Sunday, December 28, 2008 | By: BlackGargie

Brunei Deviant Art Meet 2008

I have just went for the first time to the greatest convention ever in my life! Wohoo! Finally, something good happening in Brunei! Well, more like something is happening in Brunei

It technically has been around for almost a few years but quite recently I was invited to join by Raidenokreuz and I straightaway jumped to the chance. Of course I had to painstakingly ask for an off day in advance and praying every damn hour they'd approve it.

When it was approved, I can tell you I had the friggin time of my life! Here are some pictures I took during the event:

The front door of the hall where everyone who comes in must be crossed-checked to see if they have been registered into the meet. Of course, me as IllusionEvenstar was in the list

Some of the DA Meet Committee doing some stuff. The host Raidenokreuz and Game-Flu was there to patch up some stuff.

The first prize for a drawing competition that the committee are hosting. You are supposed to randomly pick three words and draw your art based on those three words and must complete within 2 hours. That's really a challenge, and the gift looks pretty good too. Of course, second prize was a Haruhi Suzumiya Gashapon and third prize was a Keroro mini action figure thingy.

The third prize Keroro and also some art stuff Rai was selling at the convention. I bought some of them, of course.

OMFG! It's Kon and the Keyblade! Friggin' awesome! Who says money can't buy happiness??

This poster was hung on the door that leads to the balcony. Far out! It's Final Fantasy:Before Crisis! Should get this for my fiance's birthday!

They've got a DDR machine as well for entertainment, but as much of DDR fan I am, I was too busy admiring the other sights, especially cosplayers!

The auditorium

The mini-stage

Some dude (also part of the Committee member but I forgot his name) trying to make a triple crossover of L wearing an Akatsuki coat using the Keyblade as a guitar... -_-;;

Me and Kon! Wohoo! Just couldn't keep my hands off him!

Two crazies flipping each other the bird

This guy is known as Kuroi Kai-kun in Deviant Art, and he's showing off his stuff for the art competition. I was much more impressed in his art materials than his drawing, coz he brought along watercolours, prisma colours and of course, copic markers. Thing you would barely find in Brunei...

And the end results was this drawing. Pretty good too, especially when he's also fluent in Japanese. His random three words were 'Time', 'Penguin' and 'Manga'.

This is my drawing for the art competition. My random words were 'Wide-eye', 'Happy face' and 'Cosplay'. This is the best I could muster

Another dude trying his luck on the art competition. I forgot what were his random words were though...

It was time for costume changing, so I joined the guys to go dress up in our cosplay clothes. These are behind the scenes of our cosplay changing.

Chii and Sadako grinning at their candid camera pics

Kyouya and some character from the game The World Ends with You (no idea what's that about...Better update my entertainment knowledge bank)

A cosplayer from the anime Vampire Knight (I think) lol at Matsumoto

Minato from Persona 3

L will not be photographed!

A committee member cosplaying as a character from Vampire Knight

Still sprucing up...

Chii from Chobits and Sadako from Ringu (I think)

Putting the final touches...

Me in my completed cosplay. I'm just randomly dressed as a Gothic Lolita, although I was thinking between the lines of Misa-Misa in one of the episodes when she dressed as Gothic Lolita or Rosen Maiden. Had a fight with my fiance to get this dress because he didn't want me to make a fool of myself, but in the end, after a ver long dispute, he finally consented in getting me the dress. It was a steal though, coz I got it in Miri for RM199.90 when the usual price, especially the ones sold in KL was for about RM400++!
Mastumoto from Bleach

A character from Vampire Knight (I think) holding the shocked emoticon. LOL!

WTFOMFGBBQ~!!! One of my fav yaoi/shounen-ai anime character! Ritsuka from Loveless!!! Lucky for me, she was also a fan of yaoi/shounen-ai. Didn't think anyone in Brunei would be into those things ^_^

Shuuhei from Bleach

A character from Vampire Knight. No~idea what the heck is that anime about -_-;;

Ritsuka and I photographing each other

Ritsuka and Sadako taking picture of each other

A speechless Minato from Persona 3

Everyone gathered into the auditorium to listen to a short presentation about cosplaying. They technically wanted to host a cosplay competition for this convention, but they didn't have the budget for it, so we had to settle with a presentation instead

Vampire Knight char giving the presentation while Minato looks listless in the background and Vampire Knight char2 and Mastumoto helping out with the slides

Vampire Knight giving presentation while Minato and another committee member joking around

All of us listening to the talk, with Kyouya, Sadako, The World Ends with You char and Chii together in one row
Roy Mustang and Kuroyanagi listening to the presentation

A committee member performing songs: One from Vampire Knight (I think) and one from Dragonball GT

After the presentation and the performance, we were shown some videos from YouTube of examples of people cosplaying in world wide conventions. We watched a very nice video of an Ouran cosplay skit entitled 'Gay Bar', then the winner of the 2006 (or was it 2007) cosplay which was a group of teenagers cosplaying as the chars from One Piece, then the winner of skit for the World Cosplay Convention where two characters from Code Geass played a very juicy yaoi scene, with real kissing and angst! Far-out! We whooped and laughed all throughout the video viewing.

