Sunday, June 29, 2008 | By: BlackGargie

Freedom~! Freedom~!


Today is my last day of work~!

After 5pm, I'm a free bird~!

I've been wanting to leave for a long while now, but finally I got down to it.

The first time I joined this company of mine it was alright. Nice friends, nice boss, nice colleagues and all that

But as I continued to work, everything started going downhill.

Business failing.

Low on petty cash.

Bosses revealing their true colours as being selfish, self-centered, unfair and slave-drivers.

Worker turnover begins to increase. Everyone is trying to leave one way or another.

Even our accountants have changed three times in the span of this year!

I knew then I don't want to be dragged down along with them. My friend joked and said that probably I'm the cause of it. That my presence had caused them bad luck or something. Well, I never took offence. In fact, I feel it so. It could possibly because of my growing hate towards the company that spread the negative energy all over, thus affecting the business.

I had the talk with the boss, stating that I believe my talent lies elsewhere than just sitting there doing 3 people's job (I'm being a censorship webmaster, insurance clerk and news article proofreader). Then I handed in my one month's notice (Here, instead of two weeks, we are supposed to give one month) and waited my days till today.

Yayy~! I don't have to stay in this god forsaken place any longer! Sayonara, baby!
Thursday, June 19, 2008 | By: BlackGargie

My Trip to Labuan

Last Saturday, I went on my first trip to Labuan with my fellow classmates after the exams to celebrate our freedom, sorta. Man, it was the bomb!

In the beginning I only heard it from one of my Nigerian friends saying that I should join them. I told our "tour guide" who is leading the trip that I'll ask my fiance's permission first before I give him the green light.

It took me all forms of begging, whining, crawling, boot-licking and biting to make my fiance let me go, but not without letting him being the overbearing husband and lecture me abt safety and whatnot, in which I agreed readily. Hey, you're talking the Mysterious BlackGargie here. Of course I can take care of myself.

The next day when I called the "tour guide" to tell him that I'm going, he said I should've told him earlier because they were running out of room in the tour car to take us around. I was really upset when I told that to my fiance. I mean, it's not fair! They never gave me a deadline as to when I'm supposed to tell him. How should I know whether my reply was last minute or not? He was the one to agree that I can ask for the green light first. My fiance comforted me, telling me that there will be other chances, but I can tell his heart must be jumping with relief and joy.

Finally, on Friday, when I got home, I got the call from the "tour guide" saying that one of them couldn't come at the last minute and asked if I'm still interested to join. My insides were doing flip-flops of joy as I readily agreed, and quickly packed up for the next day's trip. I know my fiance must be grumbling inside for me leaving again and probably cursing my friend for taking me away from him, but I couldn't care less. I was all out for the trip

Because I couldn't drive, one of my friends who was going to the trip had to give me a ride to the ferry port. There we did standard ticket-buying, passport-chopping, loading luggage, taking pictures in between, and boarding the ferry. While waiting for the ferry to set sail, I drew this to kill time

Surprisingly I wasn't seasick on the way to Labuan. It was ironic that I'm not seasick and not airsick, but I'm carsick, which just doesn't make sense. I even ate a bag of chips and banana jerky and a can of Sprite on the way, much to the disgust of my neighbour who looked like she was gonna puke if I continue crunching and munching my food in front of her, so I turned around to face the other way so she won't see me eating. The downside of the ferry is that the seat was a little too low from the window so even if you get a window seat, you had to stand to see the view, and you can't go up deck to chk out the scenery, so I was pretty bored on the way to Labuan.

Once I reached Labuan, it was quite a fascinating sight. It's like a very quaint small town, almost like Miri, but smaller. Not much people roaming around or anything, but at least it looked a lot livelier than Brunei. We were driven to the hotel named Tiara Hotel where we rented a hotel apartment. I took the master bedroom with the Nigerian girls while the rest took the spare room. It was pretty cool. Technically I never stayed in a hotel apartment before, but at least it was just a one-night stay, so it wouldn't cost much.

