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Me?? Male??

Something rather interesting and funny happened to me today.

Well, I noticed that my period had not been very regular these days and this time, it had been 2 months since my last period. No! I'm not pregnant! Well, I was worried at first, so I bought a pregnancy self-test kit and checked it out. So far, so good. The results showed that I am not ready to be a mother yet, so I was wondering if it was others that caused the problem.

Then just recently, I've been experiencing a kind of throbbing pain on my left side near the uterus area and I was like OMG! Am I having cancer or something?? It was quite worrying that my fiance insisted I go see the doctor.

We went to one of the branches of a clinic I usually go to, and he said I should go to their main branch downtown, which was pretty annoying, since we have been waiting in line for so long to have him tell us that there's nothing he could do about it. We quickly rushed to the main branch before it closes and barely made it along with the last batch of patients for the day. They registered me into their system and asked me to wait for my turn.

When it was finally my turn, an Indian lady was there to check me. I told her my problem, and she requested me to take off my pants so that she could do a ultrasound, so I did. She pressed that damn ultrasound gadget really hard on me to check me, but I could take the word of pregnant ladies about the ultrasound gel being very cold, coz it really IS cold! She said that my uterus was fine, but there are some minor sists on the part where I was aching, but nothing too serious that I should worry about.

Then she asked me whether I was sexually active so that she could used a probe to do a vaginal scanning. I wouldn't say I'm really active, but I have my share of regular bedding, if you catch my drift. So I watched her coating the probe with that cold gel, then fitting a condom onto it (probably for hygiene purposes) before lubing it up again. I have to be honest, it's been a long while since I actually have anything inside me, and, it actually felt kinda good. God! I'm a nymphomaniac!

Neways, after the scan, she said everything was fine. I'm not pregnant or whatnot, but I do have a hormone imbalance which is also due to my weight. Apparently, all women have a certain amount of male hormones, but I have tipped the scale and let the male hormones go into a little overload, which caused my period irregularity. She gave me some pills to take to make me have my period and also some pills to take while I'm having my period to regulate my hormones, or something like that, and that I should see her again in one month's time.

LOL! When I told that to my fiance, he was like all weirded out and said, "OMG! You're not turning into a man, are you??" Interesting fact though, that my period irregularities is caused due to my male hormones. No wonder I feel like as if I'm the one wearing the pants in the relationship. LOL!

Welcome to Brunei

Welcome to Brunei and I will be your tour guide for the day...

LOL! I got a job! As a tour guide!

After about almost one month of unemployment, I finally hit the jackpot out of all the job applications that were sent out. Apparently, the tourism industry were impressed with my resume and decided to interview me and hire me right there and then.

For this entire week, I have been undergoing training. I was trained under two tour department: WOB (Window of Brunei), a complimentary tour program for tourist who are on transit flights, and Bandar Splendour Tour where tourists go on a 4-hour tour to various places.

The WOB is a pretty interesting package. Tourists get to sit on the bus and watch the scenery from the inside while the tour guide explain away the sights that they are seeing. I have to sit somewhere in front or at the back and watch my seniors show me the ropes, or more like watch how they do their thing while I listen to the facts. There is quite a number of things I have to know about the country I'm in, since I'm a foreigner myself and am going to be the one explaining. The fun part about it is that I get to meet so many new people. Most of them come from London, but there are also Australians, New Zealanders and such. I get to chit-chat with them and learn about their country more while I fill in anything that my seniors have missed about Brunei.

Once we were leading a group of 20-ish tourists and there was one couple from Australia who asked if I would recommend them the local food when we made a pit stop. I showed them the food and they loved it! They kept praising as they ate away at the spicy pineapple, beef rendang and chicken kurma. And there was one who was a vegetarian, so we recommend her to eat vegetable noodle soup. She mistook the cili padi (itsy-bitsy small chillies that pack a punch) for red pepper and was sweltering. It got worse when she mistook the chilli seed as peas-in-a-pod and we had to take her to the bathroom to wash off the spiciness because she was literally sweating and crying while her friend laughed at her and took a picture of her sorry state! LOL! Evil ppl! The best part about tours is we get tips, which is where the real money comes from aside from my basic salaries. My seniors taught me one thing: Know the basics, bullshit everything else!

