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Our New American Idol!

The news just got in at our side! This 7th Season of American Idol, David Cook won! He, out of the entire finalists, broke through and won! Congrats, congrats, congrats!
Technically my friend and I were rooting out for Archuleta, but he took the biggest blow when he watched the results and heard of this "appaling decision" as he puts it. LOL. You can read it in his blog in here.

Well, personally I think they made maybe not a bad choice, but a fair choice. You gotta admit, Cook looks much more handsome than Archuleta, and I guess that's the winning vote that got him in. And his voice is actually pretty good.

You gotta understand, this season is rather tough. We have much much more talented people entering AI than its pre-decessors. Cook with his Chris Daughtry-ish powerful voice and Archuleta with his diva voice. It's a very very hard choice to make.

I had to battle it out in my mind before I decided to root for Archuleta, yet my choices continued to waver. And who's to say that Cook won't end up as successful as Kelly Clarkson? You wouldn't know right? Although I don't doubt that Archuleta would be just as successful as Clay, Chris and the like.

Like I said, both are very powerful potential singers. Whichever wins would still be the same. I bet if they have picked Archuleta instead, someone somewhere out there would have the same reaction as he did. I mean, who's to say whether they might end up unknown or not? Who's to say they'll be 100% famous like Kelly? We can't tell the future, and we certainly can't pinpoint their fate just because we didn't like the choices they make.

So I believe they didn't make a foolish or bad or stupid or anything negative regarding their choice. I'd say they made a fair choice.
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For Those Born in the Year 1973-1984

For Those Born in the Year 1973-1984 (Most applicable to Malaysians)

  1. We grew up watching G-Force, Transformers, Thundercats, SilverHawk, Woody Woodpecker, Chipmunks and Mickey Mouse. Not to forget Ninja Turtles, Mask, Smurfs and Voltron, oh, and also Gaban.
  2. In primary school where they impliment brushing your teeth after recess, and we get to see colourful cups and squat around near the drain together with our friends
  3. We have a dentist just right beside our class, and you get to to do all the hullabaloo involved in dentistry for free and you can hear their teeth be drilled or cemented or plucked just right next door
  4. The Drink Milk Program was still popular back then when the teachers would as those in charge of milk for the week to bring in free cold milk packets into the class during recess of the lovely memorable flavour of chocolate, strawberry and vanilla, just to promote milk-drinking among us young kids, and for the school, it only costs 30 Malaysian cents per pack.
  5. When the teachers punish you, they are bound to use the yellow long ruler to whack your palms
  6. A bowl of soup noodles costs only 50 Malaysian cents in the canteen
  7. During high school we often buy shoes of Bata BM Turbo or Pallas Jazz brand. Some like the high-cut shoes made in China and loves nice thick socks
  8. Internet? Email? What the hell are those?
  9. CD? WTF are those? If you're talking about music casettes...
  10. Movie tickets only cost 5 Malaysian dollars
  11. When we go to sundry shops, we buy Chickerdis, Mamee , Kum Kum, UFO, O-Ya, Ding Dang chocolate balls that comes with a free toy, hard colourful 'eggs', chewing gum 'cigarettes', KIKI Bubble Gum. Not to mention 'TiKam'.
  12. When exams are over, we play Monopoly, Donkey, Happy Family or whatever in class.
  13. The school bell ringing is the best, especially when you get to buy ice-cream from the old uncle outside the school...
  14. During recess, all school work can throw out of the window, let's eat!Kids who are involved in Rancangan Makanan Tambahan (RMT), or Extra Meals Program in English, are bound to leave early
  15. During PE, we get to play ball, rounders and the like
  16. Favourite game: Marbles, 'Batu Seremban', bottle caps, ice-cream sticks, 'Pepsi Cola one-two-three' , 'Police & Sentry', game of tag
  17. We sooth our thirst by eating the 10 cents popsicle. You know, the one that comes in tubes and with plenty of colours and you need to break it in half through the middle to get to the popsicle
  18. Fold papers into small bits and fit them in rubber bands or get yourselves pieces of broken chalk and you'll have yourselves a ball in class.
  19. Kids nowadays never heard of the song 'We Are the World' and they assume the founder and singer of 'Uptown Girl' is by Westlife, not Billy Joel
  20. To them, there is only one German and one Vietnam in this world
  21. AIDS existed from the time they were born
  22. CDs also existed from the time they were born
  23. Michael Jackson was already white from the time they were born.
  24. They assume Spiderman and Incredible Hulk were new films.
  25. They cannot imagine a black and white screen for a computer.
  26. They never knew 'Atari' and 'Game & Watch' exist.
  27. They cannot believe there was once a black and white TV and they can't switch on a TV without a remote control to save their own life
  28. They cannot and will not understand how we survive without cellphones in university back then
  29. Most of you who read this (Malaysians mostly) will remember things mentioned above and surely will smile
  30. Most of your high school friends have already married
  31. You're sure to see kids these days not even older than 12 playing the computer games as if it's nobody's fucking business
  32. We shake our heads when we see high school kids using handphones
  33. We don't talk on regular phones with friends like we used to everyday
  34. When we see old friends from time to time, we love to talk about old sentimental and funny stories we've been through when we were kids

