saying that he would not waste his time with love and I could just be with his kid and he could easily get me a job in the government sector, yadda yadda, all those empty promises I've known too well. He likes to touch me by the arm and the thigh and I tried brushing him off harshly and told him off, but he got even more excited, thinking that I was playing hard to get.

The last straw was when he became my driver for my afternoon tour and he was making very suggestive moves at me, asking if I would go and have a drink with him and get wasted before "having some fun" if you catch my drift. Again I told him off and ignored him, but he still thought I was only playing hard to get. While we were waiting for the guests to approach the van, he pointed to his crotch and asked if I wanted some "ice-cream" to cool the heat. He did the same as well after the tour when we were on our way back to the office. It was very insulting and very annoying for him to do that. I was worried that if he were to be my driver later that night for my night tour he would really rape me.

I complained it to my fiance and he told me to speak up to my supervisor about it. I did and it turned out that I wasn't the only victim. The supervisor knew that he was a psycho, and some of the girls in the management department suffered his verbal sexual harassment before. I was his latest case and it was all he needed to compound the evidence to support his report to the boss. He told me to write an incident report so that he could bring it up to the boss (as soon as he came back from his meeting overseas) to do something about it. I did and I got another driver instead to drive me for my night tour that night. And since then, whenever he was around, I avoided him and did not enter the staff kitchen until he left.

What is it about me that attracts these maniacs?