After checking out the room, we all played dress-up with each other. My friend (who gave me a ride) had a couple of lingeries that was too big for her, and she decided to give it to me. Surprisingly my fat ass actually fits those lingerie when I tried them out one by one and showed it to them. We soon had 0ur own sort of fashion show as we undressed and go nekkid in front of each other while trying out the swimsuit that we brought, just in case we get to do a little swimming action later in the day. Of course, phototaking was involved, and the swimsuit totally puts my fat ass in display. It's true when they saw happiness increases horizontal growth. T_T

Later that night, we all went to a seafood restaurant and had a full course seafood dinner that involved clams, stingray, tigerprawn, vegetables, cuttlefish and one of those snail-like prawns that has a shell almost like a lobster. I swear I've never eaten so many seafood in my life. We enjoyed it, but our Nigerian friends doesn't seemed to be interested in marine life. They only ate the stingray and the vegetables. Guess they're more of a vegetarian

After that, we went to a pub called Blue Wave to go enjoy a night of clubbing. I was hoping for karaoke, but they didn't seem to like the idea, and since it's not only my trip, I have to respect their wishes. Going clubbing was cool as we get to hear loud booming music and drown ourselves in booze like it's nobody's business. We ordered a bottle of Chivaz in which I've drank 6 glasses, 3 of them being bottoms up style. I think I kinda puked twice not because I was drunk--hell, I never get drunk, I always remain sane, just a little tipsy on the side--but because I feel so bloated drinking so much that my stomach can't take it in at one go. But I managed to survive, even had a couple of beers in between.

The best thing is about clubbing is the music and the dancing. I know squat about dancing, but in a place where natural high is the name of the game and the music and lightings are blasting away like there's no tomorrow, they wouldn't even care if you danced with 5 left feet! LOL And the best part is I get to dance with total strangers and they don't mind, as long as they're having fun. I guess that was what my fiance was worried about, that I might end up going off with some guy on a one-night stand thing.

Hey, I'm not that dumb.

All in all, one of the Nigerian girls was the first to puke, then me, but the first person to topple and "die" was my driver friend who gave me her lingerie. Another one of my friend was like the Queen of Liqour as she drank just as much as I did and still remained sober, and she never puked even once! Now that was far out! We all went back to the apartment totally high, but my driver friend was totally out of it as she was spouting out nonsense before she KO-ed into bed. LOL! You don't wanna know what she said, trust me

The next day, when I woke up, I found myself sleeping alone on the bed and saw my Nigerian friends sleeping in the living room. Apparently they weren't too fond or too used to sleeping on soft beds and had the living room cushion sofa as their mattress. I guess it's understandable, being from Nigeria and all. The surprising thing was I woke up really early (around 8.30 am) when I actually slept at 3am after that crazy clubbing. Dunno why. I just woke up and couldn't sleep anymore. Luckily I don't have a hangover, but my driver friend does. Seriously, I never had a hangover ever in my life. Must be because of my dad being alcoholic and my mom training me to hold my liqour since I was 12. It runs in the genes.

We didn't get to swim, but we got to have a nice buffett breakfast and did some shopping. I'm not into buying clothes or shoes, but I did buy some nice chocolates to bring home to eat, then later in the afternoon, we all got back to pack and go home. Time sure flies when you're having fun, but I think because of waking up so early, I couldn't care less if we were going home early or not. Sleep was all in my mind, and throughout the sail home from Labuan to Brunei, I slept like a pig.

All in all, it was a fun experience. I'd love to go Labuan again, even if it's just to enjoy the lovely night life Brunei seemed to be so lacking...
Thursday, June 12, 2008 | By: BlackGargie


TGIF~!!! Thank God it's Friday!

Well, technically I still work on Saturdays, so it should be the latter, but for this case, I think I'll stick with the old school way.

Wohoo~! Exams are finally over! It's finally over and done with! I've been through the war path of education and came out alive~! T_T

Studying was a bitch. I end up sleeping at the wee hours of the morning (around near dawn at 4-5 am) only to catch probably 2-3 hours of shut-eye before waking up the next day to go to the examination venue. But I guess it was the stress of exam that kept me awake and my brain still functioning although I barely slept.

We had our exams in the top floor in a booked conference room at one of our country's famous hotels. It had the worst reputation of using air-conditioning abundantly as if the electricity bill was free, and it's fucking freezing inside! Even though I heard that in the middle of the exam the examinors turned off the air-conditioning because it was too fucking cold, you'd still feel the freezing feeling due to all the trapped cold air in the room and also because some part of the building is still centralized air-conditioning, so you can still feel the cold.

At least our lecturers have the decency to reveal what topics may come out in the exam and subtley revealed the questions to us, so we just focused in which questions we think we can score and read and cram like crazy. There's one lecturer though that pretty much gave us a very, very, VERY vague idea of the exams, and we all were left in the blank as to what to study, and in the end, I just wing it through common sense.

All in all, it was rough. I thought studying alone is tough, but try working full-time and studying part-time. God! That's horrible!

At least I survived, but I definitely discovered something about myself: I am definitely NOT cut out for study life. It's working life for me!