Sunday, March 23, 2008 | By: BlackGargie


1. You prefer men-men's love over hetero love anytime

2. You go "Aww..." and "SQUEE~!" and when you see two men being lovie-dovie in front of you

3. You insist on searching every yaoi pairing possible even in the most innocent animes

4. You watch two men having a slightly close relationship and would instantly think of them snogging each other naked on bed

5. Your anime collection consists of boy love anime instead of the usual anime people would collect, i.e. Gravitation, Boys Love Hyper, Marginal Princes, Tactics...

6. You own TV series created by hey! Channel i.e. The Lair, Dante's Cove...

7. You have a thing for twincest, especially boys

8. Your manga collection in your computer consists of doujin scanlations of either original or fan-doujins, regardless if you can read Japanese or not

9. You can never look at two guys the same way ever again

10. You get turned on by looking at two men shagging instead of the normal hentai

11. You join a Fight for Gay Rights cause

12. You love to sing "It's OK to be Gay" by Tomboy during your free time

13. Your drawings (if you're an artist) consists of yaoi 90% of the time

14. You don't mind your boyfriend (if you're an open-minded girl) to get 'easy' on his male colleagues

15. You would encourage your boyfriend to kiss his male friends and even prepare your 3G phone to shoot them

16. You want to try a strap-on the next time you and your boyfriend wants to make-love just to see how anal sex on a guy looks like

17. Even if there is already a hetero pairing in an anime, you would create some sort of story (if you are a fanfic writer) that make their relationship no longer existant and pair it with your fav boy

18. Even if there is totally no room for a yaoi pairing to exist in a cartoon or anime, you pair crack!ones anyways or create an OC to match with your fav boy

19. You see any gesture that is slightly suggestive, even though it is just a friendly hug, as yaoi

20. You would be seen surfing websites that are yaoi-based and hunt for delicious man sex

And the list goes on...