Bandar Splendour Tour is like a detailed version of WOB, where you actually make stops and explain stuff to the tourist while they take pictures. Everything from the dates, statistics, facts and history has to be known, and I watched in awe at my seniors stating them out to tourist like it's the most normal thing ever in the world. They said I should take notes, but I don't believe in it. I know I might end up just throwing it away anyway, so I just rely on listening and hope that I could remember all of them. Of course, I was given extra notes from the boss so that I would memorize them but all in all, I prefer listening.

There's this one senior I did not like though. When we let the tourist have their free time, he approached me and asked me how was I doing and do I hear and remember everything he had just said. I couldn't answer him 'Yes' because I'm afraid he might test me, but then I couldn't say 'No' either, so I replied 'More or less', and he gave me that look that says "Ugh, this girl is not cut out to be a guide". Fuck off, man! You think I can't do it just because I'm a girl and I don't take notes? I know Brunei has a population of 380,000 ppl and is about 5,000 square feet! I know that the Sultan's palace is the largest residential area in the world and is bigger than Buckingham palace and has 1788 rooms, 2 soccer fields, 5 swimming pools, a mosque and about more than 300 cars, 170 of them all editions of Rolls Royce! You think I never heard you?! Men!

Neways, all in all, it was a fun and interesting experience. I hope I succeed in this job.
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OMG!!! NUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have just read an article recently that Warner Bros is going to push Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince movie from this Nov 21 2008 to July 2009!

That would be like another extra long year to wait!


This can't be happening~!!!

We have been loyal fans of Harry Potter since the dawn of his existence and we have been waiting like forever for HBP movie to come out, and now you want us to wait for another year?? That is like either:

a) Asking us to surrender ourselves to the Dementors and let them give us the Dementor's Kiss

b) Asking us to jump off the building of Azkaban

c) Jump into front of Hogwarts Express and let it hit you smack on the face

d) All of the above

Gah! They can't do this to us! If I have to wait another year I'll scream bloody murder! This is the movie where Sev will play a big role! This is where Sev would shine! I wanna see my Snape! I don't care about Harry going into the past or Ron dating Lavender Brown while Hermione watches jealously or Harry obsessing over Draco or whatever. I just want to see my Snape, and they are withholding it from me~!!!!

What's a crazed fan gotta do to get those bastards to listen around here?!

WE WANT HBP ON 2008!!!
Sunday, August 17, 2008 | By: BlackGargie

The Death of My Fandom

My life-long fandom is finally dead. It is officially and finally dead. You wanna know why? Because some fucking freaking lazy artist just couldn't bother to come up with original ideas and couldn't be bothered to even think that a big fan like me who has already been following every issue since I was 12 years old was having very high expectations over it!

Remember when I said that my favourite Anak-Anak Sidek had been MIA for the past few month with no particular reason as to why they are doing this? Well, just recently when my fiance and I dropped by to our nearby superstore to buy some personal snacks for our own roomy private consumption, I browsed around the magazine shops as usual to try my luck seeing if the new issue of Anak-Anak Sidek would ever be out.

My heart skipped a beat when I saw that finally it was out. I dunno how long it has been out, but looking at the date, the August issue was out and it was all that mattered. I was so happy at first. My mind was screaming OMG! Thank God I was patient enough to wait for it. After so many months waiting, it's finally out!

But when I opened the pages and flipped through to see what's new before I decide whether to buy it or not (which I always end doing it anyways), my heart fell into the pit of my stomach as if there was lead on it. Turns out that the drawings had gotten worse. Somehow, whoever was drawing picked, mixed and matched different body positions from previous issues, reanimated it in Illustrator and then just paste it in panels. Even the background was a copy-paste from previous issues into the panels!

