Wednesday, January 30, 2008 | By: BlackGargie

I Hate Arrogant People~!!!

One thing I reli reli don't like is the arrogance of some people who just dunno what's good for them

I went to the border recently to chop my passport because the social visit pass chop is almost due. This immigration guy takes my passport, looks at it and said, "Why are you staying here overdue?" I was shocked! I have never broken a law in my life and he says that I stayed overdue! I told him that I have calculated correctly and my expiry date was on that date, but he keeps insisting that I was at fault and said, "Are you trying to go against me?"

I recalculated in front of him and find that he was wrong, that it should be on yesterday, but he still insist that he is right and that I have no clue what I was calculating. He ordered me to step aside (so as not to block the others waiting behind), threw my passport on his table, refused to give it back to me and said, "Why are you against me? I'm being very nice here, why are you arguing with me?"

I was of course not happy, so I called my boyfriend who is waiting for me at the Brunei side to come over and help me talk things through with him, and he was demanding who am I calling, saying in a very rude tone, "What does your boyfriend have to do with me? Is he someone I know? Does he own you or your passport?"

My boyfriend came over, we went through the explanation again, and when he calculated and proven I was right, the stupid immigration guy was still not satisfied, saying (These are his exact words), "I'm IMMIGRATION. I'm GOVERNMENT OFFICER. You think I don't know what I'm doing?! I asked her nicely (which he did not) about her overdue stay and she is against me! And she has the nerve to call you here when you don't own her passport or her. You are not responsible for her, she is, and one thing I hate about people is that they don't negotiate themselves but ask someone else to help, like I'd be afraid of that person. We've given you stay two weeks, you complain too short, now we give you thirty days, what more you want? You think we like it?!"

We knew there was no point arguing with him, because my bf just so happen to be too far from any connections to fight against him to put him on his place, so I kept quiet and don't argue, and my boyfriend and I apologized for our so-called brashness, but he kept going on and on saying that they are so high and mighty, that they have chopped millions upon millions of passport and have seen all kinds of ppl like me, and they are GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL and they know what they're doing and that they are not stupid, and they're very tired handling things like this all day, and he is saying all this while his computer screen was actually displaying a Spider Solitaire game! You call that professional working?!

He ended his stupid lecture by saying, "So you want to do this the easy way or the hard way?" Like he's threatening me. It's not like I had a choice when I said I'll do it the easy way. So he jotted down my name and passport in some ledger and said, "If you ever go against us, we know who you are."

Of course, we left the border and got a renewed social visit pass chop, but with a terrible feeling. My boyfriend said I was his responsibility and it's his fault he got me into this mess, but I don't blame him. It's not his fault. It's that stupid idiot F**KING immigration guy who is so F**KING arrogant and think his job is like the best in the world and that he is like some sort of F**KING lord over us, like he owns us or something.

This is what you get when you have a typical Malay being a government official. They think they're all that. I'm not being racist or anything, but some of these people just really irks me sometimes
Sunday, January 27, 2008 | By: BlackGargie

History Repeats Itself

Howdy guys! Excuse my French for what you're about to read next, and sorry if it's gonna shock you, but I have to get it off my chest for the moment.

I have been yet again targeted as a sexual harassment victim.

You may wonder why I say 'yet again', well, it's because aside from having an abusive mother, I had been experiencing sexual harassment since I can remember. Let me list you down the long and short of my sexual harassment experiences:

1- I was 5 years old and was talked into being French-kissed and touch and be touched on the 'nether regions' by a 10 year old boy who must've watched too much bad porno movies

2- I was about 9, 10 years old and was sexually abused (literally being touched at the 'nether regions' ) by a housing estate security guard when I do my weekly visits to my father's place after my parents divorced

3- I was in university and on my way home when I was attacked by a sexual predator, but luckily he only touched me and tried to hump my back or something

This time, when I came hom from my business trip, I was sexually harassed by a cafe boy who works at a 24-hour cafe (owned by my boss) as the chef. He was awfully nice to me and I didn't think he was harmful or anything, but I was wrong.

He started asking me why I never drop by to the cafe for lunch, and offered to bring me breakfast in the morning. He took my hand and kissed, and I thought he was just being a gentleman. But when he advanced to kissing my cheek, I knew there was something wrong. I wanted to confront him about this later during the day, but he had the upper hand by kissing my lips and caught me offguard. Nothing further happened, and I thought if I confronted him the next day and tell him enough was enough, everything would be fine.

Unfortunately when I went home and tried to pretend nothing had happened, my body unconciously avoided my fiance's advances and I was afraid of his advances, because it reminded me of the cafe boy. I refused to tell my fiance what the problem was and he was so upset that he thought I was hinting a breakup or I don't love him anymore.

He was genuinely worried, and I thought nothing is worse than your fiance making wrong assumptions about yourself, and I was dying to tell it to someone, so I blurted out what had happened. He quickly made a call to his friends to accompany him to confront the cafe boy (he has connections of the dirty kind sometimes), but lucky for the cafe boy, he was in morning shift and refused to show up when the night-shift supervisor called him to come over and apologize. I was worried sick that he might do something like in the mob movies where you take your victims aside to pummel the hell outta them, but luckily that didn't happen.

I didn't want to go to work the next day, and my fiance made a phonecall to my boss complaining about this matter. My boss called me to confirm the matter, and he too was pissed about such things happening in his own organization. He immediately fired the guy and sent him back to the Phillipines where he belonged, and assured me that none of this will ever happen again.

I'm still recovering from this trauma. I've finally allowed my fiance to touch me, but I've been immersed in my work and preparing for my registration to a college for part-time studies so that I could forget about what had happened. The cafe staff asked me if the things that happened were true and told them accordingly, but the thought still haunts me as if it were still yesterday.