Wednesday, June 27, 2007 | By: BlackGargie

Hello Everybody ;)

A newbie here. Hope I get everyone's approval and attention around the world.

I am a budding mangaka writer who wish to enter the manga world in which many mangaka-s such as Fujio F. Fujiko, Takeshi Inoue, Shou Makura and many, many more have inspired me to do so. I'm also dabbling in writing and also would like to try my luck being like J.R.R. Tolkien, J.K. Rowling, C.S. Lewis, Tom Clancy and other big shot writers who have made their mark in.

Since I was a child I had always had this love for drawing and writing (you can check it out in my account at for my art and for my fanfics). I've always loved writing essays and compositions when I was a kid. LOL Most of my classmates would groan in frustration whenever the teacher starts saying, "OK, class, today we're doing a composition on..." and I'll be the only one cheering, which earned me a lot of glares.

Anywho, I love to express myself in any way possible and I thought, hey, why not try my luck in writing in blogs? It's a good way to express myself and also to vent out things I would dare not say in public.

Wish me luck on my dreams to pursue a career in manga or fiction-writing and I hope to hear many pennies for my thoughts from you! ;)