Time passes so fast, doesn't it?



I'm ruined!

I'm ruined!

I'm totally ruined!

My life is not worth living anymore! I have no meaning of life already~!!!

Why am I ranting and crying like a homicidal maniac, you ask?

Well it's because history has repeated itself again.

No, no, not THAT issue.

I've been banned and kicked out again for no particular reason and not given an explanation why.

Not even an email. Not even a warning notification. Nothing!

I've have been a loyal member and never done anything to them and this is how they repay me after I've created so many lovely masterpiece for the public's viewing pleasure.

And it is the least group I expect to be kicked out of!

Oh, the injustice of it all!

I just tried logging in as I would everyday and suddenly it came out in pink "Your account has been permanently disabled"

Boo hoo hoo~!!! That's not fair~!!!

What group kicked me out this time, you ask?





Gah! Damn those fuckers!

They're behaving just like Y!Gallery, no notifications, no warnings, no email, no nothing!

Now what am I gonna do with my life??

I think I'll go hang myself now...
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Mother's Day...

I know Mother’s Day is coming soon, and I will be celebrating it with my bf and his family

But I still can’t bring myself to like Mothers’ Day.


Because I grew up with a mother that does not deserve this auspicious day.

True, she raised me, gave birth to me, schooled me and stuff, but at what price? By tying me down to serve her with forced gratitude and making me feel guilty for not appreciating her.

I can understand her being bitter after divorcing my father because he had an affair, but it’s not right to take it out on the child. She has been blaming me for all her sufferings for the past 20 years and constantly associate anything wrong that I do to my father, saying that “I’m a bad apple that doesn’t fall far from the tree” or “You’re just like your father, you good-for-nothing b***h! I wish you didn’t exist!”

Everytime the teachers say “Your mother doesn’t want all those elaborate gifts to make her happy. All she wants is to see you all grow up to be a good person useful to the society.” I would scoff and say, “Teacher, you have obviously not met my mother yet.” Because she always EXPECT and INSIST that I give her something nice and grand on Mothers’ Day. If you don’t, she will nag you and slap you and beat you until you go bruising and swollen and you will never hear the end of it.

Sometimes, when I’m angry to hear Mother’s Day, I would say, “What’s so good about mothers? Why can’t there be more Fathers’ Day?” That’s because I grew up with a mother that still hits you with anything in her hand, even if it is a hot clothes iron and even when you’re already way past the ’spare the rod, spoil the child’ age.

I’m not targeting to all mothers. I’m sure your mothers are saints in a way. But my mother wasn’t, and I had to live with abuse for almost 20 years before my bf finally took custody of me and took me out of that hell hole (which was not easy because there was loud arguments and almost-law suits involved).

Everyone says no matter what she did, she is still my mother and deserves a little recognition. Let me ask you: How can you say that so easily when you are not the one experiencing this abuse for 20 years? Who gives you the right to decide whether my mother deserves recognition or not when I’ve experienced torture firsthand? You tell me.

My bf says try to like Mothers’ Day for his mother’s sake, but…growing up hating it, it’s kinda hard. But I’ll try.

