Tuesday, July 22, 2008 | By: BlackGargie

The Trials & Tribulation of Baby-Sitting

These few days, since I was unemployed, I had my fair share of baby-sitting to pass the time. Due to the fact that we only had one maid, and because my fiance's eldest sister has yet to receive her maid, she has been sending her 3 kids to our house to be baby-sitted, and coupled with my fiance's second sister's son, it would be one hell of a banshee party.

I'm not in a liberty to say their names, just in case it breaches some sort of privacy whatnot, but these are their characteristics I've discovered so far while baby-sitting them:

Eldest sister's kids:

Eldest son: Complicated, smart with computer games, learns rather quickly, impatient, sometimes full of anger (to the point where he'd probably need anger management therapy), pretty violent and has a mean shout whenever he doesn't get his way

Middle daughter: Artsy, quiet, can handle her own, loves to fantasize about things little girls usually think of, pretty and occasionally can engage conversation with you, adamant once she sets her mind on something and a crybaby when she doesn't get her way.

Youngest son: The joker, pretty articulate for a one-year-old child, enjoys doing things a normal one-year-old would do, crybaby when he doesn't get his way but easily calmed and distracted

Second sister's kids:

Eldest son: Smart for his age, knows what he wants and gets what he wants, occasionally crybaby, pretty articulate, hyperactive and loves to move around (he can't stay in one spot for long) and usually Mommy's boy when she's around

Daughter: Still in the hospital due to born prematurely, may be discharged soon

All in all, it was an experience worth living through, since it would prep me up when it's my turn to reproduce. Baby-sitting can be both be excited and fun and a pain in the ass, depending on what is the child's mood. Here are the list of things that I've been through during my days of babysitting...


1. Babies are easier to baby-sit than kids

2. I could carry two babies at once, but only if they were standing at the same level as I am (I could barely even get up, like as if my joints were stuck when I tried to pick both up at ground level)

3. When one kid screams, the whole house comes down when the rest followed suite

4. My patience and tolerance level had increased slightly

5. With the right methods, I can actually baby-sit 4 kids at once

6. Kids are born banshees

7. Kids are harder to distract than babies

8. Kids have unlimited stamina (they can play for hours and hours without getting tired and I almost died of mental exhaustion)

9. You can shut kids up by just stuffing something edible into their mouths (provided it doesn't spoil their dinner)

10. Baby-sitting can be a good form of exercise coz you worry about them and have the impulse to get up and see what's going on at the slightest sound they make


1. Baby-sitting 4 kids at once

2. Learnt that hot water actually do remove stains from carpet

3. Carry 2 babies at once

4. Taught the youngest son (eldest sister's) a new word: Bubble

5. Taught the eldest son (eldest sister's) a new Chinese dialect: Moi (Don't want)

Well, I guess I'm more or less prepped and trained to be a mother. Sorta. But I still have lots to learn