It was totally disappointing and heartbreaking to see my favourite comic characters being stooped so low as to having to need previous issues to reanimate a comic. My heart sank as I threw the book back into the rack and walked off without looking back. 12 years! 12 years of being a loyal fan and months of waiting for them to resurface with something new, and this is what I got! In the last issue, they promised a new face, a new sensation, and yet this is the so-called 'new' stuff that they could offer! I was totally distraught. Totally!

Today is officially the day my greatest fandom died.
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My Hiking Days

These few days, I've been taking hiking with my friend Khiong, as you can see in his blog. Wanting to lose weight for my little darling and all, so that my sex appeal would return to him, but most importantly, I did it for health concerns.

The last time I weighed myself was when I went to the clinic to be treated of my yeast infection. Since I was a first-timer in the clinic, they did the standard procedures of taking my blood sample and all that, and when they weighed me, I was 73kg! Gah! Teh horror!

I've been going to the gym in and out for a while, but after Khiong changed jobs and worked the night shift, we could no longer go to gym together. Everyone said why do you need someone along when you can exercise on your own? The problem is, I can't exercise alone. You cannot trust me to exercise alone. I would only be motivated when someone is going. If not, you'll see me sitting my fat ass on the chair online all day. Trust me, my willpower sucks.

Neways, after I quit my job in Brudirect, I've never have much to do at home instead of going online, so Khiong suggested we go hiking to lose weight since we're both free in the day time. It was a bit of a struggle waking up, but if he can, why can't I?

So we decided to hike at this hill call Taman Tasek Lama. It reminds me of my jogging days in my hometown Taman Tun Fuad (which is somewhere near Bukit Padang, which is a mental asylum - LOL, the irony). We usually warm up by trekking all the way up to the reservoir lake, then pick a trail to hike up or down. The first time was tough because we haven't really had a decent exercise in months, but as the weeks go by, we managed to travel and trek and hike every nook and cranny of the place.

It was a big achievement, although sometimes I slack a little coz of my late nights due to unemployment. But I feel a little let down because recently I weighed myself to see how far have I progressed. Because the last time I weighed myself was half a year ago which was 73kg, now that I weighed myself, I was shocked to find that I didn't lose it! In fact I gained about 2kgs extra! I was horrified! All that weeks of exercise and I gained instead of losing?? Either the weighing machine had a problem or the exercise is not working. Khiong said it's probably that I've gained that extra 2kgs before hiking and probably only lost just a little bit. He said to try and keep it up and carry on and hopefully it will drop.

I held onto those words, but I'm still keeping my fingers crossed. Like I said, I'm exercising for the sake of health
Wednesday, August 6, 2008 | By: BlackGargie

TEH HORROR~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG~!!! I am dead! I am so dead!

My hard drive died on me! Everything that I've stored in there, including my beautiful musics, my videos that I've made and all the lovely pictures, including my yaoi manga collection and my Harry Potter Snarry goodness is all gone~!!! WAAAAA~~~!!!! T_T

Ever since I got my new extra drive from my fiance after he got his own new Quad Co program and all that, I was thrilled to finally have extra space to put all my lovely pictures collection and also keep dozens upon dozens of great music album sung by my fav singers, and also have enough space to keep videos that I've created and all the other MTV that's downloaded from YouTube.

Then just last night, when I wanted to look for a background picture to put in my latest artwork for my latest project, I suddenly couldn't access it! The partition that kept all my music, piccie collections and videos just vanished into thin air! I was like ZOMGWTFBBQ?! :wtf: I called my fiance to check it and after a fruitless attempt to try and locate the partition, he told me that the most plausible reason was that the drive had died.

I was trying to keep a straight face, but my innards were screaming "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!! MY BEAUTIFUL YAOI COLLECTION ARE IN THERE~!!!! ALL MY PICS THAT I'VE COLLECTED SINCE I GOT THIS PC WHEN I WAS 18 IS IN THERE~!!!!" He said he'll take it to his shop (he's a technician) and try to retrieve my stuff, but no promises. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Thank goodness I kept my artworks and fanfics and all other important documents in my other partition, which is in the C drive and was not affected by it, or else I'd commit suicide, RIGHT NOW!