No promises though


This is an article I found in one of the topics I had to censor in HYS. Of course, according to my 'high and mighty boss', anything religious is strictly forbidden to put up in the HYS regardless if it's harmless and only mentioned in a small sentence or not, and it is my job to delete such posts, but I believe everyone should know about this. So I did the poor guy a favour and speak on his behalf by posting his very thought provoking article here:


Unpaid wages smear not only the image of the private sector but also the image of Brunei. In my opinion, the issue reported in Borneo Bulletin (10th May 2008) has grossly underestimated the issue.

An impression has been created as if the number of actual cases of employees who have been unpaid comes to about a few dozen, at the most it does not exceed a hundred. But as a matter of fact, anyone doing a private research, talking to people working in very many private small scale and medium scale service industries, retail outlets, secondary industries would find alarming statistics on the matter of unpaid wages.

I challenge islamically ethical conscious customers going into these shops, establishments to make casual enquiries when the Towkay is not around, to ask the employees whether they have been receiving their wages/salaries regularly. One would get a shock that some employees had not been paid for more than six months and they make no complaint, see no labour officer and simply slave on.

The simple reason is that, should they do it, employers making use of their dominant economic and political influence make a false counter claim about the employees and get a “KELUAR CHOP” from the Immigration Dept and send the employees back to his country of origin.

Who loses? The poor employee who paid the exploiting, selfish and ruthless intermediaries up to $2000 to $3000 to get an employment pass in Brunei. He loses another about $1000 that he paid as deposit to the Labour Dept (the law says, the employer should pay, but small firms ask the employees to pay this if they wanted the job and there is no way of checking the source of this fund).

The employing firm is happy kicking him out by getting him a one-way ticket paying about $300-$600 but they gain a few thousand dollars swindled from the sweat and blood of the poor worker whose wages must be paid according to an authentic Hadis, before the worker’s sweat dries. How many Muslims in our country follow this Hadis?

Very many Non-Muslim firms follow this Hadis without having the knowledge of the existence of such a beautiful teaching. That is the main reason why God Almighty, in His unfathomable wisdom, has allowed, (please forgive my saying this,) non-Muslim firms to become very much Maju in their businesses, but very many Muslims are disciplined in their empty physical ritualism, but terribly undisciplined in our practical compassion towards our employees whose sweat serves us. We are losers in the Dunia and Akhirat if we continue this principle of insufficient fidelity in financial matters.

Here is a solution. Please consider two suggestions:

The Ministry of finance should copy the laws prevalent in Singapore. That is, introduce, to start with an Employees’ Provident Fund Scheme. Let us start with business firms first. We can extend this to Domestic servants later on. Under this scheme, every employer must deduct 10% of the employee’s salaries every month and pay to the EPF managed by the Ministry of Finance. We can leave out the employer’s contribution to be implemented later on when they are financially ready for it. By this, the Labour Dept can make sure that at least 10% of the Employees salaries are compulsorily saved.

The Labour Department must make it law that a savings bank account must be opened in the names of every employee and the monthly salaries of the employees must first be deposited into their bank accounts only. The method of cash wages must be stopped forthwith as it leads to misappropriation and quite often delaying and deceiving. By this way, the labour department can check easily whether the employer has been paying the wages regularly or not. The law should allow the Labour Dept. and MoF officials to have casual access to the accounts in the cases of disputes.

There are about 100,000 guest workers in Brunei. Most of them have come from poor families and their families at home expect remittances from these employees to maintain a minimum standard of living. We will do a great service in the cause of loving humanity if we can seriously look into the problems of unpaid wages in Brunei.

By: Suralisyed
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You Know You're Getting Old When...

You Know You're Getting Old When...

1. People call you "The 80's Child"

2. You remember TV series like "Beauty and the Beast (live action modern version)" and McGyver

3. You grew up watching Disney cartoons

4. You remember the first Coca Cola commercial

5. Cigarette commercials like Salem, Dunhill, Mild Seven was still popularized in TV

6. You remember they play beer commercials with pretty ladies in it and you remember the commercial theme song before a movie starts in the cinemas playing trailers

7. You love to listen to all those 80's and 90's songs back then

8. You remember cartoons like Alvin and the Chipmunks, Defenders of Dynamation City, Mighty Max and the like

9. You remember movies like Ghostbuster, Neverending Story and all the other movies that was spectacular back then yet totally fake today but still enjoyable

10. You love to reminiscence your childhood and try to associate them with your current life

And the list goes on...