The fun and games commences. Again, we were given a random set of words and are asked to perform a short skit using those random set of words. While we're waiting for the committee members to sort out the words, photo-taking time!

Three dudes playing PSP

DUDE! Check it out! A guy cosplaying as one of the soldiers of Praying Mantis in MGS4 and Minato head to head. Well, of course, he was prepared to kill Minato while Minato was prepared to put himself out of his own misery XD

Wow! Far out! The Konoha clan's here!

Sakura from Naruto

Kuroyanagi Ryou from Yakitate! Japan (He claims this is his actual school uniform. Wonder what school is he from)

Kyouya-sempai from Ouran High School Host Club (with Sadako photo-bombing in the background)

Neji and Hinata from Naruto (and no idea who that girl in blue fuku is cosplaying as)

Ack! My rival! Another Gothic Lolita cosplayer. Although she said my outfit was a much better and accurate one

Roy Mustang from Full Metal Alchemist

Kairi from Kingdom Hearts 2 with the Keyblade! What a match!

Crossplayer alert! I have no idea who this person is. He just popped outta nowhere dressed in those lolita clothes. It was pretty obvious it's a guy, thus crossplayer, but it wouldn't kill him to socialize now, would it?

Everybody divided into groups to discuss how to get on with their skit with random set of words

Game-Flu posing for me

Rai as Setsuna from Human Genome Assasination or something

Rai and Game-Flu

Everyone doing their skit. Sorry, I don't have my picture of our group's skit coz I dunno anyone who could help take a photo of us. I remember my group members were L, Chii, Sadako, Kairi and The World Ends with You char, and our set of random words were 'clams', 'orenji', 'jackass' and 'rofl'.

Then comes the prize-giving ceremony. We didn't win the skit neither did I win the art competition, but I wasn't too upset. I wouldn't know where to put the prizes anyway with the cramped room I'm having, and besides, Kuroi Kai-kun who drew better than me didn't win either, so...

During the prize-giving ceremony, some last minute DA members came in and that guy in the centre really freaked me out. They're also cosplaying as chars from Vampire Knight (I think)

Dude! Are you related to Russell Lee from TSGS (True Singapore Ghost Stories)??

Girl, you sure you wanna hang out with this guy??

After the prize-giving ceremony, everybody got together to decide what theme should we have for our next DA Meet in June. After a long discussion, we decided to go with the theme 'Ancient Times', in which everybody has to pick an anime that is the setting within the pre-1950s time like Kuroshitsuji, Rurouni Kenshin, Fushigi Yuugi and such.

We also decided on having a cosplay competition but must decide on how much admission fee we are willing to pay so that we can fund the refreshments and the gifts for the winners, and those participating in the competition must stick to the theme, although others who are no wanting to join the competition can cosplay whatever they like

After the short meeting, it was photographing time with the cosplayers! Of course I would not miss out that chance

Again, Minato from Persona 3

Some dude wearing the Akatsuki coat

Everybody clinging onto Vampire Knight char (L still will not be photographed)

Yuri moment!!! Although the Vampire Knight characters they are playing are basically a guy (the blonde) and a girl (the blue-haired)

Yaoi moment!!! Minato courting Setsuna~!!!

L being naughty

Everybody giving Sennen Koroshi at each other!

Yo, Kuroi-kun, are you doing the Thunder Cat stance or the Keyblade Master stance?

Ack! Shuuhei vs Matsumoto using the Keyblade and Kon!!!

Dude... -_-'''

Another creepy couple moment...

Me glomping Ritsuka~!!! (Been dying to do that all day!)

The Black Trio (LOL)

Kuroyanagi and Minato

Minato skulking around looking for something to kill...

You are at my mercy, Minato~! (Again, always wanted to do that)

Group Photo!

All in all, it was a very impressive convention. To think that in Brunei alone, we have that much DA members joining the website, and to think that Bruneians are actually as enthusiastic about anime conventions and cosplay like the rest of the world! I made a lot of new friends, although not enough time to get to know each other a lot better, but still we got acquainted. Looks like art also makes the world go round! More than 20 people were there on that auspicious day, and I can't wait to participate in the next DA Meet!

Now I just need to think what to wear for the 'Ancient' Theme